Reasons why I feel like shit


November 27, 2010

Please note I wrote this post well over three and a half years ago. And while I still sometimes feel like shit, this particular set of circumstances have long resolved themselves and now I’m on to a whole new set of joys and sorrows.

I’ve been tempted to take down this post since it no longer reflects my life. However, the number people who find this post by searching “I feel like shit” is truly amazing.  So, we’ve all been here. Your reasons are not my reasons, but the resulting feelings are the same – shitty.

So, I leave this post up as a kind of a public service.  Feel free, as others have, to unburden yourself of all the ways you feel shitty.  Let others witness it. There can be healing in simply letting the shitty feelings be known.  Write on, my brothers and sisters, write on.   By exposing and releasing your pain, others will know they are not alone, and perhaps you can help them feel less shitty.

And remember, while you may shitty right now, it will pass. Nothing is quite as impermanent as feelings.

Hang in there.

~ LazyBuddhist


  • I bored shitless at my job
  • I am not getting the respect I feel I deserve at work
  • Two of my cats are dying of kidney failure
  • I canceled my trip to England because of the reason above
  • I am out $500 for said canceled trip
  • Dying cats are expensive
  • My teacher cannot even drop me a quick email expressing regret that I won’t be at Festival or that my animals are sick
  • I’m depressed (can’t tell if that is a separate issue from all of the above, or the result of)

The last two or three weeks have been completely sucky, and there is no end in sight.


May 2009 Update: an ungodly number of people find this post by searching “I feel like shit”. I am truly sorry you’re feeling like shit. Trust me, I’ve been there. But, it does get better. So until then, have a laugh courtesy of Cute with Chris:

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  1. come on, i’m sure your teacher has a life too.
    did you expect your cats to live forever.
    get a new job.
    England is always going to be there, and $500 is not much of a sacrifice to make for love.
    no wonder you feel like shit your perspective is all wrong.
    you really need to re-evaluate.
    you can be happy, just realise why you are doing the things you are doing.

  2. Jan – Thanks. Yes, I did feel like shit. But, kitty passed and I did all I could to ease her journey.

    Michelle – uh, thanks for the advice? It was a moment in time over 9 months ago, and that was what I was feeling. And like all humans, sometimes I feel like shit and sometimes I feel pretty happy. By blogging we freeze those moments in time for all to peruse, rather than merely letting them dissolve into emptiness as they usually do.

    What amazes me is how many hits this post gets from people searching “feel like shit”. What are people expecting to find? Is that a clinical symptom that they’re looking for a diagnosis on? Are they looking for kindred spirits? Are they looking for advice? Unfortunately, this is just a laundry list of what was making me feel like shit back in late July of 2007. I survived. And I’m sure you will too.


  3. life is a journey, not a destination. yeah you are absolutely right we all feel like shit sometimes, and the very fact that we find ourselves connecting as kindred spirits in a mass of shitty emotions on the internet may mean we all need to vent once in a while, the thing i don’t understand is why you would want to freeze that moment, and why is it neccessary for us to infect others with our miserable moments. some moments deserve to pass into the emptiness, in spite of the scar it may leave.

    A smile is such a little thing* and used so sparingly* sometimes, it’s awfully hard to do but, oh so good to see.

    and one last thought

    if at first you don’t succeed don’t try sky diving.

  4. Michelle – It was certainly not my intent to infect anyone with my miserable moment. While I am certain my past misery is not infectious, may I offer you some Purelle just in case?

    But, it is an interesting question, why I, or anyone for that matter, would want to capture a moment of dejection or depression and put it out there for the world to see. Perhaps if you are only looking at that one snapshot in time, there is no context and the meaning is hard to discern. However, a personal blog is a bit like a private diary that you leave out, unlocked, for others to see. Maybe there are others you know look at it, and who may care that you feel like shit. Maybe it’s complete strangers who follow your story. Perhaps no one at all looks at it. But, it is my personal blog and as such, I’m free to express whatever I wish. People use their art – whether it is writing, music, paint, performance – to express their pain. To what purpose? Perhaps it is only the need to get it out in some form that they can look at and perhaps make sense of it. I’m not saying I’m an artist, by any means, but my blog is my means of expression.

    And with that, I’ll leave you with a smile. 🙂

  5. Uhh…smile. There’s money (read:happiness) to be found everywhere. Check my list:
    1. Made over $200,000 last month in real estate.
    2. My little girl just brought home straight A’s from her school, to end her year on the honor roll.
    3. Taking a trip to New Zealand next month.
    1. Uhh…I’ve had this tooth ache for a little over 3 days and I can’t, for the life of me, figure it out.
    2. I have an overhead of nearly $20,000/month.
    3. I was invited to Puff’s party, then uninvited (for wearing black shoes)
    4. My dog chewed up my favorite chew-toy collection. (Even had the beef jerky aroma emitting action)
    5. I ate too much fillet mignon, now I’m gassy.
    6. I’ve never had a girlfriend, nor have I ever had sex. Nor will I ever.
    7. I have to poo, but I’m too tired to walk down all those stairs.

    We all have problems. Money makes it better.


  6. Stopped drinking
    Started thinking
    Starting feeling
    There’s no ceiling to these thoughts…

    But can’t reach up there and am too far down there, in and around myself.
    I know what to do; I know how I should do it –
    I don’t want to tell my daughter I blew it again;
    She’s ten.

    But when work’s not working and home feels too snug but in a tight way –
    I can taste the crisp clean taste of the Pinot, the vino.
    But then I remember the shame, the blame, the pram with the handles that prop me up When I’m weaving –
    Believing that no-one has noticed as I make my way to the front door with my youngest;
    She’s four.

    Stopped drinking
    Started thinking
    Starting feeling
    I have to put a ceiling to these thoughts.

    My life is precious
    So if I feel like shit
    I just need to deal with it.

    © an alcoholic

  7. i feel like shit. i just feel this vacuum inside. like i’m sky diving in my brain. for the first time ever i’m feeling insecure abt how my bf feels abt me. it’s the silliest thing ever as well, cos our relationship is perfect and has been smooth sailing since the word go. he’s kind, dependable, loving, sweet, funny, brilliant. i don’t know why all of a sudden i feel like i’m falling into an abyss, a bottomless pit and my insides are evaporating. i just feel like i’m the one in love and well…i guess he’s a great guy (he is to everyone) but (i feel like he’s)not necessarily in love w me. i know it’s ridiculous, you can’t influence someone to be in love w you. i just feel so alone in this. it’s just a feeling nothing concrete. i don’t know if that’s a reality. i just feel like shit.

  8. reality is not concrete ~ or any other solid liquid or gas. truth is we can feel like shit no matter what state our molecules are in. we can’t really know anything for certain and that’s for certain.

    perhaps your melting insides are in response to your feeling thinking sensing something that you hadn’t expected ? either way we gotta check this stuff out when it comes up. It don’t go away by itself and tends to get stinkier the longer it’s left unprocessed. good luck ~ everybodyz got sum thin funky gowin on inside some wear = thanks for noticing.

  9. speaking of changing suffering ~ well even i have to add-mitt this is a shitty analogy ~ butt when a blog post starts with SHIT and ends in FUCK eye sorta feel like a get a free shot

    sew next time we wipe our asses ~ think about it from the point of view of the toilet paper ~


  10. i just got dumped by my bf whihc i love..
    he left me for another girl..
    shes 2 years younger than me.

    hes not talking to me.

    i want him back.

    i feel like shit.

  11. you are so full of shit… you know there are REAL problems out here in the Real world… you sound lie the typical spoiled american bitch

    • feel like shit x full of real shit = real full of shit % Wendy is my bitch – $ = my bank account ~ now eye real eye feel like shit

  12. I’m having a terrible night! Haunted by persistant memories of loss that resurface again and again. Sometimes paralyzing. I don’t expect that they will ever go away, nor do I want them to because that would mean erasing a lot of really good memories of people that I love who are no longer with me in a physical sense. I suppose without the low lows we would not be able to fully appreciate the good, not having anything to measure by. Still, it does make me feel like shit. So I joined the many who search for others who “feel like shit”, but only because I wanted not to feel so alone, as if I have to justify myself. It’s not that I want for other people to hurt, but as long as you are it is comforting to be able to relate. Every once and a while when I get this way I find someone in worse shape than I am and I take the focus off myself and help them. By helping them I end up helping myself. This time though I just got a little chuckle out of the last interaction. So, thanks for that. I do wish there were more to laugh about.

  13. Natalie – I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling like shit. Trust me, you’re not the only one searching “feeling like shit.” I get many hits a day on that. So you’re not alone.

    I think pain finally subsides, we still do have our good memories of those that we have loved and lost. Bittersweet, yes, because they are no longer with us. But, we’ll smile again when we remember them.

    And I also think you’re right – by helping people with their problems, even if just by listening, we lessen our own pain in the moment. And it can give us a big healthy dose of perspective too.

    Take care. The fact that you can laugh, even just a little bit, shows that there is hope.

  14. Yeah I know I’m whining and others have it worse, but I feel like shit today. I have huge zits that just seem to get bigger on my face, I feel bloated and fat, my hair is a mess and dandruffy and my nose is so stuffed up. I’m still not over this guy who basically stood me up in october and then got a girlfriend. I have to work with him, see him at school, and his girlfriend now sits behind me in math. Add feeling and looking like crap, to feeling her behind be every other day, and a shitty class and it equals fucking shit. Oh and I have a guy that likes me as more than friends but I dont but we do hang out every now and then and I feel like shit hanging him and using him for company when I know I dont want more. I am shit. And I like this other guy who is soo hot but smokes weed and won’t ever like me like that and it makes me want to cry. Right now its sunny outside and birds are fucking chirping and I just want to take a long nap and get rid of this constant headache and hide. I am lazy shit today and just fuck. Oh and have the SATs coming up, a GPA that aint good enough and no money for college. I really needed to vent, and I know Im fucking depressed so fuck off.

  15. Yeah I know I’m whining and others have it worse, but I feel like shit today. I have huge zits that just seem to get bigger on my face, I feel bloated and fat, my hair is a mess and dandruffy and my nose is so stuffed up. I’m still not over this guy who basically stood me up in october and then got a girlfriend. I have to work with him, see him at school, and his girlfriend now sits behind me in math. Add feeling and looking like crap, to feeling her behind be every other day, and a shitty class and it equals fucking shit. Oh and I have a guy that likes me as more than friends but I dont but we do hang out every now and then and I feel like shit hanging out with him and using him for company when I know I dont want more. I am shit. And I like this other guy who is soo hot but smokes weed and won’t ever like me like that and it makes me want to cry. Right now its sunny outside and birds are fucking chirping and I just want to take a long nap and get rid of this constant headache and hide. I am lazy shit today and just fuck. Oh and have the SATs coming up, a GPA that aint good enough and no money for college. I really needed to vent, and I know Im fucking depressed so fuck off.

  16. Wow. Do we have any numbers on how many hits this site has gotten ? I googled this on a whim while feeling shitty, and now I feel a little better. Thanks. Ps. “When life gives you lemons, just say fuck the lemons and bail”.

    • OK, it’s a little late in the evening for me to be doing math, but I can tell you that my total site has had 52,400 hits as of today. Of those 1,504 were for this particular post – the third most popular. Now, this may not seem all that impressive, but considering I’ve written 220 posts . . . all hell, let me do the math . . . well, I should average about 248 hits per post, so 1,504 is well above average.

      I do contemplate trying to do something productive with this post. Perhaps ruminate on the impermanence of feelings, or how misery seems be a little less miserable when it has company. Nah . . . I’ll just let it be and see what comes up.

  17. whale in that case yer gonna half two com up wit a hole nue bunch of raisins to feel like shite ~ or ~ may bee u dunt feel so much like a fresh steamer theze daze?

  18. i feel like shit today. i hope everything worked out for you but its nice knowing that there are people who understand how shit life can be. also thanks for the video which was really funny.
    eek i just wish i could escape reality

  19. Of all the theories about everything that is going on in the world, signs are showing the exponential cumulative effects of all these things are leading to a point. Exactly when this point will come and what will happen when it does are causes for debate – but you can be sure that there will be major change. It is inevitable, because change will have to be made or it will be forced upon us. there is no balance or harmony, our system is flawed and we are no longer a part of the world, we are imposing upon it. This change may save, or destroy our species. Most unfortunately it is perilously likely that we could take the vast majority if not all other species with us. The earth is hurting – it is ill. But it will survive. We may not.
    The greatest shame is that we are sacrificing this beautiful world, and the message that we need to do something about it has become boringly predictable.
    But that would be the worst possible excuse for ignoring the problem.
    So in relation to this shitty feeling that oh so many of us are experiencing, can you see the link?
    This failure of balance is evident all around us, consciously and sub-consciously, often leaving people the most horrible feelings of discontent – no matter social standing, wealth or poverty. It is the answer that we are all looking for – a change in the level of global awareness and consciousness that will stop the fear and the anxiety of all the things that seem to be beyond our control, which in reality are only kept in place by us, every individual. Because most people think that quite simply, THAT’S JUST THE WAY IT IS. But it does not have to be. Our way of life has been dictated to us in the form of consumerism, infinite growth and progress. This is simply not possible on a finite world.
    So remember, life is fundamentally consciousness. There is no matter, as such. All matter comes down to pure energy, moving at near light speeds interacting with all other energy. It is the mystical magical consciousness behind the behavior of this energy which results in our perception of reality.
    So don’t forget, that we too are an astonishingly complex mass of an unbelievable amount of energy.
    Just think what could happen if enough of us could become in tune with each others energy. It’s difficult to imagine the possibilities, I know, – but that’s because we have not been a part of that way of thinking, of that consciousness.
    By becoming altruistic and simply losing our fear we can repair the self sustaining cycle of life, because if we truly act for one another and not for ourselves, then things that will jeopardize one another will have to be attended to, – and that includes the earth’s natural ecosystem.
    So as hard as it may be, and sometimes it can be unbearably, agonizingly hard, we have to try and not let our souls become too dark and twisted and not to give up hope.
    The law of attraction is a powerful force – let’s try and harness it instead of letting it be used against us to divide and conquer.


  20. the beauty that we can create – just like that video, is what it means to be us. it is where we should keep our hope, it is where we should keep our fire for life, and our reason to preserve it.
    many tragedies have already occurred, we have lost so much beauty – of which most have never had the chance to shine and this will still happen, that is life also.

    let’s not be the cause of such tragedies, and let’s not destroy it ALL, eh?

  21. I feel really shitty, for once the weather is good in London but it’s not really helping!!!!!!! In fact i feel even worse, it’s such a nice day out and i’m in sulking inside(not voluntarily).

    I’m unhappy, i feel like a bum because i have to drop out of college because thanks to the reccession i can no longer afford to be in School.

    Im on the verge of eviction

    I’ve got no money

    No job

    And me and boyfriend are starting to to feel the tension (we never usually argue) due to our combined lack of funds.

    And most of all i hate feeling sorry for myself, but i don’t even have money to get a train and go see my sister.

    I can’t help but feeling like this but, i’ve worked so hard my whole (i’m still very young) done the right thing, stayed on the coreect side of the law but i just feel like i’m beig overlooked in life.

    I’m a talented model and actress but because i’m a black woman living in England (was born here) i have to work twice as hard to get anywhere. I’m still reeling from the fact that a VERY well known UK mag told my agent that they don’t feature black women in their mag because we are not considered attractive. And when i tried to get a better agent, they told me they don’t have any black women on their books because……….. You guessed it!! We’re not attractive enough!!!!

    Really, hearing this shit day in day out does wonders for your morale.

    This isn’t a racial post (please don;t misunderstand me), rather just a typical young woman getting fed up with the injustices of life.

    I feel so depressed and i can’t seem to snap out of it, i guess i’m really scared that i’m going to get evicted. One good job or commercial could fix this but hey, what can i say? Life is bloody hard for evryone isn’t it?

    And before some extremely helpful person points out that there are children starving in africa and something equally as helpful; IAM AWARE THAT PEOPLE HAVE IT WORSE, BUT THAT DOES NOT CHANGE HOW I FEEL OR THE HOPELESSNESS OF MY SITUATION.

    Thank you for listening.

  22. *lol* yes, I did indeed google “I feel like shit.” Because I do.

    Well, shit feelings pass – hehe, yup – but that doesn’t make the shittiness any less shitty.

    There’s a lot of shit in the world.

    Cool vid by the way. I’ll check out the rest of your blog sometime maybe.


  23. Also googled I feel like shit. So hi there.

    I am a 44 yo pregnant working mom with 2 kids (one adopted) under 5 all ready. We thought we were done!

    Hoping for a healthy pregnancy but OK either way. We have two lovely boys I all ready can’t keep up with.

    I have been so tired, too tired to do my job (which is a problem, my DH is a stay-at-home Dad, so doing my job is a big part of what I do for my family).

    I have been puking and even water tastes weird. Blech! So, emotionally, I am okay. Just nauseous, exhausted, and worried that I’ll be 50 before all these kids are in school full-time. And I need to eat to not be nauseous but food makes me nausous.

    Sorry to hear about your kitties. I hope you have made it to England since.

  24. Hi, yeh I also googled ‘I feel like shit’. Just sick of certain things at the moment, but I certainly do realise that things could be a lot worse.. Just at the moment I’m desperate for work, behind in rent & bills and the such, also had a major upset in my relationship with my boyfriend..ha just some testing times, but I’m lucky in a lot of other ways it’s just good to vent ya know!

  25. The girl i love (we are not together yet, but we have kissed and hanging out alot) told me she is not ready for another boyfriend yet, told me i was perfect and i was trying to hard, she tried to gave me back the collar i gave her.. i cried and told her to keep it. I feel like shit..

    • do you have the same problem as me of trying to be ‘too nice’ whatever that is

      well, i hope it works out for you…. keep optimistic

  26. I feel like shit too. I really don’t know who to talk about this because I don’t know why I feel like this. Things in my life are pretty well for someone looking from the outside, but I just keep feeling shit on more and more days.

  27. lifes a bitch and then u die, fuck it all and lets get high!!!!
    i wish the above solved things,
    unfortunatly it doesn’t

    Dads an alci being dried out in hosp, will hit the bottle again as soon as hes out,

    Nana (the bestest in the world )is breakin her heart seeing what her son is doing

    Im full of cold and im skint

    Im running back & forwards to the hosp, want to help ma nana as much as poss – im knackerd but cant fail her

    Work loads sky high and pressures are rising

    Mums saying ur dads a dick, dont tell me u didnt see it comin

    Fiances bein a cock, normally kind caring and suportive, suddenly its all my fault bcoz im snappy with him? erm hello, ??

    Got pcos, strugglin as it is, so busy keep 4gettin to take medication, gained the 7lbs i worked so hard to lose

    Yup, i feel like shit and googled it to release it

    over n out ill give u a shout!!

  28. i’m 24 never had a girl friend. i’ve always been to scared to tell girls how i feel. i’ve started to like my best friend and i told her how i feel and she doesn’t feel the same for me…. she has now moved on and has a boyfriend and she loves him so much. i feel like shit cos i’m on my own as always

    i feel like i always will be. the worst thing i’m a stand up comedian in my spare time and a really popular person…. but some shit is just not funny

    i feel like shit

  29. After reaching out on facebook w/no reply, I decided to reach out to google on the world wide internet. I don’t know how old this post is even though I read it mentioned…? But anyways… I just turned 18 a legal adult in Canada but I feel like shit. I’ve been living on my own since I was 15, my mom hates me, but who cares ? She’s a fool with fas. My entire family fits a stereo-type about drunk natives. It pisses me off that everyone just expects me to keep to my peas and ques. I just don’t want to have anything to do with them. Even my friends are obsessed with drinking and it makes me sad that the only way they bond is through drinking. Its fucked up that the only thing I can do is to be a good influence. But that’s not the shitty part. I got knocked up in april and had to make one of the horriblest decisions I’ve ever had to make. Every day I feel like ive made a mistake, for the better? I’m not old enough to have a baby I’m still living my ghetto life on welfare. But soon ill be in college and then ill have a career and maybe then ill be ready and maybe then ill be able to help the native community with their ghetto issues. And maybe then I won’t feel like shit. But this isn’t even the start of it. Just venting feels good. Thank you for this blog random person who I will never meet…this blog makes me feel better even though I haven’t even scratched the surface. And please, people, I AM whining I’m just bored and thinking about shitty shit and its making me feel bad. Sooo pce take care and remember its not good to think tooo much cuz in the end you’ll end up feeling like me lol

    • sorry you feel like shit…. i feel like shit when i have too much time to think

      if it makes you feel any better i’m hungry and i’m now going to make myself a sandwich

      try to smile and make it last forever 🙂

  30. Feeling like shit is basically a paradox since feeling anything is anything but shit. . . like the rudyxster says: ‘crappy filthy and yet . . stainless steel’

    What exactly does shit feel like anyway? After a good shit I all ways feel better yet after a shitty shit I always feel worst sew witch is better = feeling like a shit or feeling like a shit. I am sure there is a difference.

    Kinda kool tho that fowks kin find this post by googlin ‘ I feel like shit’

    Maybe this just showz how truly fuqued up I am but axually I get kinda curious about the hole feeling like shit thing. Maybe thatz bcz I have never axually felt like totaly like shit tho I am pretty sure, or at least I generally get it, that I am an asshole ~ an asshole that doesn’t give a shit? that would truly suck ~ and of course is not quite ack you rite.

    well the poynt here if there is one to be had is that it makes me kinda happy to know therez a place to go if eye ever due feel totally like shit ~

    so then I guess just knowing that wood make it impossible to completely feel like shit eh?

    awe shit

    I no feelin like shit is supposed to be a metaphor butt ~ it still wood bee good if there was another word for synonym.

  31. there R sum really good reasons here but there seams to bee about a yearz gap . . . is they wuz or is they iz ? imean the raisons ~ has ya gotsem stored up sum wears?

    for my part I like to scream ‘mother fuc#er’ at the top o me lungs every so often ~ eye must say I really enjoy the effect. at least it seams to die minish the shit and the feeling like it.

  32. i also googled ‘feel like shit’ after sitting in front of my computer for 12 hours trying to write an assignment for uni. i know i am privileged to be going to uni and there are people that never will but this is the second time i have gone back and the second time i have sat in front of the computer for hours, just looking at it not being able to write anything. i wasted a whole year a couple of years ago doing the same thing and had to withdraw/fail from my topics. everyone else has finished for the year and i am still going, and i feel shit about not being able to do it. Again. Plus i have been trying to call my boyfriend for the past day an a half but his phone has been off but after checking his facebook page it seems to have to to play poker on there. ive just moved back home with my mum for the second time (im 25) and have all my shit in plastic bags on the ground. i have to move by bed out of my friends house in a few days and the only person i know with a trailer is my dad and i have been avoiding him for four months and could think of nothing worse than having to call him and ask for help. i am going overseas in 2 weeks for a holiday and even that is making me feel like shit.
    Anyway – im going to bed now. Its nice to be able to write this to no one and everyone at the same time. To the Lazy Buddhist – many thanks – although i still feel like shit, i am smiling

  33. There appear to be a lot of judgmental responses on here; especially from Wendy & a little from Michelle. Anyone who has a heart who experienced what Lazy Buddhist was would feel like shit. As far as being a “typical spoiled American”, sounds like someone has either never been to America or has only experienced a certain side of it. How naïve. With what sounds like such little cultural experience it is no wonder one would make such judgmental & rude comments, Wendy.
    Everyone, let’s keep our heads up!

  34. raisons why eye feal like shyte =
    no mo final fo
    all my frendz R dye ing
    the thrill is gone
    exercizing sux
    potato chips have too men E calor EE’s
    eye just googled “eye wood due U ina NY minute” N a pixer of my ass cam up.

  35. I am one of the many who have stumbled upon this post by searching “I feel like shit.” I suppose I was searching for some kindred spirits, or possibly some advice. It’s also nice to know that I’m not the only one that feels like shit, although I feel like shit more often than the average person. Then again, who is average anymore? Anyway, it was nice reading your post. It gave me a means of distraction from life.

  36. i feel like shit too, this is the second time I’ve tried to complete the first year of uni and the stress is making feel like taking 200 asprin

  37. yup thatz a good die scription of feelin like shit ~ only that sounds like kinda not the right cocktail if ya know what I mean.

  38. Yep, i did google ‘feel like shit’ after slipping into a depressive phase again… and having slipped up with my self harm control…
    I know, i know, whats so bad in my life that causes me to do that? Um well some things arent that bad, but i do feel depressed.
    Like i feel im the only one in love with my boyfriend and he doesnt love me back. Thats stupid but it feels like that and he isnt really there for me when i confided in him yesterday for being a self harmer and i said i needed him… But he might want time to process it.I feel my boyfriend likes other girls to me, even if he doesnt. :/
    Also, i havent seen my dad in years after not wanting to get hurt again, but as it turns out i am still getting hurt just the same, whether he is here or not.
    But yes, i searched this. And you know what? it did make me feel a little better, even with all the shit going on, i will feel happy again and get over everything and feel good again.
    So hang in there people because although you feel like crap now, around the corner you might not. 🙂

  39. Anyway
    this shit can shake ya
    whatever ya say
    can infect us all
    whatever ya say
    Bottom of a bottle
    can seem like the way
    like, I love ya
    is the only way

  40. Hello again

    Just an update. Although i still have days when i feel like absolute shit and do nothing more than sleep the day away, i thought i would post some good news. 1 month ago i finally finished my uni degree 🙂 it only took me 8 years to finish a 3 year degree! So fingers crossed that there are others out there who previously wrote something on here but have managed to feel somewhat better or achieve something they needed to. NB I also ditched the poker playing wanker and found someone who plays Yahtzee with me every night 🙂
    Good Luck everyone xxx

  41. Hey,
    Thanks for posting that, every lite helps and

    a. Knowing that you’re not in the boat alone (an ungodly number of people 🙂 ) seems to balm the discomfort of feel-like-shit-itus in a very weird way.

    b. Just having a fellow shitee tell you that does get better, reminds you that it really does and also helps a bit.

    So Thanks!!!! :0)

  42. Ok, I read all the other posts, so I feel that I got to contribute something myself as well. I encourage everyone else to do the same. As I think there’s waaaayyy more people who are just reading this and not posting.

    I feel like shit because, things haven’t worked out the way I had wished. A girl I had really liked and was hoping to get together with has gotten back with her ex-boyfriend. This happened after I had left the country for a one week vacation. I even bought her some expensive jewellery of $150, from her favorite store that’s not available in her home country. But, now that I’m back, from vacation, she’s cold with her text messages. And today she told me she got back with her ex-boyfriend. Wow, what a dissapointment. I actually didn’t know this girl for that long, but we had made out.. and I felt a really strong connection with her. I thought we had sooo many things in common, I really felt it was good to be a great relationship. It’s the fact that I had such high high hopes for this relationship, and now I come home to nothing. My friend’s were trying to introduce me to some girls while on vacation, but all the while I was thinking…. “I don’t need these girls” “I’ll be soooo happy when i get home, cause I can resume my relationship with this girl I liked”….
    Maybe I’m just idealizing her.. Maybe I’m just idealizing what could have been.. and in reality there probably would have been a lot of problems.. such as the fact that she smokes, and I hate smoking.. and that she’s a big punk rocker.. and I”m clean cut preppy….
    It’s just the loss of what seemed so perfect at the moment, and within grasp….. that took so long to find…. and just when you thought you had a grasp on it…. it slips away…… it would’ve been easier if I never expected anything from her… would’ve been easier if I never made out with her….
    But I guess that’s life. Ups and downs. You just got to make sure you get up when you fall. And also make sure you share your feelings too when your down…. either in real life, or on something like this internet blog.

    Hrmm.. now what to do with this Jewellery…. I guess I’ll auction it off on Ebay… Oh how I wish I could just also auction off my feelings of sadness…. but I guess there wouldn’t be any buyers.. =) And if there would be buyers.. then I feel even worse off for them.. =S

    Thanks Lazy Buddhist for this space.

  43. NotSoSmooth — I like your idea of encouraging people to use this space to just dump all their shitty feelings. I’ve updated the post to reflect that. Thank you.

    I’m sorry that the thing didn’t work out with the girl. There’s no way around it – the whole relationship, courting thing is hard. I hope some day you find someone who returns your affections (though I would still hold off buying pricey jewelry for someone until the relationship is pretty solid, ya know?)

  44. Your right how a service you post does… cause I googled I feel like shit and what you listed I felt releaved in someway that I am not the only one.

    My dog is not eating and am in denial that he is dying.
    My boyfriend is a insecure man projecting a lot of insecurities and I have dealt with for the past 5 years off and on and I keep on taking him back.
    I feel shitty that I can not connect to others in a normal superficial level including my family.
    I do not like /want to work with the current families I am working with because I feel they are stuck doing the same things and not moving forward.(which ends making me seeing a reflection of my own life)
    I am feeling shitty because of the crazy cycle I can see of how everything around you is a reflection of your internal word. And find myself unable to let go or kill off the beliefs that bring me these heart aches.
    I feel like shit because my DOG is dying!!!!

  45. Yes, the feelings do past. Been there done that. Many times. Tonight is just one more time.

    Thus, here I am doing a google, “I feel like shit”.

    Our society is full of talking about “feelings”, turning us inward, and it contributes to our feeling like shit. Knowing that in my head isn’t helping. My emotions won’t stabilize tonight. It appears the shit is impelling itself into my brains with great force, breaking my eardrums and oozing tiny drops of the runny diarrhea out of my ears. It’s hard to focus on others and find joy when the shit starts getting on your clothes. The stench is annoying.

    My emotions are stuck, and they won’t pass out through the anal whole intended, and the only other hole it can find is my ears, so I can’t flush and move on. Huge constipation tonight. Perhaps my nostrils are the next place I’m going to find it oozing out of. I’m not looking forward to that! Anyone have some emotional laxative I can buy as a solution? No? Please invent one. You’d make millions.

    I’m trying relieve the brain stress by pushing the blob along its way and move on, but the hemorrhoids have become a pit painful this week. Not sure what caused it all. Maybe loosing my job this week and being unemployed could have triggered it. Getting the pink slip without warning and not having a two week notice triggered past scars, apparently, evoking these hemorrhoids. Being in a temp job for two months, I was expendable, you know, being the second class folk who can be let go in a day. Then we wait until our temp agency finds another job for us.

    It would perhaps be a bit more palatable had I not left my $100k+ per year professional job to find myself a few years back, only to find the economy tank shortly afterwards, making it impossible to reenter into the professional workforce. Or perhaps the recent pink slip is a reminder of the disappointing divorce 10 years ago caused by my marrying a crazy person I didn’t love, but who stalked me, and then, left me and took the kids with her after she finally realized I really didn’t love her. Thirteen years was a bit long for her to figure it out. Hello. Didn’t I tell her that up front? Didn’t I tell her to stay away? Why didn’t I just say “no” 1001 times instead of 1000 times? Just one more no! Alas! Mistakes mistakes. I certainly failed that test from God. I should have moved to another State in 1985 instead of saying yes. But then, knowing her, she would have followed me there anyway. I’m not sure even 10,000 “nos” would have stopped her. Crazy people are just crazy. Why did she have to pick me? Her emotional chainsaw wore me down. She got me.

    There are no good doctors in this specialty area of emotional poop. All quacks. Sitting on the toilet waiting for relief is depressing, but it is the only approach that really works. I wish the process would go faster. Certainly I’ll be working again within two weeks. It appears to be a doozy load to relieve this time. Maybe I should pick up a magazine to pass the time on the pot. Perhaps this feeling like shit will only be for a couple of days. I hope it’s shorter than a week.


    At least I do know it will pass. Someday. Been there. Done that.


  46. “Her emotional chainsaw wore me down” ~ bit of a mixed metaphor but I like it. Could be a good title for a countrywesternrapsong ~ ya see sometimes feelin like shit has bennys.

    In the meantime the whole concept of needing reasons to feel like shit kinda defeats the purpose ~ I mean if ya really wanna see just how shitty things can get (and the all ways get more shitty), ditch the reasons.

  47. Googled i feel like shit and this came up im glad it and i have somewhere i can vent and let all this shit go and maybe start feeling beter thers so much shit that has gone wrong in my life i wouldnt know where to start. i feel like shit im surrounded by allot of people i love and love me back but the question is why do i feel so fu*kin lonely and miserable. sometimes i feel it would’ve been easier if i never existed or just stopped existing either way im too much of a coward or too brave to do anything about it. theirs sum days i stay in my room watching movies or playing video games just trying to forget how shitty my life is and how much shittier it might or will get! i just feel like my hearts dead!

  48. o almost forgot thanks lazy buddhist great page im sure its helping more than u imagine well at least for those of us that search ” I FEEL LIKE SHIT “

  49. Eric – you’re on to a good start in wanting to let all these shitty feelings out and let them pass through you. Remember these shitty feelings are not solid and change from moment to moment. Sometimes they change from shitty to shittier, but there are moments where you probably feel fine. Hold on to those and focus on those, if you can. There are probably more of those moments than you think. Eventually, this storm will pass.

    Also, by the very fact that you feel shitty, tells me you have a heart. Maybe a broken one, but you most definitely have a heart. Let yourself feel supported and loved by those around you. If you were such a shitty person, you wouldn’t feel or have love in your life.

    And when all else fails, see how many times you can use the word “shitty” in posting. 🙂

    Hang in there.

  50. Haha! Yes I too googled *feel like Shit* for obvious reasons. And have to say after reading your blog post LazyBuddhist and then everyone else’s comments I feel a lot less like shit now. 🙂
    Happily for me, my blue mood has no real cause or reason, perhaps it’s post Christmas blues I’m feeling, pathetic really but there you go.
    Cheers, hugs and love from sunny South Australia and all the best for the up coming new year to you and our fellow *feel like shit (ters)* 🙂

  51. whale LB ~ I debated posting this under World’s Worst Girl Friend but decided it twood go best here:

    YOu WIn ! ! ! ~ Say Rah Pay Lynn is a miserable excuse for a human being. That should be reason enough to feel like shit given the events of last Saturday and her complete refusal to accept the obvious. But then out of some kind of morbid curiosity I thought I’d give a listen to her first official response in person rather than through a spokes person. Sorry Bible Spice ~ I couldn’t get through the first :30 secs without feeling like I had to wretch.

    In case you wanna give it a try here is the link. But first I recommend you pack you face with a mouth full of chewing tobacco and wash that down with come kerosene. That’s about the only way a normal human being could stomach it.

  52. It made me laugh when I typed in ‘I feel like shit’…and got this. And of course I feel like PROPER shit, I’m not just some crazy nutter who enjoys typing in random stuff on…
    Twenty minutes later: I no longer feel like shite, because I talked to someone about it and now feel much better. Twenty minutes ago I felt like nothing would resolve my shiteness :L
    I was feeling shite merely because some ‘friends’ are being so idiotic and acting like bricks emotionally.
    Great page, love it, good to vent !!!

  53. I feel like shit. The lowest of low. I just lost my job for a BS reason unexpectedly right when my car is breaking down and 2 days after finding out I have 7 warrants in my current city for petty traffic tickets. My wife is in another state right now being banged by some guy and I can’t afford to get a divorce because of my insane amount of debt i have accumilated over the years, and I am still trying to get over losing my two best friends. I’m in my early twenties and back living with my father.

  54. I feel like shit. The people at work dont like me, I fall out with people for no reason, I’ve made so many mistaked the only way to forget them is to leave the country. My life feels empty and I think im depressed. My head is a mess, something feels wrong. I can’t voice what i’m thinking. I feel like an intelligent person trapped inside a dunce with bad vocabulary. When I remind myself that there are people with bigger problems I feel better but I still feel like shit. I’m selfish and I when I try not to be I feel fake. I don’t like myself much. Everythings ok. I’ll feel better tomorrow, I just feel like shit today. It’s just emotions but sometimes it really helps to just say I FEEL LIKE SHIT

  55. I also searched on ‘I FEEL LIKE SHIT’. It helped to find all these responses to the feeling. Ten years ago I remortgaged my home to pay off the credit card debts of a man I had fallen in love with. I thought it would be forever. I am thirteen years older than him and now having some health issues. Just before Christmas when I was due to go in hospital I found emails between him and a woman he had feelings for before we got together when he was feeling low over her. She was back on his contacts list, the emails going on since summer maybe longer, and he works with her and sees her every day, arranging lunches in quiet places. I think she is having domestic problems. Her number showed up on his phone. I am not saying they had more than lunch but the petty little deception of it all have really hurt. Ten years ago I remortgaged my home to stop him losing his home and being made bankrupt. he repaid it all when he sold his house. Now I also find he has spent all the rest and was back to having no money. Just before Christmas he said he wanted to leave after I read the emails etc. He said he was bored fucking shitless and that it was none of my business who he lunched with and that he did not want to share every microbe of his being with me. He pretends to people around him and no-one else knows about he has just spent everything. He lit up my world and I feel I have nothing … he will probably be gone in a few weeks …. I said he could stay till he had sorted out a new place to live. I have helped him again financially because I know he will repay me and I don’t want him living in some rathole. I know I am going to be so down left in this empty house by myself and I can’t see how to make new friends, I’m not good at that. I feel better helping him rather than not helping him but I can never trust him again. It makes me wonder how I can ever trust anyone again. People would think I was a fool if they knew the truth. I never felt so loved as I did with hiim and its very painful. I feel like shit for most of every day and I can’t see how it will feel any better.

    • Hi Love’s Fool —
      I’m sorry you’re going through all that. It sounds truly awful.

      Relationships are hard, and our desire to be loved makes us do some things that are against our better judgment. No need to beat yourself up about it, You’re going through enough as it. And while it may be easy for others to judge other people’s relationships and choices, I challenge you to find someone who has not done something stupid in the name of love.

      You’re still in the middle of this storm, so it’s hard to see clearly. Eventually it will clear and you’ll be able to assess the damage and make rational decisions as to how to move on. Making friends as an adult is hard and does take effort, but it’s worth it. I think a lot of people (myself included) struggle with how create healthy, nurturing friendships. So,don’t let your hurt harden you. It may be scary to stay open to new people, but really, what are your choices?

      And I’m sorry to hear about your cat. I know that pain all too well. Maybe now may be the time to open your heart to a new kitty?

      I wish you well.

  56. This seems like a good time and place for this ~

    Love Poem

    Beyond watching eyes
    With sweet and tender kisses
    Our souls reached out to each other
    In breathless wonder

    And when I awoke
    From a vast and smiling peace
    I found you bathed in morning light
    Quietly studying
    All the messages on my phone

  57. The overall comments have been good, besides when butrous came in with his/her shitty mcshit full comments that nobody replied to except now. Which I can hardly even comprehend what it’s saying.

    I googled this because, it’s what I simply felt, and I wanted to see what conclusions and such people have gathered. This was the closest thing to it.

    Well, I’m 18. That’s my whole life. All I have done is ate, slept, and shit. I’m glad I consume without benefitting anyone. I try to make people happy but I feel like I never succeed. I feel like most of my friends pity me, and find me humorous. I have nothing to show of my life, “you’re only 18” well if 18 years have passed with nothing to show, another 18 can happen just the same.

    Spare me the “try hard and achieve” because I have a whole world of attempts in my past. A world filled with let downs. I cant let anyone love me. I can’t take anymore hurt. I’m on the edge.

    Nothings clear, the windshield has frozen over. So, I release the gas and wait for the sun to return. For guidance. I’m still sitting here. Imprisoned within the prison my own mind has created.

    I play depressing music, it balances out the feeling into nothingness. Stoic is the method.

    I never meant to leave this world alone.
    I never meant to hurt the ones who cared,
    And all this time I thought we’d just grow old,
    You know… No one said it’s fair.

    In a world filled with limitless cookie cutters, they forgot to mention that they all cut the same dough. I never been attracted to sleeping around, drinking, partying, cars etc. All I ever wanted was control, skill, knowledge, truth, selflessness, warmth, trust. Seeking those things has made me into the opposite. Even the softest of furs, once trampled upon many times becomes as stiff as leather.

    If The queen needs God to save her, what the hell condition am I in?

    Lord help us, Amen.

    • I’m glad you stopped by. And I hope that being able to express some of the shittyness has given you some relief.

      You’re right. It’s easy for an entire life to slip away into meaninglessness and relentless pain. The advantage, however, of realizing this at 18, is that you have the opportunity to change your mind and your life to make it more meaningful. And while life is never going to be sunshine, puppies and flowers 100% of the time, it doesn’t have to be dark, meaningless and shitty all the time either.

      I’m guessing you’re getting a lot of pressure to achieve from the adults around you who, while they want the best for you, are projecting their own fears of the future on you. I think way too many of us are invested in the delusion of the American Dream where good grades = good college = good job = good living conditions = happiness. There is nothing wrong with any of those things, but it doesn’t necessarily result in happiness.

      I’m glad you reached out online. As you can see there are a lot of people feeling much of the same thing. The problem with feeling like shit is that it feels like we’re the only one. So, we don another layer of armor and pretend everything is OK, letting no one see the real us – the tender, hurt self who just wants to be kind to others and be happy. Doing that only leads to a lifetime of lugging around layers upon layers of heavy emotional armor, and more and more isolation. Trust me on this one. I know.

      So, hang in there. Reach out to people in real life and share how you feel. The list of things you want “skill, knowledge, truth, selflessness, warmth, trust” is all there and available to you. But control? Give up on that one. It ain’t gonna happen. I think acceptance – of yourself, of those around you, and everything beautiful and shitty – will get you a lot closer to the happiness you seek.

  58. Wow these posts are awesome. It’s always easier to talk shit and complain to strangers…thats’ why people have therapists. Ok well i’m still only young, 19 but feel crappy and believe me i know i could be worse off because i’ve seen what worse off is. im on break from uni and can’t get a job, at uni i have no friends and cant seem to make any because im shy, a couple of months ago i watched my grandma slowly die of bone cancer whilst me and my mum nursed her through it, as a result i was having disturbing dreams and got paranoia, now just as the new year kicked off a family friend of mine had a brain aneurysm and has lost her personality and marbles, so my mum drinks to get to sleep and the one friend that i see the most is so self involved that she couldnt even ask me how my job interveiw went. on the plus side i have an amazing boyfriend who ive been with for nearly 4 years who keeps me sane, my mum is also an amazingly strong woman and i look up to her.
    but for now i feel like shit and i feel like im a loser with no friends or job and its good im not the only one.

  59. Well, it’s been almost six weeks since I posted my worthy feeling like shit post, after I got my pink slip from my temp job. No new job, however, I have spent my time writing a book about money, and I’m feeling a bit better than I did before. I passed the 300 page mark, and now I’m just editing it. How do the sell the thing? Another project in itself.

    Two weeks ago I was flying high, but now, I’m kind of leveling off. That dang bank savings just keeps dwindling. It’s such a drag being unemployed. The feelings do pass, and then, I have a great day looking at the wonderful sunrise, but then back to the jobless reality.

    I’m wondering if there is a potty training class for all the crud we feel, like, we let it go up and out through our minds, rather than holding onto it. I bought a good book I’ve been reading called Inner Excellence, I’ve always done the waiting thing, and it alwys gets better (this one took two weeks!), but I’m wondering if there might be ways to speed the poop and pee process along faster.

  60. May 2009 Update: an ungodly number of people find this post by searching “I feel like shit”. I am truly sorry you’re feeling like shit. Trust me, I’ve been there.

    this is true. i came here because i googled that.

    this is a shrine for people who feel like shit.


  61. I feel really bad about googling “I feel like shit” after reading everyones posts. You probably have more of a right than me to feel like shit. I have a cold, so I physically feel like shit. In addition to this I have turned from an optimist to a lazy pessimist in the last few weeks since spring semester started. My friends only perpetuate this by being self absorbed assholes. I need my motivation back! In life, love, school etc. I’m sure I’ll find my way back though, I always do.

  62. I found this site because I searched “I feel like shit.” There just isn’t any other way to describe it. And I know others have it worse than me, but I just have this ferocious need to vent; I apologize beforehand.

    I’m only 20, yet I’m unmotivated and I’m failing community college. I was a stellar highschool student, so where did my work ethic and motivation go? I don’t know what I want to do with my life, and I’m pressed for time. I’m also a lazy ass, my social life is rapidly deteriorating, and I haven’t been taking care of myself; my immune system is at its all-time low. So yes, I feel like shit, most likely because I probably am.

    I have a vague goal but it’s impractical to pursue it and won’t give me stability. I’ve looked for help/comfort/advice on the internet, but all I get in response are reminders of what I already know:
    -I’m a failure at life.
    -I’m totally useless.
    -Go flip a burger.
    I wish somebody that really cared would just listen to what I have to say and try to hear me out.. I’m not asking for quick solutions, I’m asking for a patient ear. My self-esteem is incredibly low.
    I don’t have it that bad at all, and yet I feel like shit– this is why I feel like shit. 😦

    • Liluvian –
      Don’t confuse feeling like shit with being a piece of shit. Feeling shitty is a passing emotional state that changes with time and circumstances. A piece of shit is a brown, smelly substance that is the waste product of the digestive system. See? Very different. Also, shit is not able to read and write. Ergo: you are not shit.

      Even though parents and other responsible types may disagree, I think it’s completely normal, and even a bit healthy, to still be confused and “totally useless” at the age of 20. I mean, good lord, you’ve only officially been an adult for 2 years. That doesn’t give you much time to figure out your path. So, don’t beat yourself up for that. Hell, I’m still figuring it and I’m past 50!

      I’m also curious if you’ve talked to a real-life medical or mental health professional about how you’re feeling. You may be suffering from depression. I know when I first got diagnosed with depression years ago, I was so relieved to know that I was suffering from an illness and I wasn’t a loser piece of shit that I so firmly believed I was. There is help out there, you just need to reach out for it. I would imagine your community college may have some resources. You’re not the only one who feels like this, and there is no shame in asking for help.

      Hang in there. It will get better.

  63. Thanks so much for the reply; you’ve lifted my spirits a great deal, and I sincerely thank you for the encouragement. 😀 I realize I may have been taking things a little out of perspective. Having a more positive and broad outlook on life really helps in dealing with these issues. I’m still struggling with having a place in the world, but it’s something everybody goes through.

    Somewhere above, someone mentioned life being a journey, and not a destination. After some contemplation, I realize this rings true. At some point, I’ll get over this and I’ll become stronger for it.

    Here’s to Life.

  64. I feel like poo. I have spent two hours on the internet in my (unwashed) pajamas, trying to avoid the looming reality of homework, exams, future, and not so immediate death…then the phone rang and in my post-inebriated state I picked put the kettle and held it my ear. The kettle was on. My ear hurts.

    I have many reason to feel shit. My sister’s in hospital with anorexia and both my parents have depression.

    However, being an ignorant, whiny, lazy little git, my reasons for being shit are more superficial. I feel fat today. I ripped off all my eyelashes removing false ones which I only wore so I didn’t feel like shit at a party. I got off with two people and didn’t even feel turned on. I never feel turned on. Although I do feel toothache and now my eyes feel drafty. Poor, poor, poor little me. Imma go getta mah violin 😥

    On the plus side, at least I have my health, and a uni interviw (EEEEEEEE thank god, now I do not have to live in a bin. Although I did used to wish I was topcat. Alas, mortals can only aspire to be that cool). Now I will begin my essay “In the context of the period 1815-1917, to what extent was the Romanov dynasty the architect of its own downfall?” ace all my exams and marry a rich drug-baron/billionaire, oil company owner, and do nothing all day except eat cookie-crisp (Coo-oooooooooookie Crisp!! The only childrens cereal that *dosn’t* make the milk turn chocolaty!) in hot chocolate and have sex in tubs of money. Like I am now, minus the sex in money scenario of course.

    I still feel like shit.

  65. I have been feeling like shit a lot lately, I feel the need to cry all the time even though I don’t. I just feel like I cannot do anything right. I want so badly to move forward with my life and make my own decisions, but I get so caught up in trying to please others in stupid ways, that I just don’t know what to do with myself. I hate my life, I have for a long time and no one seems to give a damn. This passage is not me making a pity-party for myself. This passage is me speaking out about how truly miserable I feel day after day, even though I greet others with a fake smile day after day. I have always felt like my body and mind are both filled with scorching hot lava, that runs through my veins, as if I am a volcano on the verge of erruption. I don’t know what to do anymore about anything, I might as well just sit here motionless. I hate my life, actually the word “hate” is really an understatement of what I think about my life. I’m overwieght, acne covers 70% of my body and face, I am extremely shy, I feel like a total idiot in my community college classes for the most part, I don’t relate to my family much or to my friend (yep I only got one, who I can barely stand anymore), I have no idea what to do with my life, I never feel like I can express myself because no one cares when I talk anyway. I feel ignored and extremely alone even when people surround me.

    • I don’t know you and I’ve never seen you in my life. I’m sure I can never completely understand the depth of your pain, but if it makes you feel any better, know that you’re not alone..

      when i’m with other people, I feel like they’re operating on a different plane of existence.. it’s like i’m not even there.
      I feel like a total loser at community college.
      I’m overweight, with just one friend, but for a reason I can’t understand, I find myself being cold/bitchy to her even though I love her.
      whenever i open my mouth to tell someone i care about them/appreciate them, i always say exactly the wrong things.
      my family shuns me and my relatives were never close to our family to beginwith, so theyre pretty much out of the equation.

      the only thing we can do is stay strong and keep our chins up.

  66. :/
    My mam made me get my wisdom teeth out yesterday, despite my objections, and now i have a swollen face. I’m unable to go anywhere today, even to go out and celebrate paddys day, and probably not at all this weekend. And all of this is on the days i have off of school. Could’ve been having some much needed fun with friends, but no. I now resemble a chipmunk and i feel like shit. Fml.

  67. Well, I didn’t expect so many people to have googled “I feel like shit”, and I’m not sure why I did (although it’s all true).

    Had m.e. for the last 20 months, and sitting here at work (now part-time) I am feeling pretty grim, at least physically. Mentally I have been there in the past too, but what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, right???

    I can understand why the younger contributors are feeling “like shit” with what some may perceive as lesser reasons for feeling this way, but it’s of course all relative. Having succumbed to depression a number of years ago, I understand the mental “bag of vipers” that having depression or similar outlooks can bring you. Bizarrely, I have only “conquered” the depression side of things since m.e. came to visit me in July 2009, I suppose by putting all the other sundry things that were depressing me into perspective.

    I guess we all have something in common, whereby when faced with a google search page we all threw how we felt at it !!

    All I wish is that everyone finds that things do get better in time – perhaps at times I will need to re-read my own (and others) posts to keep it in perspective.

    Peace and love to you all, and hang in there…


  68. Feeling like shit. So tired of it all haters and those who feel they no ot all and are so above me. Don’t fucking judge me… who are you to judge feel like you did me a favor??? lmao it was’nt you who did the favor for me and I don’t take handouts I pay my dues… who are you to judge? you feel your next of kins will be above mines never spit up high you know what they say… in life shit happens. mistakes I’ve made them… no one is perfect. Don’t look down me it’s my experience that make me who I am. Family ha the termination makes me laugh. do you know what it means? tell me something have I ever asked you for a dime that you act like I owe you something? Oh about my kids I am confident that they will turn out great dispite my mistakes they will be acomplished. Life is shity at times it deals you a crappy hand but in the end it’s how you played that crappy hand that matters. And about my principles well as long as Im not teaching my kids to get high and bringing different men into thier lives then I know Im doing my job as a parent I clothe them I feed them and give them all my love I do the best I can and that is good enough for me. Do I think they will make mistakes sure I do but thats when I will be there for them the most to help them get back up no judgement just love and understanding and that is my truth.

  69. pffffffff….. u feel like shit just because of those reaasons?????????? u must be kidding me! Dude let me tell u how it is to fell like shit:

    When You work on something REALLY HARD and then after a couple of years u realize that that wasn’t the thing u were looking for in ur life. and unfortunately when u realize what u really love to do it’s too late and u have to forget it.

  70. i feel like shit. he went away, he moved on. he’s been moving since a long while and i have been staying just in case he changes his mind. I want him to take me back. We were worth it. We were fine. We were not perfect but still, we had something that I never had before. Neither did he. Now we have nothing because if he doesnt want it well… whats left to do, but try to move on.
    But I cant move on. Hence I feel like shit.
    I love him and he loves me. And well… I feel like shit. And I wanted to find an answer. I am looking for an answer. Why do I have o go through this. Whats the purpose of my pain.
    I feel like shit, dude. I dont know when will this pass. But i doesnt feel like it will stop anytime soon.

  71. …and that is the reason why I am going to a psychiatrist this evening, at 100 bucks an hour. Heck, if that doesnt help me sort things out and bring myself back to “normal”, I honestly dont know what will.

  72. Guys, really…what is going on!!! It’s weird, when you’re feeling so low, you think you’re the only one and if it wasn’t for bad luck you would have no luck at all… Well welcome to my world, you know, when shit wants to hit the fan it all happens at once. My situation, shit job which ends tomorrow but I have one at least, no where to live so I’m sofa surfing, my sister’s a cow and switches for random reasons and threw me out last night. My livelihood’s at stake and I’m really wanting to pack my shit and get out the UK and never come back! Would help if I had the money though…donations are welcome! 😉 I suffer from really bad anxiety but for some reason I’m not getting them right now, I’m sure they will kick in later, am I kind of dead inside…not a question for you lot to answer. We all need to take a step back and think out of our boxes…strange, easier giving advice than doing it yourself…I’m going in to essay mode!

  73. STOP SAYING YOU FEEL LIKE SHIT, MORE YOU SAY/ THINK IT THE WORSE YOU WILL FEEL! Do you really want to look back in a few years time and think what the hell was wrong with me…? It’ll work out one way or another, we’re just the unfortunate ones where a detour kicks in…in my case forever…but hey…shit happens right!

  74. * my face is covered in terrifying spots
    *i cant stop eating
    *i dont have the balls to finish my boyfriend… (im doing this because hes decided to hate me and not talk to me for months on end, cant believe he hasnt done it tbh)
    * i am constantly depressed and an ugly cryer
    * i have the worlds worst bacne and it wont go away.
    * everyone i know either thinks of me as a bitch or a flirt or an attention-seeker.

    kill me now.

  75. here is my shit story!!! i feel like shit, hence why i typed into google “feeling like shit” i cant actually beleive im posting on something like this but thought its good to get it out..
    i split with my ex 3 months ago, bad thing is, he now hangs around all my friends and is all bum chum with my gf’s partners and is everywhere i go, ( including my best friends 21st)
    my ex now see’s my gf’s more then i do and i feel as though he has taken over my life. he never knew any of my friends before we dated and he only got close with them 3 months before we split!

    anywho, thats life… we just gotta let it out then deal with it!!! eventually everything will be ok in the end! right?


  76. why should anyone NOT feel like shit?
    this world is fucked up.
    we all know it.
    so lets do something about it.
    because it doesn’t have to be.
    there are only really a very few who are responsible – by their practices and policies…
    lets say no to harm, suffering, destruction, waste, limitless wealth and power for personal gain.
    how could we possibly have faith in their benevolence, given their aims, their history and what is happening right now, in front of our eyes?

    we must step back and look at where we are now – in the timeline of history – and realise that in the blink of an eye our species has attained unimaginable power, and all the inherent risk that comes with it – but bless us, we are still animals. and we are still acting as such.

    so all who are truly consciously evolved – and can see the dangerous animals wrecking the planet – must realise we have a responsibility. for everyone and everything. and that includes ourselves.
    things that jeopardise one another have to be attended to. it is common sense – something which at the moment seems to be amazingly lacking for such an ‘ evolved, intelligent, conscious’ race as ourselves.

    with great power comes great responsibility, as they say…

    (sorting this world out is all really a lot simpler than many people would have you believe…)

  77. I really feel like shit, even little kids are mean to me. fml. i am jobless living at home with my parents, i am in my late twenties and am still single, i never had a boyfriend and now i feel like i never will, so i just have to settle! damn it,

  78. i know this sounds bad, but its really comforting to know that other people are going through crap to.. i just feel like shit. properly just shit. my dad died a year ago and i dealt as well as i could but now my social life has become really great and im having loads of fun, but it makes me feel so guilty like how can i be so happy while my dad is dead and im never getting him back? and so i take it out on my poor mum and little sister and i can tell they are getting tired of my shit. the guy i like has moved on. i can no longer concentrate in school and i used to be such a high acheiver. i feel bored and tired all the time im not drunk or partying. i find it impossible to spend time with my family.

    so yeah, thanks lazybuddhist, for giving a place to rant to.

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  80. Yep…Actually, I searched for “I left my wife and now I feel like shit” but maybe a general shit board is better than a focused divorced-guy kinda board. The funny thing is I didn’t feel like shit when I left her after 10 years together, but now three and half years later it feels like my life’s mistake. The crap feelings come and go – a job and money coming in would help – but I guess its better to feel it, express it and hopefully move on versus masking it with the 8 mg daily klonopin and lotsa booze that I stopped recently. Props to the hostess for starting this board and to all posters who are dealing with their own shitty feelings.

  81. ok.. so after i read about 50 posts here I’ma do my own.
    I feel like shit. Many feel A LOT worse than I do, many feel less.
    Some are happy, some are depressed.. but what are you supposed to do when you have no idea how exactly do you feel?
    I’m doing my very best just to not sink in depression, which was my world in the last couple of years. Who could’ve thought that during what has to be the happiest days of my life could be the worst?
    A month ago I was floating between very shitty state and a very happy one. But the last few days were unbearable.

    ok, so.. reasons for me to feel shitty:
    – My parents have just seperated, they’re still married but are not living together for the last half year (before that my mom used to sleep in the living room for about 3 years)
    – My mom already has a new “friend” from Russia, which after he left from his visit, I was the one who had to comfort her that they will meet again and everything will turn out for the best (even though I am very attached to my father)
    – my mom moved for the 3rd time the last 2 months, she moved out of the house (she used to live in the basement) only few months ago, and now I see her once a week-2 weeks, she’s living with my older sister and her husband, which makes it harder on me to visit her
    – I have ocd – obsessive compulsive disorder which no one knows of, and I have to deal on my own because I can’t afford therapy. living with this thing is a daily battle field
    – I live in israel and I have no other choice but to serve in the military for the next 2 years, so two years of my life are waisted. (that i would want to spend studying theater and taking acting classes instead)
    – there is no hope for actors, what i want to do in my life, where i currently live. this industry sucks everywhere but s[ecially here
    – I have had very hard time lately with my bf, with panic attacks and voices in my head telling my I don’t love him anymore and that I should dump him
    – I have almost no grades – school is a total failure. I lie to my dad each day (not telling him about my exams etc.. )
    I have hard time studying and I feel guiltish about it every time.
    – I feel like I want space from my boyfriend but I’m too scared he would dump me.
    – my grandmother, which used to be my best friend, and I are almost not in touch because she works every day to take care of my 2 cousins while their dad works all day, they live in a 2 rooms department and can’t afford a nanny, she had a sick heart.

    talking about shitty life.

  82. oh, not to mention that for the first time I have a PERFECT boyfriend, who is understanding, sweet, amazing in each and every way, but I can’t bring back the old feelings i once had for him. I love him but I don’t know weather it’s enough to hold a relationship. I can’t deal with being too long with him, sometimes he makes me so sick that I want to stay away from him and i feel guilty every time. I can’t feel the exstacy he does, but I cry every time he has to go, he’s my only friend. how are you supposed to tell if you truly love someone?

  83. i feel like fuckin shit right now, acted stupid broke stuff and almost got in trouble and i dont care that i have to pay for the damage what makes me feel like shit is the owner of the bar thought it was my friend i was with and since i was about 7 shots in 151 when they asked me about it said they caught me on camera i didnt understand what the fuck they were saying, they kept saying “your buddy” “your buddy” i dont know how they confused us but they appearently have the making of the hole in the wall on camera they still couldnt tell us apart he was leaving because he got to drunk and the fuckin bitch behind the counter charge me 200$ on my card so that finally caught up to me and i put a nice size hole in the wall, a bunch of shit happened after that they wanted to call the police luckily someone who knew me in there said he would talk to me and get it straighted out which he did and i am going to pay for the damage i just dont want my friend to think i was trying to pin it on him, i had no idea what was going on shit was fucked up

    i never act like an ass when i drink it was weird i know i wont do it again

  84. hmmmm a site where evrybody is putting up there problems….
    thought i gave it a go maby writing down my probs will help me,
    so here are my problems
    the reason i feel like shit is:
    i just stopped smoking weed i was addicted for 4 years smoked almost evry day(yes dutch weed is addictive) now i’m having seveer withdraw symtoms,(no sleep,headaces,stumic pains,emotional maddnes, and i sweat like a olimpic atlete finishing a marathon)
    the girl i liked an dated 4 a while told me she accualy doesnt like me (this sux ballz but prob evryone knoes that!)
    My dad has a drinkin problem(to say the least) and revuses to stop so evry time i come home he is drunk and fucked up ,
    my final exams are in a week and i cant concentrate 4 shit on them,(so that makes me fucking nervous too)
    i don’t have a job (so obviously no money)
    + some other shit (small fucked up things i dont want to make my list to long)

    All togeter: i feel like taking a cyenide pill and get it all over with….

    a 17 year old somebody…….

    ps: i cant spell (prob alredy saw that but okay just wanted to let u know)

  85. i feel like shit because i’m too dumb to do anything, i hate how i look, i hate being poor, everyone thinks i’m weird, people think i’m a stalker (so much for caring about where someone lives just to spark up a conversation), i can never do my hw on time, i owe a lot of fucking shit to teachers, i hate coming home, my school sucks, and i talk to fast. who has it worse?

  86. I feel like shit, too.

    My friend died and I blame myself. I can’t feel good about anything I do. I wait to see my emails and facebooks for the day praying someone will pay attention to me or need me. I don’t want to ever screw anything up. I feel so shitty. I don’t think I matter to anyone, really. It’s like fake mattering. People feel obligated or something, but in reality, I don’t matter at all.

    • don’t you hate it when someone tells you how are you and they expect a good answer from you and they don’t even wait for a response sometimes they just walk away?

  87. Lazy Buddhist, ( funny that, I am one of those too!) Thank you for leaving your post up and thank you to everyone that has the courage to write and those who reply to those that are sufferring. I have read through everyones posts and I am now finding things to be grateful for. I won’t say why I originally typed in ‘ I feel like shit’ into Google but I’m glad I did. Peace Everyone.

  88. Hi there,

    I have to admit I got this from typing “I feel like crap” in google. But really, I do, and I have for the past year. I believe it is due to a combination of many medical problems (circulation, respiratory, and especially digestive), social anxiety issues, and a consistently low self esteem. Sometimes I cry looking in the mirror. I’m just plain old ugly, and have a severely bloated stomach due to digestive issues, among other ‘defects’. And you know when people say beauty is on the inside, well, I don’t think I’m beautiful on the inside either. Maybe I could be if I wasn’t feeling so down all the time. No one cares about me, people ignore me half the time, they make fun of me, they despise me, they either use me or push me aside. I just manage to get through every day now, I don’t get to LIVE my life, and I have virtually no friends as well as no chance of a relationship anytime soon. Sometimes I just want to give up. But I’m trying.

    I just want to say thank you for sharing your post and your story, hopefully things will get better for me as they did for you. Thanks.

  89. Reasons why I feel like shit: My marriage is close to ending, I have a terrible, hopeless crush on my physical therapist, I am having no luck getting my book published, I have a bulging disc that is preventing me from running like I love to, and money is a huge issue. I do have two beautiful girls that I love and there’s some blue in the sky…

  90. i was curious about what would pop up if i typed in feel like shit.

    here’s mine…

    had a miscarriage.

    younger brother has terminal cancer.

    last but not least i hate my job. feel trapped. want to visit my brother.

    i know there are great things in life but for some reason i’m focusing on all the uglier parts. its how i’m feeling. thanks for leaving your post up. glad to hear all those said problems have been resolved.

  91. Dunno why I am doing this, but here goes.
    I have an undiagnosable chronic pain syndrome that has over the last two years helped me lose my social life, my work, and now my home. The only effective escapes I have from the pain are through media and gaming. The first of which I have exhausted extensively and the second has recently turned sour due to unwelcome outside pettiness and drama. Don’t know what I am going to do. But, just as giving up is not an option, I am sure something equally unexpectedly good is around the corner.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

  92. well, as you can guess from the fact that i am posting a comment here, i feel like shit. its coming near to the end of my exams, and a lot of people i know will be going to different schools, so its unlikely i will see them again, so thats got me depressed. on top of that, im constantly sat in my room doing shit all, since i never have anything to do. consequently, i am becoming fatter and lazier by the day. this doesnt help the whole depression thing. so here i am, sat in my room typing on my netbook, feeling sorry for myself. just like every other day.

    sigh. i know im not going through anything incredibly bad right now. i can see from this blog that there are people going through much worse shit than me. but its just ive been stuck in my room for ages now, barely ever getting out. ive got nothing to do and noone to do it with, im depressed thinking about how im not going to see lots of my friends again, and im getting fatter than i already was.

    well thats it i guess. those are my reasons why i feel like shit. they’re not very good ones, but fuck it. thanks lazybuddhist for putting this up.

    happy fucking summer motherfuckers…

  93. I have somehow managed to delude everyone around me into believing that I will be successful at life. This is not the case. My parents have started to see through it and they do nothing but worry for me and where I will eventaully end up. They are first generation migrants and want for me to not experience the harshness they have; living in a a foreign country doing jobs they do not like, having the qualifications they had gained in their own country rendered useless in this one, all for the sake of their ungrateful children. They deserve a better child than the one I am failing to be. Failing at my university course, failing at finding balance, failing at having a backbone. I am 19 years old, and it is high time that I gew up.

  94. Ohh god!! Yep i feel lyk shit too! what a shity feeling! Peg…i completely get you, sitting in your room…alone…looking at 4 walls in fucking depressing!

    cnt believe how many coments there are here! its good to read other peoples shit 4 ONCE. Well here my shitty story…got no job, havnt had a job sice god nos how long!! house look s lyk a fukn skip, got no room to go to. cnt even get myslf to cry! got fukn spots all over my face, got a fever…my nose feels lyk anothr fukn person, its even got a pulse on it. family are shit, got no1 to vent to. i actually feel lonely 4 the first tym, lyk really lonely. hate admiting that, got a slight ego problem. soo friends are shit, families shit, got no money, house is fukd, n feeling lyk a complete looser!

    Hate talking to people cause i int doin shit so dnt evn no wot to say! just wana go in my room n slam the door shut but cnt even do tht!

    but gta admit, makes me feel slightly betr writing this all out.

  95. I feel like shit today, I felt the same way yesterday and for some reason I’m pretty sure I’d be feeling the same tomorrow and the day after as well. I lost my love, my job sucks ass, my parents are depressed, I’ve been depressed for more than 3 years, I have health problems, my self esteem is no big than that of a gangbanged homosexual sewer rat, I find no joy in doing nothing, i’ve got no plans, I’ve got no expectations I can’t jog or play basketball cuz my knees hurt, I can’t watch too much tv cuz I only see with one eye, I have panic attacks every other day, I have acid reflux and IBS, I have episodes of anger and some serious regrets in my life but most of all I regret letting go of my love who was so tired with me my depression and my panic attacks. I see a therapist now and nothing seems to work I call my only “friend” and she turns her phone off so she won’t hear me whining about everything I pray god to help me find a way out…..

  96. Lately i’ve been feeling like shit.So much has happened. I’m about to start semester 2 at uni and haven’t made many friends since the start of this year. All my old friends from high school don’t even contact me anymore. Sometimes i wonder whether all those smiles and time together was all abig fcking joke. a fake. How can u even be sure if they are laughing and talking shit behind your back. Throughout my life i’ve liked a couple of girls. I’ve been told im a nice guy, but apparently thats not what girls are after. I fucking give up. I’ve come to the conclusion that love ain’t real, it doesn’t exist. Parents told me that we’d probably be moving homes soon. The only people that i can lean on are a few boys that play ball with me.Now i wont even be able to see them no more. I’m miserable wandering through life without purpose, support or security. It’s pitiful how people only seem to accept me coz i look scary. Even my own lil brother admitted it. Life is so shit. FUCK you world

  97. I feel like shit beacuse the person i love is completely ignoring me after all the amazing things he said and after talking about moving in together. Plus on top of that my two best friends were dating, they broke up and i was there for them both, then now, a few hours later they are back together. We were haing a three way conversation and i had to do some laundry so i said id be back and about five minutes later i joined the converation and got a beuatiful: “Really emily?, Like we are trying to talk about our relationship seriously.” As if im the asshole in this? They broke up because he likes her bestfriend, me. I had just told her (kiaya) the situtaion between me and my guy and she didnt have anything to say after the way he did that. So i proceeded with i love you kiaya, bye. Which ofcoarse he said he loved me and i just hung up and bawled. Maybe im a softie but you have no idea what trevor(my guy) is doing to me and for nehemiah(my bestie) to do that is just flat bullshit. (especially considering he was quite aware of the problem)
    -with relief, desperately abused and broken.
    P.S: Me and trevor have been two years and this just started…

  98. Not to mention my family it completely broke and in debt. My parents are getting a divorce (which i dont mind) because my dad is a drunk ass bastard, me and him get in fights 24/7 and it makes my sister upset constantly. In fact the other day when my mom wasnt home he told me he didnt want me and my sister and that we ruined his marriage. Way to be an asshole. My mom has been sleeping on the couch for years now becuse she hates the way he treats her, he throws stuff and everything else he even cheated on her and has anoher kid, which he cant tell me about. I have depression bad, a vitamin deficientcy, ocd bad, insomnia, werid digestion problems(i cant eat without barfing), Im borderline anorexic(i think im huge), im always hurting myself, i have panic attack quite often now, i have bad asthma, the opposite of diabetes, my sister judges the fact that im bi and is super awkward with my girl friends and is super jealous of boyfriends, my girlfriend is actually a super druggie which i was unaware of till just recently, i smoke ciggarettes, drink, smoke weed(every once in a blue moon), my grades are almost horrible because i forget to turn work in and forget to study, i have no job or money, i dont even know where i wan to be in life(therapist or neonatologist) all i know is i want to be a devoted mother of 2-4 kids and give them the father i never had that loves them, i devote my time and wisdom to everyone but myself and im always too busy with others to do anything for me, ive attempted suiside a few times and considered it and cutting since jr high which was years ago, i never have anyone to vent to because i let it build up untill its unbearable to listen to, ans actually, sadly, nehemiah is the only one who makes me happy…

  99. I’m a professional musician. I feel like shit because I’m not playing the genre of music that brings me joy. Thing that I love more than anything now feels like Job and I’m feeling less important. I’m good musician but theres no demand for my instrument in the genre(jazz). I’m sick of living with my folks, and sick of just playing music to make money.

    mostly I’m sick of myself that this is what’s bringing me down instead poverty, debt or heartbreak. I want to be thankful again, and I just fucking can’t.

  100. Greetings. I posted here in December 2010 and January 2011, and I really felt like shit. A divorce in 1999 (she committed adultery) and no job for 18 months (Jan 2010 to Jun 2011) is a failure bafoon. Wow. It was awful. It’s amazing how depression and unemployment can take you back to years of things that went wrong! It appears to be a subconscious mechanism to keep us away from doing what we did wrong before, and because we don’t have the money or ability to do something else, we get trapped in the toilet.
    In June 2011 I finally got a job, though at 50% of what I was getting paid before. I think I’m ready to throw in the towel and accept the average life that I have. Don’t know yet. I’m 53, and I thought in my twenties the extra work and effort would create something over the years that would make a difference in the world, though I got sidetracked along the way by the wrong woman. At any rate, my feelings are much better than before. I’m with the right woman, have three wonderful children, and have another one on the way. My wife handles life much better than I do, so I have someone that loves me that is a great strength to our family. I’ve made about a 50% leap from last year in coming out of the sewer dumps, now that I’m employed again. Perhaps in a few years, I’ll be chugging at the 100% feeling-good-most-of-time level. If I do, I’ll be sure to return and advise everyone to just hang on. It does get better. I’m half way there already in less than a year. I’ve experienced all the negative feelings with depression that are imaginable, including suicide and other unmentionable feelings, without acting on them. It was awful. My conclusion after 53 years of life is that God tests us to let us see what we are made of. I’m half way home. We need to keep holding on and do the right things–the things that we already know we should be doing. I’m doing that every day. Life is getting much better.


  101. Pretty amazing how universal feeling like shit is ~ maybe too it is easier to let it rip than say “reasons why I feel so great” ?

    I guess in both cases we feel like those feelings will last forever only when the feeling like shit feeling fades that’s a good thing and when those rare really great feelings fade it sorta just seems to go with the territory. – I liked your post Paul ~ very humble.

  102. Wow this is a great topic haaa, I have no idea why I googled also, its quite funny that when all else fails “just google it’ seems to be the answer. I do feel a little better reading everyones input, makes you realise we are all human and have shit days,weeks,months even years. It’s interesting that even people with no financial probs, or love probs can still feel like shit, yes I’m talking about myself. I have everything a girl needs, but unfortunately I feel like shit. I know why, I just don’t know how to go about fixing, and I guess I’ll keep going and I will eventualy sort myself out, but something funny happened as I read these posts on feelin like shit. Whilst i was busy reading all of your posts my two lovely staffys went and did two lovely little shits in my bedroom, bhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. So I guess what i have got from this, is that shit does happen, but if your busy with other things you wont even notice the shit. haaaaaaaaaaaa hope I made someone laugh, I know I am (now that I have cleaned the shit) haaaaa. 🙂 Mel

  103. yes ~ feeling like shit is a uniquely human phenomenon = we invited it. Great distinction between shit and feeling like it. Nice use of the word “whilst” too ~ extra credit for that.

  104. Feel really Shit recently:
    .Unemployed after just finishing a levels and not sure which career path to follow either
    .Expectations and pressure from family to get said job
    .Majority of friends are off to uni and will have an amazing time and making friends for life etc. I wish I wasn’t missing out on
    .Because of this I doubt I will be as close with these friends as I once was as they will be making new friends and I will only see them during holidays
    .There is a girl I quite like but I seriously doubt she feels the same way as I am 19 years old and have never had a girlfriend. I also have low self esteem and don’t think I have good enough looks or personality to warrant a girl being interested in me( side story on the girl we met last week in a club where we exchanged numbers and spent most of the night hugging, holding.g hands and kissing but I feel the only reason she would do this was because she was drunk, I think she is more interested in my better looking friend with a more attractive personality)

  105. I feel like shit today. This shitty thing is I know what I need to do to feel better, but it’s hard. Sometimes wallowing in a hole of depression is just easier than getting off my ass and doing what I know I should be doing. I just want to be content with myself. I have loving people in my life, but am too embarrassed to share. It’s stupid that I feel so shitty too, since I probably have a pretty good life. I have things to feel happy about, which makes me feel even more like shit that I don’t appreciate those things. I’m suspicious of my boyfriend and am starting to think he’s not the right person for me. It’s hard to change when you are with someone is isn’t changing. And it would be unfair for me to want him to change. He should be with someone who loves him for him, and I should be with someone who loves me for me. I’m so confused, but somehow just putting all this out there makes me feel better. Good luck to all those feeling shitty!

  106. Sitting at work and feel like crying…so randomly goggled the same as everyone else and so i end up here. I had a friend once who was like my sister, and about 7 months ago she was very drunk and verbally attacked me and we haven’t spoken since, i feel like I am invisible and i dread seeing her and avoid going to functions that i know she will be at. I don’t know why i feel so scared, i don’t know why i feel so shit all the time. I feel like my trust and my love for her has been thrown on the ground and smashed and she is laughing at my hurt. My family tell me to let it go, move on, there is nothing i can do , stop letting her dictate my life. I don’t want her in my life any more, i wish she would disappear, i wish i could get over it, i hate confrontation, i hate feeling lonely, when i shouldn’t i have people that love me however i still feel lost and unsure about everything. So now i ramble and it does feel stupid and unimportant and superficial and selfish , i have nothing to complain about i just wish i could feel brave and not so insecure…..thank you for letting me rant

  107. I googled I feel like shit like everyone else and thats how I got here. That was yesterday. I still feel like shut and so fuck apostrophes and spelling and grammer right now.

    Yesterday I cried at work in front of my boss because I found out after all the extra work I’ve put in this year compared to my coworkers I’m still getting the same shitty raise as the most incompetent one of our bunch who is probably getting paid more than me already because she is a dinosaur and has been there for a million years. The tipping point I would say (when I started crying) was when from the hidden corner of my brain came out the shittier fact that my other coworker who got hired after me and happens who just happens to know the right people is also getting paid more than me and yet it seems I am the one she is always looking to for help with work. Shit happens right, life is never fair. Waah fucking waah. But after repressing this knowledge for a few months now, what a relief it was to get it out there. Moreover, it felt good to stand up for myself and for what i believe is right for once being the doormat type. Though It feels like utter shit to know you may be doing the most work and getting the least pay. When one door slams on your face, find another. When life gives you lemons, squeeze the hell out of those lemons, and use it as leverage. And if you don’t get lemonade back then gargle that shit in your mouth, take the sour like a champ (no pain, no gain) and spit it out at your oppressor’s face. Like Robert once said, life goes on. This too, shall pass. Thank God Almighty I am free at last! (from a shitty job, until I find another)

    And to commemorate all you my brothers and sisters, I have created this “I FEEL LIKE SHIT” animated gif. Find it here:

    Get that shit out of your system and turn the negative into a positive. Like Biggie said, it’s all good baby baby.

    Ps. This blog post is pretty much the single most amazing thing I’ve googled thus far. Thank you for making my shitty day(s) so much better.

  108. a song of triumph

    what do a suicide, a week long power failure in New England, a heart attack and a nervous break down have in common? They each can make you feel like shit and they all happened in my family last weekend. I was really feeling like shit about all of it and since I normally don’t feel quite like shit but more like crap warmed over in bad times I discovered a particularly shitty thread within the general fucked place of feeling like shit that I thought might be worth sharing = the isolation.

    yeah ~ i think this is the main characteristic that separates feeling like shit from feeling like crap = the desperate sense of being completely alone with it. maybe this is why this is such a great post. not that misery loves company because i don’t think that is alway true ~ but feeling like shit just seems a little less shitty when you can read about how others deal with it and perhaps even see how folks like Genna can sometimes come on through to the other side.

    my own experience seemed to improve a soon as I could identify that feeling of isolation ~ kinda like just naming it made it all seem a little less desperate. well maybe others will have a similar experience. I hope so cuz feeling like shit sux a big fat hairy wet one.

  109. My girlfriend of nearly 3 years called last week from a trip she was on to look at graduate schools in order to break up with me in a one minute phone call…for another guy she just met (but had been flirting with behind my back online). I only had slight suspicions something was wrong, but it more or less came out of nowhere. Just a couple weeks ago we were talking about where we would live together after we graduate. We had so many plans and I still love her. But I know I need to move on; even though we were together 3 years, she has cheated on past boyfriends before me and I deserve better…I’m just having an awful time dealing with it all and it’s somehow comforting to know that other people felt enough the same way to google “I feel like shit.” Not because I want anyone else to feel badly but there’s something to be said for knowing you’re not alone. I have a ton of work to do, which is good because it distracts me but also makes it harder to gain closure in my own mind, as painful and slow as it will surely be.

    My advice after nearly a week: Don’t ever compare your turmoil to other peoples’ and feel guilty for feeling badly about something that seems “less profound.” Many of you have dealt with deaths and much more objectively “awful” things than I have; likewise when I see people complaining about not getting raises at work etc., it initially seems trivial to me…but this kind of thinking will only make things worse!
    This is the worst I’ve ever felt, even including the deaths of my uncles, nephew, and grandparents. I felt awful when I realized that but truly there is no better standard of comparison for misery than your own. Your mind will react only relative to your own experience — emotions are NOT something that can just be thought/wished away, and no one can tell you how to feel with any ordained authority. There is a physiological and chemical basis for your feelings and my own, as awful as they may be, which will only truly get better with time. So in the interim, realize that IT IS OKAY TO FEEL LIKE SHIT SOMETIMES and try your absolute best to let the lack of pressure to be immediately happy improve your day, however slightly. It seems paradoxical but it has surely given me some comfort.

    Good luck to everyone and hang in there; as the OP can attest, things can’t stay shitty forever. I’ll believe it eventually. 🙂

  110. I haven’t fucking slept in 6 years. I have 4 kids under 6. I love them with all my heart, but the sleep deprivation is starting to catch up. I breast feed exclusively because I want to do what is best for them because I love them more than life itself, but doing this prevents anyone but me getting up with the babies. On top of this, I work, take kids to 2 different schools, sports, fight with my husband every gd day because he is short-tempered and the kids stress the heck out of him. Trying to stay positive, but I am so f-ing tired, so f-ing tired. Have no time to myself- kids don’t go to bed till nearly 9:30, takes over 2 hours to put them to sleep every night. As much as I love love love them, the work is exhausting, and there is no end in sight…a merry-go-round that lasts years and years and years…………………………………………….tired.

  111. Oh wow ‘ so tired’ I feel for you, sounds like your at your wits end. Not sure what to say as I guess you know you just have to ride it out. But I can wish you lots of strength and courage. Sleep deprivation was used as torture at one point and it is the worst feeling!!! I don’t have four kids and I can only imagine how full on it would be, but just thought id send some understanding your way cause sometimes it helps when no one around you gives it to you 😦 which prob doesn’t help either cause you just need sleep!! Men can suck at times and just make it worse, try not to argue it only makes you more tired. I have been is similar situation and it just feels like a pressure cooker. You have to look after yourself, none else will and remember he can’t argue by his self so if you don’t fight back then there is no fight. (easier said then done, but it does work) Anyway best of luck, look after yourself and hope this cheers you up a bit. xxx

  112. Good luck, ‘so tired,’ while I can’t imagine how hard that must be, I feel for you and hope you can continue to make the best of things. I hope you and your husband find some more peace and can bond over your shared stress and joy together. ❤

  113. i am so sad. i feel like shit. i can’t stop crying or if i do its just so i can go to work. the man i would do anything for doesn’t really give a fuck if i stay or go. i’m poor. i’m in debt. i’m out of shape & i don’t know wtf i’m doing with my life. there, i said it.

    damn this sites good.

  114. I found this site by typing in, “anyone else out there feel like absolute shit?” My shitty times are going on 7 (maybe 8) years now)since i lost my fab job in NY and have moved all over creation tryig to find antouer one that is anywhere near as good. The job i currently have is a mundane, drone job completely beneath my educaiton, background and even looks but the whole universe says i should be totally grateful for the crumbs the happy, successful people of the world throw me. God i whidh i knew how to do that. I started volunteering with animals to lift my spirits but i’m this close to a nervous breakdown seeing all the abandoned, abused, lonely, sad and lost animals there are. I cry on a daily basis and really have no more hope of a decent future of any kind. I have a wonderful family (we’re super close) but imagine the pain i’m causing them with my work/financial situaion that has gone on for years and has gotten nothing but worse since the economy tanked. So, i was just wondering if there was anyone else out there who felt totally shitty. Who wasn’t gonna be of the Oprah generation and tell me how sunshiny life is even tho I’m in a horrible place where i NEVER, in a MILLION years, thought I’d be. Yeah, I’m really gettin’ sick of all the ninnies sending me facebook messages of “it’s a wonderful day! go out and thank the universe (lord, etc) for all the beauty we have!!!!!” ugh, shut up.

    • I feel like absolute shit right now. I feel your pain, I fell it painfully so. Life just hit a terrible fucking mass of flaming bull shit mixed with rusted nails and dead babies. Yeah, I feel terrible right now. So don’t worry, because even though it’s not always true that “it’s a wonderful day!”, it is at least always true that someone else out there (me) feels just as shitty as you.

  115. i wonder why there’s a smiley face in the area where i wrote “7, maybe 8 years”. The 8 became a smily face. beleive me, i ain’t smilin’.

  116. My parents found alcohol, a hookah, and all my lies along with them tonight. Right after finishing the hard part of senior year. And right before I turn 18 so right before I am free to do whatever I want. So now I’m basically fucked, at the worst possible time.

    But I don’t even care about me. I don’t care at all. Honestly, I could be grounded for the rest of god damn life, and I wouldn’t care. The thing that gets me is the fact that I betrayed my parents, and that I broke their hearts. I don’t give a shit about the other stuff. The look on my parents’ faces, the way they talk when they find out shit like this….it’s enough to send me to tears. Look, everyone, I fucked up. I just wish I could tell me parents how I feel without holding back emotion. I’m thankful to this post, I found it by looking up “I feel like shit” just like so many others. A great place to be and I’m glad I got to write here. Thanks for listening guys.

  117. Your parents will forgive you, don’t beat yourself up about it. We all make mistakes especially at that age. Really I would be surprised if they didn’t expect something like that to happen through your teenage years. Every parent dreads the teenage years because we all know thats when our kids experiment and often cross the wrong lines. Its not too late to make it up to them. Hope your ok, I remember being grounded for a month because my parents came to pick me up from a fun park and I was so drunk I didn’t see my dad in the passenger seat and sat on his lap, haaaaaa we all laugh about it now. Hopefully in a few years you can look back and laugh about this!! Life has its ups and downs, it does get easier, just remember this will all pass xxx

  118. Amazingly I encountered this through a fleeting rant to my Google search box, which was brought on by the combination on a job that doesn’t stretch my mental capacity even slightly and feeling run down with a cold. now i gaze upon a sea of anguish and self assurance and i share the view of the Lazy Buddhist.

    This is a checkpoint for reflection, this list, each list is a look at our bad days, a place to see that someone does have it worse and a place to be assured that life gets better.

    Last year i lost my job, i lost a close family member, my ex cheated on me twice, i lost our house, i am debt ridden and i used to work 70 hours a week, i was a depressive mess, i weighed 20 stone 2 and i couldn’t run for a bus.

    All this happened in 2 months, over Last Christmas, since then, i have lost over 5 stone in weight, i have joined a gym and to be fair, im pretty tasty now lol, i went from having no attention to far to much and have met a lovely girl who i really do like, i have a new job, but i can change that (as it bores me lol), but for once, i am happy, because its not about the bullshit now, its about me, my life is about me and that’s how it should be, if you cant love yourself, you cant love someone else, its only taken 28 years to learn how to love myself.

    yes we all have shit days, life may go bad for a while and we need to remember that, but the lesson is, if we don’t learn how to pick ourselves up again, we wont have those great days and that’s what life is all about, your here once, why waste this life being scared or upset, you can do anything you put your mind to.

    Chris, UK

  119. I felt rather odd tonight, very disquieted in my spirit. Then I thought of this thread (I’ve posted before) and decided to post something that might ease my feelings. Suicide thoughts are real, and they are a way the subconsious pushes us out of this life, trying to escape the failures we experience here. The first time the feelings surfaced was about 30 years ago, when I couldn’t figure out what to do with my life, and was confused about God. I’m now 53. What kept me from killing myself is that I knew it would be a dumb thing to do, since it really wouldn’t resolve any of the conflicts I was in, but it would just send me with the same emotional baggage into the afterlife. I’m glad we have the power of reason to prevent us from acting on dumb feelings, particularly suicide. Last year when I posted here, the suicide thoughts resurfaced through the intense conflict at the time, but I ignored them. I’m glad they are gone. Bottom line is we all deep down believe in God, when pushed into a corner, and we reason there must be a way out of feeling like shit, sometime, and so we continue to plug away. The truth of the matter is that this world is not very kind to us at times, and we really are created to do something much grander and nobler than the slavery we are subject to daily as an adult. We just don’t know how to get out of that place, and we get impatient to experience and feel what we are meant to in life, something that would make God smile at us. I hung in there last year, and now, there is more hope. We just moved to the perfect house, my almost dream home, with a ten minute commute to work (verses 50 minutes), and though my job is boring as hell, the book I’ve been working on for several years is now almost done, and I just met a contact that may be the stepping stone out of where I am to where I’ve always wanted to be. I’m an inventory and want to market somethng I’ve created, using the book to explain it. It’s still several years away, getting a patent and all of that, but I trust in the end I’ll get there, and that’s what keeps me going in the “boring as hell job”. So we plug away at the mundane jobs of life to eat, working quietly on other things that will get us out of it. I too, like one poster said, have trouble at times with the smiling faces when it not so joyful, especially when the world is moving toward bankruptcy and complete chaos. So the modern world is way too complex, making matters worse. There is no time to do everything that is required, and yet, we live with the swirling emotions and sometimes insane thoughts and complete lunacy. Laughing seems to be better than crying about it, though crying probably fits the situation better. We truly are meant for something greater than what the cruel world offers, without being victims to its crushing forces. Somehow, with the help of God, we will eventually learn what we must learn, and then, when its all over, He will take us home to Himself. May we not end our life ourselves before that time. May our end here be according to His timing, and not our own. My we be victors of life, and not victims.

  120. I feel like fucking shit. I don’t wanna tell my parents about how fucked up my 5th period in school is cuz im scared that they might blame each other. They’re in a fight. I failed on trying to get a girlfriend cuz of this. My old friends ignored me for no reasons. They’re friends started to ignore me as well and I get to meet those motherfuckers at school. Im just waiting for the weekends and hopefully change my schedules. I don’t know how to look at the brightside cuz i suck at life though i get straight A’s at school. Ive always thought of killing myself or just shut up forever. Im only 14 and I know there’s a lot ahead of me would it be shitty or better?

    • Rick —

      Quick answer? It will get better, I promise. Being a teenager is tough. I sure wouldn’t want to be a teenager again, especially not a smart, sensitive one. But, you just have to hold on for the really good stuff that happens when you get to start to make your own life.

      Do you have anyone you can talk to about how you’re feeling? Family? A teacher? A friend’s parent? Maybe they can’t solve all the problems, but they can help you cope, and reassure you it will all change. You may feel like fucking shit right now, but it won’t last forever. I know that you never want to feel like shit, but unfortunately that comes with being alive. But, also feeling joy and love and contentment are also part of being alive.

      Find those small things in life that do give you pleasure. Music? Sports? Animals? And when you’re feeling shitty, try to move your mind to those things that make you happy. Allow yourself to feel happy. Soak in it. You may find you have more happy moments than you originally thought.

      Hang in there, my friend. Stick around and I promise that eventually it will get better.

  121. this is the deep pain of feeling like shit isn’t it = the feeling that it will last forever and never change. this is the absolute shittiest part of feeling like shit. other people too can be so cruel when really they are just being driven by the own fears. I think LB is right about looking for small ways to make a difference or simple things to get involved in.

    it can even be something as seemingly stupid as putting on your socks inside out or brushing your teeth with your left hand = anything to give the feeling that things can be different.

  122. Hey
    As many before me I also searched ‘I feel like shit.’ I know a lot of you really don’t wan’t to hear about my petty little problems, but I need someone to vent to. The worst thing about losing your friends is that you have nobody to talk to about all the other shit in your life.
    First of all I’m a teenage girl, so even aside from any other problems I am surrounded everyday at school by bitchiness and judgementalness – if that’s a word.

    I’ll start from what I think sparked the whole thing of in the first place. I starting being really good friends with this girl, but when we came back after the summer break she had kind of forgotten me, even though we’d met up a few times over the summer. Anyway so she went off with her old friends and I was left alone, because to be honest I’d gotten to close to this other girl that I kind of pushed my friends away. I was really sad when the girl stopped talking to me, and I began to get depressed – it’s amazing how depression creeps up on you when you let it. So as I was depressed nobody else talked to me,, which did nothing to help matters. I know I should have talked to the girl or my old friends about stuff before, but I’m not really a heart to heart kind of girl. I’m just feeling annoyed too, because teenagers are such bitches sometimes and generally self-obsorbed.
    The thing is I’m trying to be friendly with other girls, but I just get frustrated, because ( and I know this sounds incredibly shallow) I find them boring, and annoying. My ‘friends’ are going out together ever weekend and just ‘forget to invite me’ When I try to talk to them I get monosylabbic answers.

    I have big tests coming up and I’m really worried about them, because I know I could do really well if I studied, but I just have to much going on, and nnow I’ve spent an hour an the internet trying to make my self feel less shitty. I play lots of sports, but I wouldn’t dream of quitting one, because sports is kind of like a relief for me, and not only that but I have people that I’m friedly with in these sports too.I feel live I’m not reaching my education’s full potential the way I’m going right now. Plus I’m shit at maths.
    I get outbreaks of spots every now and again, which is horrible!
    I saw a pic of my boyfriend kissing another girl and I was already having doubts about our relationship, but I don’t know how to end it, especially because he just asked me out recently after we’d broken up before. I don’t know any other guys my age, and I think this is partially why I’m reluctant to break up with him (which is stupid I know) and he really is a nice guy and because I go to an all girls school, plus a lot of guys seem to be dickheads in their mid teens. I’m thinking I’ll wait until guys get a little more mature before I think about dating again. Then again that might never happen… What should I do?

    Im going through some kind of morality and spiritual crisis as well. I go to an obsessive and brainwashing catholic school,which is quite frustrating. I think I want to be Buddhist, and I’m contemplating vegetarianism and veganism, because I think killing animals is wrong, but then again the only reason there’s so many cows alive ( for example ) is because they’re being farmed. And then I get thinking about why is anybody mean to others ? Why would you kill somebody ? Why do terrorists exist? Or even as simple as why did you leave that girl out at lunchtime ?

    On top of all that my teacher noticed I was sad and spoke to my parents, and now they’re trying to be really nice, but I know that it’s because of them talking with my teacher. I feel bad because they don’t really love eachother anymore and I get the feeling they’re only staying together for the sake of the family. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been doing much housework or cooking the dinner etc, which only makes me feel more guilty.

    I’ve come closer to a friend, but she’s a litte bit simple, and I want my old friends back. That sound so mean and shallow and horrible, but it’s true.
    Ive never been to a disco (but I csn’t dance, so I’d just be standing there), or even socialize anymore and I don’t want to end up like that for the rest of my life.
    I feel like my head is about to explode, but I have no one to talk to, hence my rant above, which I thank you for reading, though I know it seems rather shallow, self-obsorbed and unimportant.

    • Hi Mary (nice name, btw) —

      As you may have read in some of the postings above, being a teenager and feeling shitty is really, really common. Especially when you’re bright and self aware, as you appear to be. You couldn’t pay me to be a teenager again.

      It sounds like a bright spot in your life is sports – something you love and people who are friendly and you have a lot of common with. That’s great. Try and focus more on the areas like that where there is some good in your life, and less on those areas that leave you feeling less than or emotionally depleted. Sure, you’re still going to have to deal with stuff that doesn’t feel good, but, like everything that will pass eventually. Don’t let the bad stuff lure you into those dark places in your mind for too long. Believe me on this one, once you get too deep into depression, it can be hard to pull yourself out.

      As for the boy who is off kissing other girls? Don’t sell yourself short and settle for anyone who disrespects you. You’re worth way more than that. And yes, you will date again . . . and again . . . and again. 🙂

      If you want to explore Buddhism, there are some centers that offer programs for teens and young adults (don’t know where you are, so I don’t know where to suggest). Finding people who share the same core values as you will probably go a long towards finding friends that you connect with.

      Anyway, I wish you luck in dealing with all this shitty stuff. I’m glad you dropped by. But, I hope you also finds some people (friends, adults, relatives) where it feels safe to vent and express your confusion and frustration. Not everyone goes through the same things, but I think everyone understands what it feels like to feel lonely, confused and just generally shitty.

      Take care,


      • Lazy Buddhist,

        Thanks, you brought a smile to my face and made me feel better, as well as offering good advice!
        Just wondering…… most people have told me that the teenage years are the best years of our life, and I guess that was a bit depressing seeing as my life is pretty shit right now, but you said “you couldn’t pay me to be a teenager again. ”
        Is this the general consensus of adults??

        Thanks 🙂

      • Glad to hear that you’re feeling better and that I could help.

        Ya know, when someone starts reminiscing that their teenage years were the best of their life, look closely at where they are in their current life. Are they happy? Do they feel fulfulled? From my experience people who say that tend to feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities that come from being an adult, and miss the “carefree” childhood and teen years. But, I think it’s a pretty one dimensional view. In those rosy rearview glasses, they forget a lot of the struggle and heart ache that comes with growing up. At most schools there is a lot of social and adult pressure to conform to some impossible standard of popularity, academic achievement, not to mention looks and fashion. Too many kids end up feeling like shit because they feel like they don’t measure up. But, when you become an adult, you start to realize your life is yours to choose – that’s when it becomes interesting. 🙂 Sure, there are a lot more responsibilities, but that’s the price of freedom.

        So, hang in there. Find what good you can in your current circumstances, and remember, it will get better.

    • I found this quote today, that seemed quite apt. I hope it’s helpful.

      “We often ask, ‘What’s wrong?’ Doing so, we invite painful seeds of
      sorrow to come up and manifest. We feel suffering, anger, and
      depression, and produce more such seeds. We would be much happier if
      we tried to stay in touch with the healthy, joyful seeds inside of us
      and around us. We should learn to ask, ‘What’s not wrong?’ and be in
      touch with that. There are so many elements in the world and within
      our bodies, feelings, perceptions and consciousness that are
      wholesome, refreshing, and healing. If we block ourselves, if we
      stay in the prison of our sorrow, we will not be in touch with these
      healing elements.

      “Life is filled with many wonders, like the blue sky, the sunshine,
      the eyes of a baby. Our breathing, for example, can be very
      enjoyable. In enjoy breathing every day. But many people appreciate
      the joy of breathing only when they have asthma or a stuffed-up
      noise. We don’t need to wait until we have asthma to enjoy our
      breathing. Awareness of the precious elements of happiness is itself
      the practice of right mindfulness. Elements like these are within us
      and all around us. In each second of our lives we can enjoy them.
      If we do so, seeds of peace, joy, and happiness will be planted in
      us, and they will become strong. The secret to happiness is
      happiness itself. Wherever we are, any time, we have the capacity to
      enjoy the sunshine, the presence of each other, the wonder of our
      breathing. We don’t have to travel anywhere else to do so. We can
      be in touch with these things right now.”

      ~ Thich Nhat Hanh, “Peace is Every Step”, Parallax Press, 1991

  123. Wow I feel like this page is some sort of pilgrimage for people who feel like shit.
    It’s amazing how many people responded to this and it’s nice to know I’m not the only one. I’m impressed that you’ve been responding to so many people, kudos to you.

  124. ” … hence my rant above, which I thank you for reading, though I know it seems rather shallow, self-obsorbed and unimportant.”

    isn’t this the very essence of feeling like shit? The irony is that we talk about our problems because we hope to find support and solutions, but the very essence of feeling like shit is hopelessness.

    Still I like the Viet Namese dude’s quote LB ~ the challenge I guess is that there is something about feeling like shit that makes it seem so impossible to appreciate anything. But if we can find even one stupid thing to feel good about it can change the whole direction of our mind.

  125. I feel like shit, but life seems a little less shitty now I have read this wonderful blog. It has been good to connect with you all, even in this strange 21st-century fashion.

    Thanks LazyBuddhist for starting this. You seem like a wise and caring person, and I respect the way you have taken so much time to reply to the teenagers who are feeling hopeless.

    I think it’s good to strive to be happy, but I think shittiness will probably always be part of our lives too. A preacher once told me the goal of life is truth, not happiness. That seems right to me. It’s in that sense that life tends to get better when you get older, because you tend to become more true to yourself, you stop trying to fit in so hard with what other people expect of you.

    Good luck to everyone out there feeling like shit.

  126. I Love this post!

    Recently I have felt like shit.

    Here are my reasons:

    1) I’m mid thirties, divorced, single-parent. Money is VERY tight.

    2) Quite pretty, but have let my self go a bit and have remained overweight for years. I know what I
    could be and looking at what I am makes me feel sad.

    3) Want a partner but am too terrified to ever trust anyone again (hence weight keeps ’em at bay).
    My Dad, Brother and then ex- husband all let me down in my life.

    4) I am intellitgent and creative, but never let myself suceed.

    5) I hate the situation I am in, I know I can change it, I know it is down to me, but sometimes I don’t
    feel capable or worthy of anything better. When that realisation hits me the result is:

    I FEEL LIKE SHIT and then type it into bing.

    The good news is I am pretty insightful, I like a good laugh and often make others laugh, and I don’t let myself stay sorry for myself for too long.

    Now I just have to sort all the other shit out…….. 🙂

    • Rachael,

      I have been married to two beautiful women that became fat to chase away men. It’s best to get it fixed first before you enter another relationship. These women both loved me, but their own insecurities were multiplied by the weight issue and destroyed both marriages. They destroyed it themselves because the unworthy feelings just get worse, especially if you are in love. If you are beautiful, it’s a gift from God. It’s quite a blessing, or curse, depending on what you do with it. When you stop feeling like shit, get the weight down and say “no” to any man who comes after you. Put a ring on your finger. Spare them the details about it. If they ask about the ring, say, “It’s none of your business.” That will keep them away. Take the ring off when you are ready to trust a man again. Not until then. Until the weight is gone and you are ready to trust again, leave the ring on. Just say no. It’s your life not theirs.

  127. i’ll just let a lot of shit out if thats ok.
    i’m so fucking depressed and i’ve been depressed for a so fucking long time. i had my worst three years at junior high and when i finally was going to get a new beginning when i started high school last fall everything became even shittier. there’s less than 20 pupils in my class and nobody even notices i’m there. none of them cares to get to know me just because i don’t fit into any of their groups. the depression doesn’t get any better and for weeks now i’ve hardly been able to keep from crying at school. i feel like crying all the time, it’s like i got a sea of tears inside of me that’s going to overflow at any moment. i’m so tired, all i wanna do is be at home and when i’m here i feel like shit no matter what i’m doing. the biggest highlight of the day is when i finally can go to bed, but unfortunately i wake up every morning and each day is just as shitty as the last.
    i don’t want to die though but if this really is everything i’m gonna get from life i’m not sure if this life is something for me. i feel like shit saying that too since there’s people who are really suffering in the world while all my problems are in my head but i’m so fucking unhappy.

    • Tony –

      I’m sorry you feel so shitty. Is there anyone in your life you can talk to? Your parents? A teacher? Some other relative? Are there counselors at your school? A nurse? Yes, there is a lot of suffering in the world, but your feelings do matter. You deserve to be happy and certainly don’t deserve to be suffering like this.

      I’m certainly no medical or psychological professional, but I do know depression when I hear it. It’s not just you. A lot of people suffer from it.I suffered from it for years, and I know how really painful it is. But, I also know what it’s like to get better and come out on the other end a much happier and better person.

      I encourage you to ask for help. And even though it may feel like it’s hopeless, it’s not. There is hope, but because of your depression you simply can’t see it right now.

      I wish you the best.

      • LazyBuddhist says it all. I am not a counsellor either, but I too recognise depression. I’ve been there.

        There could be many reasons why you feel invisible in class. Maybe your classmates feel unable to approach you? Maybe you have a barrier up because you feel so hurt and in pain all the time?

        One thing I know for sure, you are meant to be here on this planet as much as any of us. You show what a lovely empathetic person you are to think of others when you yourself are in so much pain.

        Your pain and fear is not any less, just because someone else might be worse off than you.

        If you were my son, I would want you to be ok. I would want you to find someone to talk to and to work through this and come out the other side.

        Even when you are at your lowest, you can still hold your face to the sun.

        Take that step today. I did when I felt the same as you do now, and I am so happy I did.

        You can make your life better, it doesn’t always have to be this way.

        Wishing you all the best

    • i promise you i have been there, the feeling of whats the point and waking up with just blank emotion not caring about anything sept why this has happened to me, look it happens to the best of us, school is school, and u sound very mature for what ur sayin, but it changed for me i got to a stage wear id put my hand over my face and school and people fought wtf and my problems were 1st why does noone like me , then it must be somethin im doin wrong, and then i fought people hated wat i looked like and kept goin to the toilets to cry, but guess wat dude now im 17, nearly 18 i have a girlfriend ive been with for a year and two months, good friends, college and im happier, just get thre school DO WELL IN GRADES worst mistake to not do that cuz u dont wana walk out wth nothing then u never fought back. keep welll dude.

  128. i feel like a steaming pile of camel dung. igot a little stoned ( on weed) with a good friend of mine (not my gf i dnt have a gf right now).. and we ended up having sex and were both worried we might have..well….made something. it happened two days ago and she wont talk to me and she hasnt come to school for the past two days since that scared i might have got her prego and i know its something we should talk about .i dnt even know what she is considering doing about it..i couldnt bear to abandon her and i dont like the idea of abortion though ill support whatever she wants to do…im also scared i may have just lost one of the best freinds this world has given also a gaduating senior in high school 😦

    • Hi russianhaitian17yrsold —

      Take a deep breath. And another. And another. Repeat as needed.

      OK, here’s the good news: if you two did the deed a mere two days ago, she would not *know* whether or not she’s pregnant with your baby. I’m not saying it couldn’t happen, but it’s not something she would know yet. Could she be stressing about it? No doubt.

      You’ve made a really, really common mistake of sleeping with a good friend (and doing so without protection or birth control). She could just be avoiding you because she’s embarrassed or even ashamed. Sex changes things, especially when it happens when your decision making abilities are compromised like when you’re drunk or stoned. It’s hard to just go back to the way things were. Maybe she just needs some time to figure that out.

      I think the important thing for you to do is just to let her know you care about her and you’re there no matter what happens. Don’t freak out on her. She may just need some time. (Also, I don’t know where you are or how old she is, but if she is 17+ and here in the States, there is an emergency contraception that you can use for up to 5 days after unprotected sex. It’s called Plan B. If you talk to her, you might mention it.)

      Good luck. Life lessons such as this are hard.I hope it all turns out OK for both you and your friend.

      • yeah ~ I gotta ditto what LB is saying here. There is a tendency to want to make everything OK asap when we blow it but all this usually does is make things worse. ‘Not Freaking’ in situations like this is easier to say than do ~ but do try. The more you stay away from that and blaming yourself or each other, the sooner things will get better. From your post it is obvious you are a caring person – have some faith in that.

        If you are like most humans your age your greatest triumphs and tragic failures are still ahead of you = the best of life and the worst are still to come. Try seeing this a test run for your future. The only penalty for not learning is repetition.

  129. Don’t feel bad, it will work out. What ever happens, just keep trying to get hold of her. Call her or what ever and see whats going on. You could be worrying for nothing. Find out first, then take next steps after you know what the real situations is. Don’t feel like you have done something wrong, it takes two to tango, and many people have found them selves in similar situation many times before you. I know its easy for someone else to say, but try not to worry till u know. Maybe write a letter, or call, or buy a lil presie. It will work out :))) Things always do!! (even if it feels like theres no solution, there always is). :))

  130. My dad was.just a beautiful soul. He wad me.when he.was 55. So he had wisdom and pure love. Hr was the best dad ever.he was my best friend cause she overdosed 13 years earlier. But before hr past I lived at that hospital for over a month.I.weed that night for my husband. And to stay. But he left me there. Hr would tell me everyday,if I die.before your mom. U will b the new whipping boy. He wouldiInstilled it Me But that night I.cyrawled into bed with him. And he.died in my arms. Holding tightly. The pain never left. It those days over and.over again. Comming home was hard. My loving husband didn’t giveu I needed. Now we.r.seperated.then he left fot five months, not once know his loss or either of us alreight, no money.this is just the beginning. But I’m broken and withered.I miss everything about him. And would love that like back. My mom basically disowned me and blames me for her problems. I have no one to go to.

  131. Hi my name is sujatha,
    My life always feels shit! I have tried to commit suicide 2 times after christmas, always feel down and I feel that just because I talk differently, than everybody else (i feel it may be due to my dyslexia), i am constantly talk down to. my dyslexia was not diagnosed till early this year which really pissed me off! And as I go to an only girl school! This makes you feel shit even more so! I feel shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    To make matters worse both my siblings are successful, and there is people you thought were your friendsand they use you as they know your nice,
    and there is people who’s sole ambition in life is to make your life more shit
    and finally the shitheads who rub it in your face how successful there life is and how they achieve all there life ambitions!
    I want to tell each of them how they are absolute arsehole wipes and they can go fuk themselves!
    But my conscientious tells me I am wrong! That life can better! BUt at the mo all I feel is ife gets shitter by the day!!

    • yes life does get shittier by the day ~ and then a little better ~ then really shitty again, then worse, then a whole lot better, then shitty again. It just seems to be like that. Maybe some folks breeze through life and then have all the shit happen at the end. Others maybe get most of the shit at the beginning ~ as far as I can tell there is no way to figure this out = it just seems to be the way that it is.

      attempting suicide is a pretty strong reaction so if you really feel like that is what you need to do be sure to find someone to talk to first. this is never a solution to the pain ~ it just pushes it around and makes it worse so please reach out to someone in your life before you try anything like this again.

    • Hi Sujatha —

      I know the voice that tells you how badly things suck can be pretty damn loud, to the point where you can’t hear your own wisdom that tells you things can be better. But they can, and they will.

      I don’t know if this gives you any comfort, but as you may have read in the comments above, being young and in school can be really hard. The pressure to fit in is enormous, and other kids can be cruel (and I hate to say this, but girls especially so. A boy would just beat up another boy, but girls tend to find another girl’s vulnerable soft spot, and put the knife there). But, you also have to remember that people who feel the need to brag about how awesome their life are usually overcompensating, and are pretty insecure themselves.

      But, all that being said, if you have attempted suicide twice and you can see no other alternative, you need the help of a caring adult who understands these things. Can you talk to your parents? A school counselor? Your family doctor? It’s not a weakness to ask for help. Depression can be a life threatening disease and should be taken seriously.

      You have a lot to look forward to in life. You will not always be surrounded by these “arsehole wipes”. Listen to your own voice that tells you that life will get better. That voice is telling you the truth.

  132. Much like everyone else here, I found this blog because I typed in ” I feel like crap today.” Seems like the titular phrase encompasses a lot of people at any given time. Sigh, where do I even start? If I were to really look at the overall perspective I have, this feeling like shit feeling has lasted for a couple years but to not turn this into a novel I’ll focus on the past 2 years.

    I was in what I thought was a wonderful relationship with someone–only for it to crash, ending abruptly because we according to them, simply “don’t work” as a couple. This really meant this person wasn’t ready for the responsibility of a relationship–despite the valiant effort to be the best boyfriend I could be regardless of the problems going on in my life. I felt like finally after all the years of being used in previous relationships that just maybe I don’t have to be this perfect man with a perfect bank account and perfect abs, perfect face to even be considered worthy of a relationship.

    If you’re wondering what I think is the equivalent to perfect that women will never leave, I’ve come to the conclusion that if you look like either Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, or Robert Downey Jr. or have bank accounts equivalent to their own you’ll be loved by women and never have to deal with rejection or be dumped.

    I look like neither and have nowhere near how much money they have.

    Anyway, back to the topic at hand. After being used and dumped for years I thought I finally met someone who loved me for me. We planned somewhat for a wedding, we seemed to match…until it felt like her priveleged life and my problems life didn’t merge together–despite me giving my all to try and fix hers out of love and care for her. She then selfishly wanted to be friends despite her willingness to date other people which honestly is her perogative but to shove that in my face was incredibly painful.

    A few years or so later, I’ve realized that as much as I didn’t want to surrender to this fact, our relationship was toxic and it was best for us to seperate. I don’t hate her but unfortunately as much as I know not to, I still resent what happened simply because I didn’t want to go through the pain of being hurt again and yet here I am.

    This brings me to today. I got to work today, and accidentally spilled toothpaste on my tie–and I’ve been trying to get the stain out today and nothing is working. I have to deal with meetings and appointments…I can’t say its a huge stain but the fact I know that its there bothers me, along with the fact that my suit jacket doesn’t look as fresh as I’d prefer. I just feel like shit (clearly), disheveled and wish I could crawl back into my home and go to bed, and only wake up when I’m in my career making more than enough money to get a woman’s attention and look the right way so I can finally be loved by someone other than my family.

    I’ve had so many failed relationships, and I haven’t made it into my career….I just feel like like I’m useless sometimes. That said, I feel that although I haven’t made into my choice career yet I have more of a chance with that as opposed to finding a loving relationship, marriage, and a family. I feel like marriage is a financial disaster that always leaves the woman with the upper hand and that majority of woman judge a man by how perfect he is.

    If he doesn’t make 60-80k a year, he’s a piece of shit to them. Money is the answer to everything. Its power, its what makes people notice you the way you want, it gets you the goal. I’ve given up on relationships, marriage, and any kind of love from the opposite sex. I love women, I make for good friends with them but the moment it comes down to being in a relationship I’m clearly not good enough since each time I’ve tried not only do they not work–in some cases no karma touches them and they live a good life.

    I feel like if I don’t focus on things I can’t do and focus on aspects in my life I have more control over I’ll be happier overall. This doesn’t mean I’m depressed at all it means I’ve accepted that fact that no woman wants to be with me and I should stop having aspirations to have a family and a wife that loves to be around me. Congratulations for taking the read to read all of this because I figure no one would actually read this because everyone on the internet hates tl:dr but you know what, fuck that. Today I feel like shit and if you took the time to read why, thank you.

    • feeling like shit is inevitable ~ being a useless piece of shit is not. These days so many people are finding life to be fairly shitty and it probably is going to get a whole lot shittier for most of us. ironically the shit we tell ourselves when we feel shitty is mostly the stuff that makes us feel shittier. that is not to say that we should just ‘stay positive’ ~ the hall mark of feeling like shit is that everything looks like shit = just don’t believe everything you think.

      • I have better days than others regarding staying positive. I think its the fact I’m in my early thirties and I’m not in my career and I’m still single. So many of my other friends are married, having babies etc, and I look at my life thinking oh, because I’m still aspiring to my career goals and moving forward in them that it makes me seem immature because I’m not bragging about a house and barely making ends meet because I have kids.

        I’m thankful I’m not going through a divorce, and that I’m not in as much debt as others but sometimes I just feel like I’d feel better if I was already in my career and looked like Ryan Gosling. People tell me that I’ll find someone eventually but to me it just feels like it won’t happen. I’m friendly with people but I feel like once they know me and see my real flaws they’ll run away.

    • Hi Birdie —

      I’m sorry you’re feeling like shit. We all have our days, even weeks or months where we feel like shit. Just be careful about projecting today’s feeling too far into the future, and thus making yourself feel even shittier. Deal with today’s shit today. Yesterday’s shit is gone, and tomorrow’s shit ain’t here yet.

      Not all women insist on being with a man who has god-like physical features and a bulging wallet. Granted, there are some social and evolutionary reasons why women tend to look for a good provider with good genes, but not all women are driven by such base instincts. As I advised a friend who is currently in the market for a girlfriend – stop looking for love in places where people are gathering simply because they are single. You may find someone there you are physically interested in and seems nice enough, but what else are you going to have in common? My advice to her was to do things that she loves – classes, events, etc – and while there, maybe look around and you may find someone with whom you share the same passions, not merely a mutual attraction. And even if there is no one, at least you’re doing something you love.

      And if the love life thing doesn’t work out? Trust me, it’s not the end of the world. I’m in my 50’s, never married, no children. But, I have lots of wonderful friends, and lots of time to pursue things that make my heart sing. Do I sometimes regret the roads not taken? Yeah, occasionally. But when I find myself feeling bad about that, I remember with gratitude the people, critters, good health and good conditions I have in my life, and I tend to feel much better.

      Take care. May this day be not as shitty as the last.

      • I appreciate the reply along with your kind words! Today is definitely not as shitty as the day I posted here. I would say I regret posting here but that would be a lie. “Feeling like shit” is obviously a universal experience that happens to anyone at any given time regardless of social status or any of the other superficial brandings we subconciously put on people. If I didn’t feel like shit that day I wouldn’t have met other people who have shared the same sentiment and helped me to not feel alone regarding my own insecurities or problems.

        Not only that but I discovered your blog. Its really empowering to see someone in their 50’s who not only embraces this type of self expression but also appears to have more vitality than people my own age! You’re a very inspiring person by just being yourself and posting about it. It lets me know despite how I feel that I have a lot of life ahead of me and that I should work on seizing it. Easier said than done but I realize the doing part is much more important than the saying.

        I’ve got some fears regarding a job I might be applying for soon on the other side of the country. It requires me to face some challenges I haven’t faced before but if it works it’ll be worth it!

        I’m pretty scared about all of it but I really think its something I just need to do. The fear of it is in proportion to how much I’ll benefit from trying.

  133. I can’t even type straight, I meant to say :” Congratulations for taking the time to read all of this because I figure no one would actually read this because everyone on the internet hates tl:dr. I feel like if someone took the time to read what I posted that maybe someone relates, is curious about someone elses pain and maybe makes them feel better about themselves, or cares enough to read how I feel.”

    I have no real resentment toward women. I think they just don’t see me as potential for love interest which is fine because that allows me to focus on my career and hopefully find happiness in that. And no I’m not some morbidly obese guy I just don’t look like what every woman seems to want.

    Regarding my career, it could be something thats slow but sure but I feel like I’m behind because others I know are moving forward while I’m still in the same spot. I’m getting recognition but I don’t have the salary to tote around to prove it or the life that exudes that field.

    Contrary to my long post, I don’t always feel like shit but today is just…not my day.

  134. This post is fantastic for a few reasons. I love the fact that you wrote it three years ago and stated above the post that things are better for you. I think it’s brave you kept it up because, yes, knowing you felt that shitty does help people. You’ve got it: There is nothing more impermanent than feelings. We know this, especially those of us who study Buddhism, and still. And Still. Those difficult moments/feelings can be so utterly and absolutely all-encompassing. It’s nice to allow ourselves to feel negative sometimes. This is a really interesting article fresh from the Times about allowing ourselves to feel negative and I think it hit right on the mark: I write about my ups and downs and the changing of perception, too. Feel free to check this post out which has a similar tone: Take Care and thanks for your honesty.

  135. yes i googled. and yes, i feel like shit. because…..
    (which one deserves top billing??)
    i am 47 and want a baby. i am childless
    i am with a man who has aspergers and as i suspect autism in my family i dont want to risk it with him
    i feel alone – particularly being with a man who doesnt connect emotionally
    i am alone – i have had chronic fatigue for 16 years and live and work from home. i am isolated.
    my work is not satisfying…i would like to do something meaningful but my low energy makes it difficult
    several friends have stopped making contact
    i often say inappropriate things because of nervousness (yes starting to get to the bottom of the shitty barrel)

    i am feeling better.


  136. What is the meaning in life ? This never-ending question is undoubtedly far from simple and different for different people. For me in my simple 16 year old – atheist, but leaning towards Buddhism – life, you want to have fun, enjoy yourself, because what use is everything else if at the end of the day you’re constantly miserable?

    A religion must be a wonderful thing to have – something to rely on when you feel like absolute shit, a guide to help you just generally be a good person. I don’t have a religion, and thus here I am talking philosophy shit on the internet. I would love to have someone other than myself that I can consistently rely on and look to for help or a meaning in life.

    Though I may sound slightly suicidal I can assure that I’m not. I’m just trying to come to terms with the fact that everyone is subtly pushing you to do things and do well in your exams, learn life skills. I appreciate the merit in these things, but at the same time do they make us happy ? Put simply – nothing matters, but contentment ! Right now I would love to go to an almost deserted island, and just live a simple life farming enough to survive, but where’s the excitement in that, where’s the adventure ? I just want to get away from this modern world of etiquette, materialism and just fucking pressure !

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that we need this fun lifestyle, but why is everyone so materialistic and judgemental. I almost wish we were all simple beings, with no negative traits. Why can’t life just be as simple as that ?

    As mentioned above numerous times, being in school, an all-girls one especially can be tough, but this is about so much more than that. Why does the world have to be such a complex place ? Can’t we all just get along ?

    I have problems like everyone else, more than average, but they’re nothing serious. The point I’m trying to get across is that it’s so hard to be genuinely and simply happy.

    I sincerely hope you took the time to read this and that someone has the heart to reply and make me feel a little better

  137. as long as pleasure and fun are seen as synonyms for happiness we will continue to be miserable. And as long as we think happiness comes from a material source we will continue to deepen our misery. Look like desperation is on the rise to me.

    Feeling like shit (dare I say it) from a Buddhist perspective is first Noble Truth and so the beginning of the path. Mistakenly most of us are looking for a path away from this Truth. I am not suggesting that misery is happiness. But neither is fun or pleasure.

    We should enjoy the fun and pleasure we are able to have with our friends when we can ~ but this alone will not end our misery.

  138. I didn’t mean to suggest that fun and pleasure alone are synonyms for happiness.
    What do you think is happiness ? What do you think is the ultimate goal in life ? – for you personally

    • For me happiness is an unfortunate word the appears in too much of Buddhist literature. For the me a better phrase might be making a meaningful contribution or a good connection. This can be anything from a casual joke that breaks the tension in an otherwise stressful situation or listening carefully to someone in a state of tremendous grief.

      Perhaps the cliche of wanting what I have rather than having what I want says it best. Or put another way ~ simply being open in an active way to whatever life presents, even if it is painful. Or maybe especially when it is painful since it is easy, at least in a superficial way, to be open to what is pleasant.

  139. well one week before Christmas been without a job for a year going to loss my unemployment benefits wed after christmas this is the worst I have ever felt. can’t sleep and don’t know what to do.anyway hope things change soon.

  140. lost my mother and father,familyhave walked away cause the money dried up……………… feel like a fucking doormat!!!! wish i had the guts to go away for ever’

  141. physically feel like shit every single day of my life. been “sick” my entire life…23 years..just had another bs doctor’s appt., nobody fucking takes me seriously. im left suffering and unable to live a normal fucking life. just have to sit home and feel this shit all fucking day long cuz i can’t think with this severe brain fog and weird head feeling. my whole body hurts. extreme fatigue. 4 years of this shit and its getting worse every day. can’t finish this semester. can’t move out. can’t work. stuck in this bullshit because i don’t know how to feel better:”(

    • obviously it is a pretty common condition to ‘feel like shit’ ~ but it is hard not to want to respond if it seems like there could be something that might help. there are so many causes for extreme fatigue like allergies or chronic anemia that it can be tricky to diagnose and even more discouraging when nothing seems to help.

      keep looking for a solution though because there almost always is one for what you are describing.

  142. I knew I wasn’t the only one out here feeling shitty. Here’s why I do:
    1. Recently divorced, WTF she just left three weeks before Christmas without even talking to me. Only married 5 years.
    2. My Labrador Max at 14 was just put down. Glad he could hang in to help me through the divorce.
    3. My cat JackTheRipper disappeared, likely coyotes. He was a good boy at 14.
    4. The majority of my goats and sheep had to be sold off. I could not do it all on the farm. They were all very friendly and always glad to give milk or wool.
    5. I had to cash in my 401K to buy the farm. Not sure why I did it but just couldnt bring myself to leave my beautiful farm and country life. So now I’m upside down on the farm. At least I have it…
    6. I quit my job of eight years. Not necessarily a bad thing but timing has left me without funds to keep the farm going. So now I’m unemployed with a completely shot self esteem and not the motivation to find work.
    7. I barely have energy to get out of bed in the morning to do the basic farm chores. I manage though, seeing and being with the remaining livestock give me some hope.
    8. Found out a couple weeks ago my mothers health is much worse than I had been told so I made the long trip home only to get in a big fight with my father resulting in my hasty departure.
    9. And while all this was going on I was trying to kick my drug addiction. Still sober but just barely. Oh how I want to get high….

    I have no fucking idea how much shittier it can get for me and not sure I want to find out. Lost and lonely way out here in the country with nobody but me to thank. My friends don’t even come near anymore. Guess I don’t blame them.
    WTF, I didnt sign up for this.

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