Really, I haven’t forgotten about you


Have you ever had one of those relationships where it got all awkward and you ended up avoiding that person simply because you’re kind of embarrassed that you never returned the phone call they made to you ages ago? It’s not like you  don’t like the person, it’s just you’re afraid they’re going to be mad at you, or you’re going to get called out as being the kind of person who doesn’t return phone calls.  And since we’re invested in our image as a good guy or gal (you know, the kind that returns phone calls)  the mere thought of that person who you inadvertently dissed makes you all cringey inside.  Do you know that feeling?  Well, that’s how I’ve been feeling about my blog lately.

In real life, when you finally return that call or bump into that person you’ve been avoiding and you make all your apologies and excuses, usually the response is “hey, no worries. I’ve been busy too” and then you carry on and wonder what the hell was all the drama you created in your mind.  I’m hoping it will be like that with my blog and blog buddies.

Everything is fine here at Chez LazyBuddhist.  How have you been?  How are things going with your relationship?  Oh, awesome.  You deserve someone great in your life. What’s new with me?  Well, I’m taking a writing workshop. It’s good.  Good group of people. Of course my ego gets all tied up in knots when I have to workshop something and open myself up to criticism, but it’s been amazingly helpful. Work? It’s good. Did I tell you Patricia, my rather outrageous co-worker, is no longer there?  Yeah, it’s been really quiet with her gone.  And everything is fine with the boyfriend.  He finally got rid of that goddamn loveseat in the sunroom.  So, I’m working on nesting that space. I’ve got a vintage desk and chair in the there for writing, though I have yet to write in there because I don’t even know how to use a pen and paper anymore.  Yeah, yeah, I know, I need to get a wireless network for the house.  The animals?  Oh they’re all fine. I think they really enjoy making me freak out and worry for no good goddamn reason, but what else is new?

Listen, it’s been really good seeing you. Let’s get together soon.  I’ll call you.  What’s so funny?  Really, I will.  Well, I’ll probably just email or text you.  And when we get together I’ll tell you the story about the day Mr. Binkles disappeared.

I promise I won’t be a stranger.

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  1. howdy (stranger ~ things half hap pinned) itz all kool baby ~ eyez jus figgered you bin eatin up on wona them ‘medicated’ bday cakes. nice job gettin this off b4 LBBday month is over

  2. hey, no worries, I’ve been busy, too! 😉
    But its good to catch up and I’m glad to hear all is well chez LB.
    Tell Mr Binkles that Muddy Wabbit admires his chutzpah!

  3. Life has been happening to all of us, as to you.

    Currently we are on baby watch. The due date is next Tuesday but it looks like they may take the baby sooner. We’ll see. This grand baby has been so long coming that I’ll be really glad when he’s finally here.

  4. In an earlier post you mentioned that one doesn’t hear about pedophile monks. i did see an ABC report on the Tibet – China problem and one man interviewed said he was repeatedly molested as a child while at the monestary. given the culture and language differences it is easier to cover up and not report but my guess it would be naive not to believe that child sex abuse doesn’t happen with monks as much as with priests, etc. People are people and ultimately institutions are vehicles for gaining power over others – the true motivation of human kind.

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