Purring contentedly


Little Nomie continues to do better.  Yesterday morning I heard and felt her purr for the first time in weeks.  Our morning bonding time – in the sun-room in the comfy chair – now no longer seems like she is humouring me, but that she enjoys being quietly held and stroked. These are small victories.

I just have to realize it is all very short-lived.  It’s easy to fall into the illusion that everything is going to be fine – she’ll live forever, right?  Until I can be free of this attachment, I’m setting myself up for pain.  Yet, the love and attachment are so intermingled, I can only see glimpses of having pure love without the stain of attachment. It’s a practice, for sure.

I spoke briefly with one of my dharma buds who is in England at Festival.   Yes, it’s rainy, and yes, the housing situation was, er, challenging.  I kinda thought that that house would be fraught with drama.  One of the women staying there is very emotional, and tends to be a bit dramatic.  And the other woman just buys into it, and probably helps amplify it. I was not looking forward to spending a lot of time with them.  But, he said the teachings are, of course, awesome.   Perhaps before everyone comes home, I can make some progress on reading Mahamudra Tantra, so they can fill in the blanks for me while their memories are still fresh.


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