The new “normal”


Funny how we have in our minds what is “normal” for both ourselves and others. If we’re sick, or our schedules get turned upside down, we can’t wait ’til things get “back to normal”. Not only do we define what is normal for ourselves, but for others too. We have a picture in our minds of what is normal behavior for our friends, our pets, even strangers. So, when things aren’t normal, there is obviously something wrong. Of course, normal doesn’t exist. Normal is a moving target. Yet, we mourn what was once normal, thinking somehow that it is the norm, the way it is supposed to be and therefore shouldn’t change.

Little Nomie is never again going to be the cat she was a mere month ago, much less the cat she was 16 years ago. The new normal for Nomie is an old, sick cat with limited mobility. A cat who would rather quietly sleep in the sun-room than lay on the couch with her mom. She’s now a cat who doesn’t sleep on the bed next to my pillow. She’s now a cat I check on to make sure she’s still breathing.

With an intellectual understanding of emptiness, I would hope that I am smart enough not to keep getting fooled into expecting things to be normal. Yet, I do. When things changed at work in a way that I don’t like, I get a bit cranky about the changes. Everything changes from moment to moment. I’m down with that. Really, I am. Unless, of course, it changes in ways that I don’t like.  Then I just want things to get back to normal.

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