Hello, if you’ve come here from a Facebook link, you’re probably might be interested in this category:

Who am I?  Wouldn’t you like to know?  Heck, wouldn’t I like to know.

Conventionally, I’m just another middle-aged work-a-day wench who fancies herself a bit of a writer, and who engages in recreational spirituality on the side.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my two rabbits and two cats.  Sure, four may seem a lot of pets, but when you have only two of each species, you avoid being pegged as either a cat lady or a rabbit lady. Believe me, I am incredibly paranoid about my almost inevitable evolution into being the neighborhood Cat Lady whose house smells funny and wears sweatpants.

I’m in a long term relationship with a man who is simply known as The Boyfriend who is smarter and less annoying than I probably make him out to be in this blog.


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  1. please DO NOT figure it out – this is awesome! you gotta why of puttin yer thoughtz into werdz thatz clear and authentic (in udder words no b.s.in around) nice and refreshing – especially after a long day of trying to deal with my real alley tea and hey – itz not even lunchtime yet @#$)

  2. Not sure how I found you..you know how it is one blog leads to another. 🙂
    I like your honesty though..and the fact that you made me laugh!
    I am odd and rebillious so we should get along! I’ll be back to visit.

  3. This is a nice aim, to make oneself useful in this world. I appreciate this. I wish you all the best, you’re on the way already, I think…

    Thank you for your thoughts and this site!

  4. Well that first paragraph describes ME pretty darn well too 🙂

    My blogging over the past almost 3 years has evolved into a little of everything. Whatever strikes me tends to spill out there. It’s actually been a great way to stay focused and avoid obsessing over something in my mind.

  5. still my favorite piece of this whole enter prize

    my naughty side is still quite evident and I attract the odd and rebellious as my friends.

  6. oddly rebellious eye’d say ~ butt then watt due eye no ~ eye m rebelliously odd witch is kind ovan oxymoron ainit ?

  7. Lay Zee Buddhist ™ skin cream and toilette trees ~ only yer hare dresser nose fur sure. Kin eye start a new franchise ?

  8. Hippity Hop ™ put more puff in yer sail and more fluff in yer tail ~ move over red bull ~ hive gotta rabbit in me pocket so this par tayz gonna rocket.

  9. I am a graduate student at New York University and would like to talk to you about your blogposts. (a lot of what you write is relevant to a story i’m working on for a city newspaper.) I really cannot be specific here but I’d appreciate if you could just send me your email so we could start the conversation.

  10. New to this site. I’m still figuring out all the blogging stuff myself. Like you, I’d do more photography, more volunteer work and a lot of other things if I didn’t have to work. Right about now being a beach bum sounds really good too.

  11. That is so funny, I totally just found your page by typing I feel like shit into google…. Never heard of that Chris guy before, he is pretty funny, thanks for cheering me up I feel heaps better now 🙂

  12. well, i went looking for more info on the nkt… i am wondering what the hell i’ve gotten myself into here. from the brief bits i’ve read – we should have tea. looking forward to reading more – actually, i need to read more. thank you for doing this.

    • Hi dharma luva –
      If you haven’t found the category already, I have a whole topic category for my posts mentioning or about the NKT. I haven’t written about them for a while, so that’s the fastest way to find those posts.

      Please keep in mind that these are just the experience of one person. However, within my own circle of former-NKT practitioners, as well as many who have formed communities online, my experience was not unique. I do think, however, that experience varies broadly depending on what center and teacher you’re dealing with. I know a lot of very good-hearted, sincere people who are still in the NKT.

      Having practiced in the Theravadan tradition for about two years now, I can see how dogmatic and almost fundamentalist the NKT was/is. I don’t have a problem with the content (the dharma), just the container. As an organization I think it’s pretty sick and in desperate need for reform.

      I hope reading of my experience helps you. If you want me to contact you offline, let me know. I have your email address.

  13. yep, i would agree that there are some lovely good hearted people within the local sanghas. aaaand there are some with harmful minds as well.
    please feel free to reach out via email would love to chat more. too scared to divulge much here. =(

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