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Restless night


This week is hardly turning out to be as I had hoped.  In my imagination this week would include reading, some gardening, cleaning, napping, sorting out the boxes in the sun-room and finished off with a fabulous weekend in Carmel.  Well, two out of six isn’t bad, I guess.

There were more aftershocks this week from my f-up of a couple of weeks back.  So, I ended up working two days this week, and spending more time than I would like to admit with my mind spinning out of control, conjuring all the horrible consequences that may befall me.

After the first aftershock had subsided, the boyfriend and I did get one productive day together where we cleaned out the sun-room and sorted through about a dozen boxes that had been piled up in there ever since I moved in about a year ago.   It felt good to get all that cleared out.  Then another aftershock hit, and there was nothing I could do about it until the morning. Yeah, there goes that good night’s sleep that usually comes after a day of honest hard labor.

Maybe the t-shirt slogan “If mama ain’t happy, no one is happy” holds some truth.  Or in my case, “if mama can’t sleep, no one else can either”.  So, here are some of the thoughts that kept the beings of Chez LazyBuddhist up much of the night:

LazyBuddhist: I’m sure that phone call meant nothing . . . he just needed some information . . . I mean, who calls someone to fire them while their on PTO?  . . . OK I have 10 weeks of vacation on the books, that 2 1/2 months of my regular salary . . . maybe I’ll get a roommate so I can reduce my living costs in case I can’t find a job that will match my current salary . . . the boyfriend said he’ll take the cats in case I lose the house . . .  who will take the rabbit?

Tangerine (the semi-feral): Dang, what is up with the One Who Feeds Me?  Go to sleep already so I can have my free-time.  Oh screw it, I think I’ll just run from room to room, periodically stopping to claw the furniture really frantically.  Heeyy Alaska.  Do you mind if I curl up here with you?  You can give me a tongue bath if you want.  You’re not into it?  Oh, that’s cool.  Can I give you a tongue bath? Really, I give great tongue baths.  No?  Hey, where are you going?

Alaska: Gawd! Why can’t that girl take a hint?  I’m just not into her that way, ya know?  I mean, it’s not that I’m not into some sweet young marmalade pussy cat.  I may be neutered, but I’m not dead.  But, damn, she’s relentless.  Looks like mom is tossing and turning, I think I’ll go grace her with my presence.  Besides, she’s nice and warm.  I’m less than pleased about her turning down all the thermostats.  I mean, I’m not the one who screwed up at work and may lose her job due to her own stupidity, so why am I the one who has to suffer a cold house?   There there, mom, your old boy is here . . .

Sasquatch: ZZzZZZZZZZzzzzZZZZZZZZZzzzzz  Hey!  No kicking!  What?  I wasn’t snoring?  You snore!  Sorry, I didn’t mean that.  Here, let me come up and lick your hand for a while.  Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  See, don’t you feel better now?  ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz

Mr. Binkles: What the bloody hell is going on here?  Where are my boxes?  How am I going to get on top of the cabinet now?  I think I’ll take a running leap . . . ouch!  Maybe not.  Perhaps if I clang my pen around, the Big Bunny will come and put everything back in its place.  Hmmm.  Maybe not.  I think I’ll take a running leap . . . ouch!  Right.  That didn’t work the first time.  Oh screw it.  I think I’ll just take a nap in my litter box and try again in an hour or so.