I’m baaaaack . . . maybe


Weird. For the last two months, every evening, I’ve managed to pull a bit of writing out of my ass simply because there was someone on the other end of these interwebs who I knew was waiting for it. And it wasn’t all shit. Some of it was even worth sharing. In fact, more than once I thought to myself “self, this is pretty much a blog post.  You could revive your your moribund blog with work that you’ve already finished.”   Who knows, I still might.

So, what have I been doing for the last six months? I’ve been upping my game, I guess.  Took up swimming, started writing again, and I’ve been studying Mahamudra with yet another Buddhist teacher. The relationship with the boyfriend is back on track despite waking up one morning a couple of months ago fully convinced that we needed to break up. Work is fine. Critters are fine (and I promise I’ll write Binkles In Love, part 2 really soon).

Tonight, however, I find myself feeling rather uneasy, but I ‘spose it’s good that despite the impulse to run away from the keyboard, here I am.  I hope to be here more often.

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  1. Hey LB! This is so weird that you post this when you did. Yesterday I was thinking about you so much. And then, tah dahhhh… here you are.

    I hope all is well with you. Looking forward to the follow up about Mr Binkles and your new practice.

    Mucho big hugs from me to you.

  2. Thanks guys, for the warm welcome back. I appreciate it.

    One of the things about the writing class that I recently finished taught me was the power of accountability and a deadline. Knowing I had a responsibility to share a piece of writing each and every day with my writing partner, was a true antidote to my laziness.If I could somehow find the same motivation to do blog posts, I could be downright prolific.

    Jules — I hope all is well with you too. And don’t get too weirded out about the mind meld. That’s been happening with me A LOT. Either I tend to hang out with naturally intuitive people, or I’m throwing something out there that everyone seems to be catching. I barely notice it anymore.

    Last night I wrote my shitty first draft of Binkles in Love, pt 2, so I’m hoping I should have it cleaned up by this weekend.

  3. what a coincidence ~ last night I wrote a shitty draft of the rest of my life and I am hoping I have that cleared up before I die. Aw crap ~ wrong post = this was supposed to go under Reasons Why I Feel Like Shit ! ! jing jing jingle

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