Why I plan on following the World Cup


Anyone who knows me knows I ain’t no athlete. I am making an attempt these days to get on a bike every now and again, but other than that, you’re not going to find me doing a whole lot of athletic endeavors.  Nor do I really follow any sports particularly closely.   Admittedly, I will watch the last month of football season, and I’ll follow the World Series if a local team is in the running.

This year, however, I’ve decided I’m going to follow World Cup Soccer and here are my reasons:

  1. Cute boys with floppy hair
  2. It is a truly international event. Unlike baseball’s World Series, this truly lives up to its name.
  3. It strikes me as a very egalitarian sport. The players are not freaks of nature in terms of size or height.  They look like normal guys who happen to be very quick and agile.
  4. Despite my tendency to get a bit insular, it feels kind of good to be engaged in something that millions of other people across the planet are also engaged.
  5. Soccer players aren’t paid the crazy kind of money that professional sports figures are paid here in the states.
  6. And did I mention that lots of the players are hecka cute?

So, even though I don’t really understand the rules of the game, I’ll follow what is happening with the World Cup.  I haven’t found a team I want to support. I’ll usually just root for the underdog in any given game. Or if there is one of those floppy haired sweaty boys that really make my 51 year old heart swoon, I’ll root for his team.

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  1. Actually, soccer is complex, challenging and highly tactical.

    Not only do you have to kick the ball, you have to kick the ball INTO THE NET.

    This is more difficult than just kicking the ball.

    But it gets more complicated still. It has to be the other team’s net, not your own.

    In fact, believe it or not, kicking it into your own net actually counts against you.

  2. Well, they’re sure paid ridiculous sums everywhere else in the world! David Beckham and his ilk are some of the highest paid sportsmen in Europe, especially when you take into consideration their sponsorship deals.

    But, don’t let that ruin it for you if you’re enjoying it!

  3. I’m checking it out, too although, like you, I’m not a big soccer fan. I was glad the US advanced today, and I’ve been amused at the implosion of the French. I’m kind of hoping more developing world teams advance — and am rather intrigued by the participation of the North Koreans.

    So, have any cute boys or teams caught your eye?

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