Replacing an old friend


I suppose it’s time.  I don’t know. No one really talks about the proper amount of time it takes to mourn the loss of an inanimate object. In fact, people seldom talk about mourning stuff in general.  But, we do.  Right?

About three weeks ago, I came home to discover that my cleaning lady had broken my favorite coffee mug. Unlike something else she broke, at least she didn’t try to hide the evidence.  There it sat on my newly polished dining room table: my burgundy KALW mug with its handle broken off.  The Boyfriend assured me it was all going to be OK. He could fix it.  It was just the handle.  Next to the mug was part of the broken off handle.  Note: part of the handle. There was a small piece missing. The Boyfriend went down to the garbage to retrieve the garbage bag the cleaning lady had discarded.  And bless his heart, he thoroughly rooted through that bag in search of that missing handle fragment. And while he found some other things in there that shouldn’t have been in there, he didn’t find the missing piece.

I can’t remember how long ago it was when I got that mug. Maybe as long as 10 years ago. It was a premium sent to me for donating to the KALW pledge drive.   It quickly became my favorite coffee cup due to its jumbo size and elegant shape.  I’m bad with measurements, but I would guesstimate it held about 24 oz. With just one cup of coffee from my jumbo KALW mug, I was ready to start my day.  And while I have many, many other lovely coffee cups and mugs, that was the one I used almost everyday. Right now I’m using a different KALW mug. It’s smaller, blue and the lines are simply not as inviting. It’s just not the same.

So, today I decided that the time has come to throw myself back into the marketplace in search of finding the mug of my dreams. Don’t tell my boss, but I probably spent most of my day today at working looking through Etsy in search of a new mug.  The requirements are:

  • Must hold at least 18-20 oz
  • I tend to like red in the morning. So a shade of red is preferable
  • Nothing too earthy crunchy-granola. I like eating granola in the morning, not drinking from it.
  • Must feel good to cup and hold to my chest as I stare out the window

These are the candidates thus far.  Please feel free to voice your opinion.  But, as you are free to voice your opinion, I am likewise free to completely ignore it.

Large 32 oz red cup

I love the size, and the color works for me too. But I’m not crazy about the shape, and I also think it lacks character.

Rabbit with bees mug

This one ties in nicely with my new obsession with bees, and of course my love of my rabbits. However, the rabbit looks more like a dog and I prefer a smoother, more uniform shape.

Red poppy mug

This struck me as quite elegant. I like the colors. But I’m not sure about the size. I’ve emailed the seller to find out. But, I’m not 100% on board with the shape.

I think this is quite lovely. Very delicate with sort of a Zen vibe. But it is really me?  Maybe this cup is out of my league. Besides, I’m not sure how much it holds. Waiting to hear back from seller.

Swirly mug

This one is definitely a contender. Granted it is more pink than red. But it looks solid and I like the shape (though I wish the lip didn’t flare out). And I believe it meets the size requirement.  But, yet, I’m not ready to commit yet.

There were probably hundreds more to look at on Etsy, so until I find that mug that immediately feels right to me, I’ll keep searching.


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  1. The swirly, no contest. Not what I would choose for myself, I’m not into big cups. If I had to pick from the ones above, I’d go with the Zen cup.

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