Heart warming Christmas correspondence


I suppose, it being the holidays and all, that a lapse in posting is to be forgiven. What with the shopping and frivolity and family and eggnog and tra-la-la-ing and all, it’s hard to keep up with the ol’ blog.

But, that’s not my excuse.

I’m having one of those classic screw-the-holidays holiday funks.  I shan’t bore you with all my various gripes, but I think this cheery Christmas Eve correspondence between myself and my dear friend John paints a fairly vivid picture of our moods.

He wrote the following email after we had spent a lovely kick-back evening together at Chez LazyBuddhist:

Now, Darling, I can’t speak for you but you brought light into my Christmas this year. I thought that was a lovely homey evening and we should do more, where you play psychiatrist on the chair and me the highly volatile psychotic patient with frequent thoughts of suicide on the couch. As there is a plethora of mental and social disorders between the two of us we can trade roles and examine some of the darker, more dangerous thoughts. Playing with knives may prove to be a beneficial therapeutic tool during one of our sessions. I feel like I am moving thru molasses, low motivation, low self-esteem and am waiting for the dark month to end. I didn’t even once invite anyone to my home this season. just me and my sad poinsetta with a string of white lights slowly choking it to death.

Merry Christmas.

PS. Rudolph was female as male Reindeer drop their antlers in winter, females don’t. It’s all a sham.

And this was my cheery response:

Oh honey –

I’m so glad you had a good time.  I believe that that will also be the highlight of my holiday season.  Yesterday I was in such a holiday funk, I subjected a couple of my staff to a full blown indignant rant about how I feel I should be able to bow out of Xmas, yet because of my stupid boyfriend, I have to play along and how filled with rage and resentment I was about the whole thing.  By the end of the day I am feeling a bit calmer and think to myself, “self, maybe I should attempt to go to REI on my way home.”   As I am heading down 101 I realize I don’t have my debit card on me.  Sure, I hear places still take checks, but I can’t survive without my debit card.  So, I get off the freeway to see if I can’t still catch my buddy Gabe at the office to have him check to see if my debit card is in my office, or should he not be able to find it, confirm my fear that I had  thrown it away.  Well, guess what, my iPhone was also nowhere to be found.  Of course, any normal person would just head back to the office and go fetch those things, but no, I was obsessed, OBSESSED I tell you with getting to my local corner store and buying tortillas before they close.  The night before I developed a hankering for one of my soy chorizo/brown rice/veggie burritos slathered in copious amounts of cheese, but TJs was too crowded and after I got home from a horribly frustrated attempt at Xmas shopping too late to hit the corner store.  So, being in desperate need of copious amounts of cheese, I bag going back to the office so I can go home and get some goddamn tortillas.

Once I had my fill of cheesey goodness, I go in search of the only gift I have managed to get the boyfriend, some shaving soap I bought him at the goddamn KPFA Crafts Fair, since I figure I should have something under the tree for him.  And like everything else of some important in my life, it is missing.  Along with another bag.  Jesus fucking Christ Kathleen, just fucking shoot me.

So, here I am getting ready to drink some coffee and figure out what I’m going to do about fucking Christmas shopping and my debit card and my iPhone and the one present I have actually purchased for Ted.  Fortunately, I have a recent refill of  Valium, so I think that is going to come in handy.

Merry Christmas, my friend!

By the way, the debit card was on my desk, the iPhone under my car seat and the soap was in my bedroom.  Crisis averted.

I hope you all have a lovely holiday, however you choose to celebrate or not.

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  1. Merry Christmas.

    I’ve been driving that same highway today, 101.

    And feeling the same. There is no opting out of Christmas with my family, & if I don’t rebel against that rule very, very soon I fear there will be a postal sort of accident in the family circle.

    Oh well. Be grateful. I’m grateful. Grateful it’s almost over.

  2. A very merry belated Christmas to you, Lazy Buddhist. I hope you got out of your funk in time for the festivities.

    I wish you a fantastic 2010 and also hope that this will be the year when the commenter above me will realize that spelling things the way he does is actually not remotely funny.


  3. LB, you are the best. Thank you so much for sharing your exchange with your friend. I am off work today and blissfully home alone after days of festivities. Unfortunately, today involves a lot of re-cleaning, putting away, etc., but at least I have the day to do it. Parts of the holidays I love (planning, decorating, cooking) and parts I don’t love so much (family drama, stress, shopping). This year was a mix of both. My favorite Christmas ever was last year when Iver and I avoided all family and hybernated together — it was blissful. I was in trouble with my family, but then I am in trouble when I try to please them too, so what the hey! Might as well do what makes me happy. Hope you got to do what makes you happy to some degree.

  4. LB, I remember clearly how, before I met my wife, I’d celebrate December 26th. Just waking up and knowing the whole thing was over for another year, and happy that I hadn’t gotten caught up in its commercialization.

    Like your BF, Mrs. O enjoys the holiday, so I try not to be a grinch about it. I try to be supportive, as I like to see her happy. But now, sometimes I think back to that time with a strange nostalgia for my … not escape, exactly. More like slipping through and past it all, invisibly.

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