NaBloPoMo – a summary


Today is my last NaBloPoMo required posting.  Yes, I know, yesterday was officially the end of September, but I started a day late, so here we are.

I’ll admit it was a good way to get back in touch with this, my blog.  We had started to become a bit distant.  We were only seeing each other maybe 3 times a month.  So to multiply that by 10 was definitely challenging.  But, as I have proven to myself in the past, I can pretty much do anything for only one month.  In fact, NaNoWriMo is coming up in a month . . . I’m considering it again.

So, here is a brief summary of my NaBloPoMo efforts:

  • No. of days in September:  30
  • No. of blog postings: 30 (though there was one day that I missed due to a power and then cable outage, but I ended up doing two posts the following day
  • Posts where I actually wrote about something: 15
  • Posts where I complain or make excuses about NaBloPoMo: 3
  • Posts where I complain (non-NaBloPoMo): 3
  • Posts where I resorted to haiku: 5
  • Posts where I resorted to haikus where I complained or made excuses about NaBloPoMo: 4
  • Posts where I filled space with a YouTube video: 2
  • Posts that were mostly pictures: 2

So, taking a cue from Amurin (as I so often do), I think I’ll throw a poll in here to get your feedback on how I should forward from here.


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  1. Why do your other readers leave such weird comments?!

    I would say just blog about whatever you want, whenever you want. To hell with your readership, and their needs and desires!

  2. yes ~ let the unwashed hoards await your regal words dripping with gold . . . on the udder hand – house about whippin sum thin up about when the macaroni man seduced the tite roap walker = yuv had enuf time off blog monkee = Start Dancin ! ! !

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