My frighteningly good health


I can’t remember the last time I got sick.  Really sick.  Stay in bed and complain sick.  I know for a fact that in the last year (probably more) I have not had any colds or the flu – no sore throats, chest rattling coughs or runny nose.   I think the last time I got sick was a weird 24 hour flu where I had a fever and nausea, but the next day I was fine.  Such a shame because I was totally prepared to go down for the count.  I called into my doctor’s office  to get some Tamiflu, and had the boyfriend bring in soup and orange juice.  I was ready to be sick.  Didn’t happen.

When I started working in the medical center about nine months ago, I was certain my first year was going to be filled with lots of downtime as my system got used to being surrounded by god-knows what kinds of germs.  Hasn’t happened. In some ways this good health worries me.  It’s like I’m saving up all my sick for something big.  I don’t want something big.  Give me some sniffles, a sore throat, etc.  You know, just the standard stuff.

Sure, I did have that bout of sciatica around my birthday.  But, musculoskeletal doesn’t really count.   That counts as an injury, not an illness.

For the past couple of days I may have somethin’ a-brewin’ inside of me.  I stayed home from work today because I just felt . . . I dunno.  Tired?  After I got up around my usual time, I decided to call in sick for the day and then went back and had some of the deepest sleep I’ve had in ages.  And I’ve got a throat tickle going on.  So, maybe I got a little sumthin’.  Maybe? It doesn’t feel flu-y, which is good.  I’ll be getting my flu shots soon, so hopefully, I can avoid the flu again this season.   But, a cold, an annoying little cold would almost be welcome.

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  1. Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well. Hope it’s not swine flu. I thought the swine flu thing was totally over-hyped but then a girl in my teaching program got it. I was amazed that I didn’t pick it up, as my immune system can be very weak at times, especially when I’m stressed, as I was at that time.

    You mention “flu shots”, i.e. plural. I was thinking of getting a flu shot, but I thought you just had to get one. Is there a series or something?

  2. No, I don’t believe it’s the swine flu since I don’t have a sore throat or fever. Frankly I think it’s just an old fashioned head cold.

    Swine flu is definitely out there. And, just like the regular flu, it can be deadly in certain groups. What makes the swine (OK, OK, H1N1) different is that it is deadly in a very different population than the seasonal flu, which mostly kills off the old and the sickly. Swine flu seems to be killing off the young and healthy, which has certainly caused some of the alarm.

    As for “shots” plural. I’ll be getting a seasonal flu shot, as well as the H1N1 since I work in a Medical Center. The seasonal flu shot that is widely available doesn’t protect against H1Ni1. And since the vaccine for H1Ni is somewhat limited, they will probably be targeting the at risk groups first – kids, pregnant women & health care workers.

  3. I read this at 5 a.m., awake with sick.

    I’m glad you’re not sick. It’s icky. They’re giving the live vaccines at schools next week-

    I hate live vaccines. I hate H1n1. I hate flu. I particularly hate mucous. Maybe you won’t have a giant sick in your future, maybe all your good works taking care of pet sick will inure you against karmic sickness.

    Sick sucks.

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