Take Your Pet to Work day


OK, sure, it’s not an official day, but it totally should be. I mean there is Take Your Daughter to Work day (which later became Take Your Kid to Work day when the boys started whining that they don’t get enough attention). So, why shouldn’t we be able to bring our pets into the office at least one day a year. As long as they are house-broken and well-behaved, I think it would be a wonderful treat for employees and patients alike. And for those with allergies, we’d have People with Allergies Stay Home day on the same day.

Despite the lack of an official day to bring your pet to work, one of my staff brought in one of his dragons (and don’t call them lizards! While K is a very soft-spoken, kind and sensitive man, he’ll go all Komodo on your ass if you call one of his dragons a lizard).  So, meet Einstein, the water dragon who hung out at the office today.  Very mellow little dude.  Pretty much stayed on K’s desk and looked slightly worried.  Obviously, the little guy was pretty smart because I’d be worried too if all these strange ladies were coming in and invading my space, cooing and chucking my chin at least once an hour.

Water dragon w/ dying potted plant and dead air plant stick

Water dragon w/ dying potted plant and dead air plant stick

Water dragon and co-worker

Water dragon and coy co-worker

I'm ready for my close-up, Ms. DeMille

I'm ready for my close-up, Ms. DeMille


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  1. I wholeheartedly agree about the “Take Your Pet To Work Day” idea. Not sure if it it would work if I did that, though, as I’ve got seven!

    Don’t know about your co-worker’s water dragon thingy…seems a tad dull.

  2. Petrichoric – I would love to bring in my menagerie, but I fear the menagerie wouldn’t love it. The cats would probably hide in a corner in my office. And while the rabbits would be hella cute hopping down the halls, I don’t know how their litterbox habits would translate in a foreign land. Knowing Mr. Binkles he may try to “claim” every office by peeing in it.

    BBG – Yes, it’s the Sugar Bowl Bakery calendar and each month is featured one of their sugary delights. Hey, baby, at KP we know how to Thrive!

  3. whale then ~ this kawlz four a klee shay

    dunt sweat the petty stuff and dunt pet the sweaty stuff ~ but if you must = snuff the sweet stuff

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