Wherein I bitch and moan


For those of you keeping track of my NaBloPoMo compliance of the goal of one post a day (and really, if that is you, I think you may need to get a hobby), I do have a valid reason for not posting yesterday.  First my power was out all day until 8ish in the evening, and then a half hour later my cable went out.  But, yesterday in a huff, I actually hand wrote a post, on actual paper with a real pen.  Oh yeah, I was rollin’ old school:

Don’t mess with me today.  I am cranky as all hell because nothing seems to be going my way.

First, there was the matter of that massive thunder-clap in the middle of my Benedryl-induced deep sleep.  Jesus, Joseph, Mary & Allah, that scared the crap out of me.  The house shook.  Rabbits and cats freaked the fuck out and car sirens went off for miles around. Living as close as I do to the Chevron refinery, I honestly thought it had exploded.  Seriously, it was hella hella loud. Scary loud. When  I managed to stumble out of bed to find out what the hell was happening, I realized my power is out.  Looking out my window I see a fireworks display coming from the transformer on the power line in front of my house.  Cool.  Great.  This weird electrical storm not only wakes me up but threatens to burn down my house.  Nice.

Yes, I know, I’m a big ol’ weather wimp.  Most of us in the San Francisco Bay Area are. I can appreciate dramatic weather, but not when it wakes me up in the middle of a rare deep sleep and fucks up my Saturday. Oh, and I prefer my thunder storms to come with boatloads of rain.  This dry shit isn’t cutting it for me.

As of this writing, the power has been out for 15 hours.  PG&E is saying it will be another 5 hours until it is restored and “crews on are the scene.”  Oh yeah?  Earlier this place was crawling with PG&E crews.  Now?  Maybe they’ve all decided to telecommute instead.

Oh, and while I’m at it, hey free Wifi cafes, there are these things called electrical outlets.  You may want to install some for your customers.  And Starbucks?  You suck.  You may be all about the electrical outlets, but I ain’t paying for WiFi.  Oh, and Peets has much better coffee.

After I wrote this my power came back on.  Yay!  Then my cable went down.  Shit! But, by that point I was just spent and fortunately did not have the energy to write a diatribe against Comcast.  You’re safe for now, Comcast.  Just don’t fuck with me again.


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  1. Nothing like a good thunder storm. We here in Humboldt enjoyed our first real rain of the year today. Went from cloudy to torrential downpour in the space of about 15 minutes.

    At least I didn’t lose my power, though.

  2. Adam – you’re lucky. I do enjoy a good downpour. It was gray and drizzly today. Not the same thing.

    Oh, and I don’t blame you at all for checking up on me to make sure I’m keeping my part of this NaBloPoMo obligation, since I’m partially responsible for getting you into this. It’s tougher than I originally thought it was going to be.

  3. Yes, it is tough to post every day. I made if for 41 days straight. Then I went to babysit on Friday night because my daughter wasn’t feeling well and had committed to babysitting so I took her place. The “just a movie” at 7 ended up being a movie and dinner and coffee so the lady didn’t get home until after midnight and then I had to drive home so I didn’t get home until almost 1 am. So much for that! I didn’t even post after that. Maybe today I’ll post something.


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