All the fuzzy, little of the warm


Considering I share my home with four furry creatures, you would think I would constantly be smothered in love and affection.  You know, maybe a cuddle now and again to show their gratitude for being well fed and cared for?  Is it too much to ask?  Apparently so.

Of the four creatures, only Sasquatch, my massive Maine Coon allows me to cuddle him or even asks for my attention.  However, unlike the late, great felines of yore, Alaska and Noname, he can’t be bothered to greet me at the door when I come home.  In fact, if I don’t go into the bedroom and say hello to him, I may only see him in passing for the rest of the evening.  We really don’t get much time together until I go to bed – that’s when he gets all affectionate (so like a male). We have our nightly ritual.  I crawl into bed and he comes up and licks my arm and hand.  Then resting his paw on my arm, he’ll try and purr me to sleep.  After 10 minutes or so, he gets up and finds his spot on the foot of the bed.  I’ve become so accustomed to our ritual I find it hard to fall asleep without it.

As for the others? Well, despite living in my house for close to 2 years now, Tangerine the cat still flees the room whenever I get too close.  She will, however, allow me to pet her when she is laying next to Sasquatch on the bed.   I guess she needs his presence to feel safe and protected, because you know what a mean motherf*cker I can be when it comes to animals.  Sigh.

And then there are the rabbits. Since picking them up scares the bejesus out of them (even though I in no way resemble an owl or a hawk), I don’t try and force my affection on them.  During those rare times when I do pick them up, they are really quite sweet and snugly, but with the slightest noise they freak the fuck out and will try to escape anyway they can, and very possibly hurt themselves.  I worry about that, so I keep the picking up and holding them to a minimum.  Mr. Binkles, my first bun, will occasionally come up and join me on the couch when I’m watching TV and lower his head asking for a nose rub which eventually works itself into a full body stroking.  It’s nice treat.  All too rare, though.   I think he prefers to show his affection by choosing to hang out in whatever room I’m hanging out in at the time. If I’m in the office, he’s in the office.  Living room, living room.  And the perhaps the weirdest and most endearing habit is his desire to join me in some synchronized peeing in the bathroom.  He’ll follow me into the bathroom and when he sees me sit down on the toilet, he’ll hop into the cat box and do his business.  It makes me laugh almost every time.

Mrs. Peabody, the other rabbit, doesn’t have much use for me.  Even though I was the one who rescued her lagomorphic ass and introduced her to Mr. Binkles, her bonded “husbun”, she pretty much acts as if I don’t exist.  She gives more affection to my boyfriend than she does to me.  Frankly, I think she is jealous of the bond that Mr. Binkles and I share.  I sometimes feel like we have kind of mother-in-law/daughter-in-law hostile vibe going on.

Yet, I love all of my little charges.  I suppose it’s a good exercise in giving love unconditionally without the expectation of a whole lot in return.   Yeah, I guess that is the lesson here.

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  1. BBG – exactly where my mind went 🙂 But, I see in our friend a similar trait to mine – we share out lives with animals that are more aloof. Less physical and emotional maintenance. Most of the time, that is how WE are. Still, you want to KNOW you are loved and appreciated while also running away from being smothered with affection.
    My cats are a tad more responsive overall (she says as the female sleeps at her feet which means she will have to step over the massive lump of fur in order to move from the table), but also incredibly unpredictable. And I like it that way.

  2. anahar -snibbling, what a great term! I think I may give that a try. Tangerine will sometimes let me do that, but it’s hit and miss on when she will sit still long enough for me to even pet her. But, when she does, there is nothing she enjoys more than a good back scratching near her tail. The cat has a rather unfortunate fixation with anything touching anywhere near her butt. Seriously. Rather than head-butting Sasquatch like most cats do out of affection, she butt-butts him. When she goes in to snuggle with him, she backs in and makes this adorable chirping sounds. I just wish it weren’t all so unseemly.

    BBG – I would love to have a dog, I really would. However, living alone and being out of the house for at least 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, it has never seemed right to me. Now, if you want to volunteer to do doggy daycare, that might change my mind.

    tpgoddess – Yowza! You hit the nail on the head there. Personality-wise, I’m much more cat than dog. I prefer to be left alone, but to those who know me and whom I trust, I’m happy to show affection – but on my terms. As to my similarities to the rabbits? That’s anyone’s guess.

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