One a day one day late


For me, it is September, not January, that is the month of new beginnings.  Back in the my day, September was when school started up again (what’s the deal w/ kids these days going back in August?  So so so wrong).  And with the start of each school year you were born anew in a new grade, with new teachers, new classmates and in your new back-to-school wardrobe.  Sure, it was disappointing summer was over, but there was always a nervous excitement about a new school year.

So, now that September is here, I shall too try to summon up some excitement and try something new.  This morning, while on my way to work, I said to myself, “self, why don’t you do Nablopomo (National Blog Posting Month) this month?”  I mean, why the hell not?  What else do I have going on?  ‘Sides, I’ve been taking this writing class and learning all sorts of good tips about writing, and occasionally feeling quite inspired to write.  So, write, dammit, write.

While the official theme for this month’s Nablopomo is “beautiful”,  that doesn’t do much for me.  And while I certainly admire my friend Beth’s effort at doing a month of writing about her mother, I’m not going there either.  My theme may just be writing for the sake of writing.  Writing to get unstuck.  Writing to find my life.

So, I hope that amidst this month’s worth of words, you’ll find something worthwhile, and I hope not to bore you too much.

So, one day down, and only 28 to go.


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  1. You always have something “worthwhile” to say/write! Don’t forget that.

    I did nablopomo last month. I was going to try again this month but I’ll be out of town at the end of the month and I may possibly be out of town this weekend. But I’ve decided to give it a try. I should be near internet even when I am out of town.

    In August I resorted to posting a repeat two or three times but I picked things that had appeared over 2 years ago or on another blog that I used to write. That is sort of cheating but not really. It was still a post a day!

    Happy posting!

  2. I’m glad to see that you’ll be writing every day this month. I’ve missed seeing frequent posts from my favorite lazy buddhist.

    ok, you my only lazy buddhist but still…. you’re my favorite. : )

  3. AnotherQ – thanks for the encouragement. Actually, I really admire the way you have taken the blogging thing and run with it. You are far more dedicated than I am to keeping on top of your blog and keeping it interesting.

    woo – awwwww, thanks. 🙂

    Corina – thank you for the kind words. I hope to prove you right.

    julian – good to hear from you! I hope my output won’t disappoint. I really should learn the art of keeping it short and sweet, but editing has never been my forte.

    queenbejewels – I don’t I, nor my handful of readers, could handle a months of posts of one of my feral cats. While I sometimes teeter on the border of being a cat or rabbit blogger, I really try to show some restraint. I said, try, OK?

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