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She’s at it again. Sarah Palin is opening her big yap and begging for attention. And even though probably well over 50% of the population can’t stand the woman, we all fall for it. Within minutes Sarah Palin was the top trending topic on Twitter. Everyone is speculating on the true reasons for her resigning. To me, it’s obvious that she’s clearing her calendar to make a hard run for president in 2012.

As I’ve written before, I can’t stand the woman. And while I could try and justify why I hate her so, it still is hatred.  And I don’t want to hate.  Being consumed with hatred and anger does not feel good.  Being consumed with hatred and anger serves no purpose.   As someone much wiser than I said, having hatred towards someone is like drinking poison, and expecting the other person to die.  Hatred is futile.

While training the mind in wisdom and compassion, it is always good to challenge oneself – to not avoid difficult situations or people simply because they disturb your peace of mind.  However, sometimes you simply have to turn away and keep quiet.   For the most part, I do make an effort to keep my Buddhist precepts – no killing, no stealing, no sexual misconduct, no intoxicants and no harmful speech.   Of all those, the last one is the hardest to keep.  And when it comes to the now former governor of Alaska, it is darn near impossible.  So, to that effect, I make this vow:

I, LazyBuddhist, vow to avoid any and all coverage of Sarah Palin.  I shall refrain from participating in discussions about her, and in particular giving into my urge to rant about her.  My hatred of her only diminishes me.  The energy that would be expended in Palin bashing can be much better channeled into something positive and worthwhile.



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  1. eye liked it better wen U wuz mowin down old men ~ say Rah Playin iz a perfect expression of hour Amerika = sweet on the outside harsh on the inside.

    we need her as an icon ~ if she didn’t exist we’d have to invent her. Enjoy the show and dunt 4 git the popcorn

  2. Dear LB
    It’s not easy dealing with me I know. I lack substance, pander to the far right, and am so damn cute I can scare the shit out of a polar bear. So I won’t take it personal if you wanna make me disappear ~ well heck, if I don’t go away how am I gonna make a come back? See ya later you betchya.

  3. As one who recently made a similar effort (in particular, to avoid verbally berating a co-worker I don’t get along with), I will simply say this:

    Good Luck.

  4. Sarah Palin has been part of my practice, too. The most hits I ever got on my blog was for a particularly scathing post about her. The day after I posted it, I found myself bowing after reciting the Vows, and realized I could not justify any posts of that nature. I took them down, much to some people’s chagrin. I, too, vow to not speak ill of Palin, and this is a difficult practice!

  5. just recite the intro to the superman tv show but insert SP instead of SM and yuve gottit maid.

    really very thair a pew tick

  6. I had forgotten all about her (one of the benefits of living on the other side of the world) but I’ve recently vowed not to slag off colleagues (well, one in particular) so I salute your intentions!

  7. Ya gots to give it up for Sarah Palin
    She loves the GOP even tho its failin
    Baby dontcha know she loves her job
    Jus not flappin all them faces in the media mob
    Remember Alaska you have her heart
    The rest is comin later ~ but at least it’s a start
    We aint retreatin just taken a new direction
    So kiss my ass till the twenty twelve election
    I’m caribou Barbie an I aint playin
    You say Rah but I say Sarah Palin

    School’s out sucka ~ don’t forget yer chill pill

  8. I shudder to think of all the air time and ink that will be wasted by the media ‘making’ this a news item. Gack!!

    Best of luck in your quest LB.

  9. Yeah, I read this when you first posted, right after twitter fired up over her.

    I agree with you in concept, it gives her power to discuss her, to let her dominate the media, but…

    Probably can’t take the vow. It’d feel too much like a gag order, and disgust makes me vocal sometimes.

    But I admire you for not allowing her continued, irksome presence to sabotage your emotional balance.

  10. cummon guys ~ shez cute as a button and twice as useful = U Gotta Luv Say Rah !

    imagine the delight if she duze insert herself into the GOP nomination race + imagine the pure bliss if she were to win the nomination and campaign against Obama.

    sew eye sey Go Say Rah Go Say Rah yippee oh hay hee for the GOP !

  11. BBG – Ya know, if I could find her amusing it would be fine. But, as it is I become a frothing evil demon. T’ain’t good for anyone to have to be subjected to that, ya know?

    Adam – Thank you. And while I have not completely avoided any contact with stories or media about her, I have yet started ranting which is the most important thing.

    Julie – What is it about that woman that gets other women so riled up? I can’t put my finger on it, nor will I try b/c I’ll end up getting all riled up. I admire your restraint despite the positive reinforcement in the form of more hits.

    BBG – I’m afraid Superman TV was before my time. Care to hum a few bars?

    woo – and I salute you in vowing not to slag off your colleagues. That can be a really challenging one especially if you have ready and willing co-conspirators.

    BBG – You should talk to one of your buds and have that put to music. I think you’d definitely have a hit on your hands. Brilliant!

    Norm – you know, at first I was kind of disgusted with all the Michael Jackson coverage, but now I’m a bit grateful b/c it takes Ms Palin off the front page.

    Amuirin – I understand. I don’t think this vow is for everyone. And perish the thought of gagging anyone’s free speech (including, unfortunately, the soon-to-be-ex-governor of Alaska). But, for myself and my own mental stability, I’m zippin’ on the subject of Ms Palin.

    Monkees – you’re right. It would probably be the Dems wet dream to have her run in 2012. She’s an easy target. But, the very idea of having to listen to her voice for the months, nay, years of the campaign . . . hand me that tranquilizer gun, will ya?

    tmc – Thank you. We may be a small movement, but we are mighty.

  12. A coworker today, with a stunned look on his face, told me that 71% of Republicans have said they would vote for Palin for President.

    I tried to console him that, if Republicans were even 40% of the electorate (and I think they are far less) that would be just 28% of the electorate.

    But it’s still amazing that that many in the GOP would vote for her. I wonder what would happen, however, were they to come up with a better candidate–maybe someone more challenging to Barack?

    I think Obama would clobber Palin. It’s tough to look 3 years ahead, as there’s a lot of water left to go over the dam, so to speak, but there might be other GOPers who are more ominous.

    • ya. real eye stevo, post them pictures ifya gottem ~ but hay = how kin ya knot love Sarah LB? She perky, she hot (if yer an over the hill white guy with a limp dick and a passion for fire arms) and she never c0mpletes a sentence.

      ” Like, if you really wanted one, then with the other one, it would be a sentence, without punctuation of course.”

      BRILLIANT ~ shez a gift from GAWD

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