Stuff that isn’t getting done


The problem with being a lazy Buddhist, ah hell, a lazy anything, is that shit just doesn’t get done.  You see, I’m not just lazy when it comes to my Buddhist practice, I can exercise this trait with almost anything.   But, I have my excuses, er, reasons.  I blame work.  This whole commuting and working full time thing drains a girl.  Even though projects and chores await me when I get home from work most of the times I simply don’t have the energy, or I simply don’t wanna.  And then on the weekend there is the boyfriend, chores that simply can’t be put off  (remember I do have four litter box using creatures) plus the obligatory thought that I must do something fun during those two days.  So, can you see it?  Can you see how shit doesn’t get done?  So, here are some projects and topics that are dying to be tackled yet are just sitting there staring at me with these big pleading eyes making me feel as guilty as hell.

  1. Last weekend after my big black walnut tree was chopped down (oh yeah, I’ve been meaning to post pictures or video of that) I went out and bought a bunch of plants.  I figured now that that area was filled with sunlight I might as well fill it with pretty flowers and a tomato plant or two.  They are all still out there in their original pots.  Hey, at least I did remember to water them this week.
  2. Momma got herself some new toys.  A week or so I got a Flip MinoHD video camera.  It’s cute, small, easy to operate and cheap!   But, I quickly discovered my old, out of date computer didn’t have the horsepower to even download the videos off the camera, so I bought a laptop (oh yeah, I need to Yelp my experience at Fry’s).  Sure, it seems to silly to have to buy a new computer to support a camera that cost less than $200, but I really needed one anyway, so this was a fine excuse.   Now this whole world of video shooting and editing lies before me . . . geez, you mean I’m not going to become Scorsese overnight?  Who has time for a learning curve?  The world needs to see my epic The Feral Cats of Point Richmond NOW.
  3. Lately I have a lot of new old friends, courtesy of Facebook.  And frankly, I have a lot of mixed feelings about them.  Good fodder for a blog entry . . . eventually.
  4. Point Richmond, my lovely little community, just started having a weekly farmer’s market a couple of weeks ago. And while farmer’s markets are a dime a dozen these days, it’s been nice to go to our hometown market, shop for veggies and cheap orchids while running into people I know in the community.  It’s not a huge market, but they have a good selection.  I love to buy farm fresh fruits and vegetables.  But cooking them?  Well, I have ideas of what to do.  Tasty ideas.  Healthy ideas.  Oh, the veggies are getting old?  Thank goodness for the bunnies, they like their veggies raw and don’t mind if they are a few days old.
  5. My retreat starts in a week.  And if I’m really going to do this sucker I need to start making arrangements for a cat sitter, make a reservation to board the bunnies, and buy a one cup coffee maker (they don’t supply coffee, but you can bring your own).  Mostly I have to find my lost enthusiasm for this project which was apparently abducted by my fear and anxiety.

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  1. inter resting but eye wood put #5 in tha numero uno spot asap ~ everyting else will be thair when un~ retreat. plus you’ll have a completely new state-o-mind that’ll probably take a whilez to wear off.

    good luk LB ~ your heroism in the tireless pursuit of laziness remains appreciated and duly no ted.

  2. Oh, I can so relate my dear! Here I sit on another Sunday morning, lazily tackling the bare essentials (Laundry & clean litter boxes & fur free floors) with some woefully neglected much larger items going untouched.

  3. I hear you. My house is full of projects that have been conjured up but never executed. I got my daughter’s boyfriend to agree to do a lot of it for me, for pay. The problem is that he’s a worse procrastinator than I am. My kitchen has been half painted for two weeks. No doors on cupboards; my coffee cart is in the living room, etc., etc. So yeah, I can see this one!

  4. Yup, I live alone and I *still* have a list of shit that isn’t getting done… Some of it is actually interfering with my life, too, like having a truly terrible TV reception and missing one of the terrestrial channels that shows all the cool documentaries.

    The only thing on your list which is urgent is the organisation prep for the retreat – the rest of it can wait, even the plants, so long as someone waters ’em while you’re away – so I’d say focus on that and let everything else cease to concern you for the moment.

    Easier said than done, though, isn’t it?!

  5. Your facebook entry popped up in my list. It listed all the people on my gmail and you were one. I would request to be your friend but I’m scared of the consequences. I’ll wait till you write your blog entry before I make a decision on that. By the way, you look remarkably like a cat.

  6. A quick update: despite subconsciously setting up obstacles to my retreat, everything has been working out swimmingly – bunnies have their boarding reservations, a cat feeder has been found, and even an important work meeting has been rescheduled so I could attend. Damn, the only thing holding me back is my own damn mind. More on that later.

    Also – the plants finally did get planted.

    Ron – go ahead and befriend my furry face. The people that I’m having mixed feelings about are old high school friends. Current friends I welcome.

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