Lucky girl


Tonight I came home to find my entire block awash in darkness, with only the occasional light of a flashlight or a  flickering candle.  But, my house?  The security light came on as expected, and the warm glow of the my living room lamp welcomed me home.   Lucky me.

The other day one of my peers who works at another location called me simply because she needed to talk to someone outside of the situation who would understand, and mostly who liked her.   She has the staff from hell who constantly are playing political games to get out of doing their job, and when they actually do have to work, they complain constantly.  Me?  Well, I inherited a truly awesome staff.  They think about how to do their jobs better, and are unendingly pleasant and patient with even the most surly customer.  And they are incredibly kind and generous to me, their novice manager.  Lucky me.

Monday night I had the privilege of seeing Leonard Cohen perform possibly the most amazing concert I’ve ever experienced.  I scored great seats and went with four wonderful friends and my man of over a decade (about whom I sometimes complain, but he would do almost anything for me and he’s just a really good hearted person).  Lucky me.

In these crazy economic times, I have a fairly secure job making a decent living working with people who make me laugh everyday.  Lucky me.

I have awesome friends,  both human and furry.  Lucky me.

Life is good.   Lucky me.


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  1. Mmmmmm.

    The problem with luck is that it changes. It changes all the time. I think we need something more reliable than luck in our lives.

  2. BQ, woo & leakelley – Thank you. And I hope life is good for you all too. 🙂

    Ron – Yes, luck is transitory – and from a Buddhist perspective does not even exist since all of our experiences arise as a result of our previous action. And while my conditions are pretty comfy right now, I could have easily have found things to gripe about. And that is true in everyone’s life – we all have things for which we can be grateful and things that we can complain about. In the moment that inspired that post, the bad things had dropped away momentarily and I was left with a feeling of gratitude and felt like acknowledging my good fortune. It’s a nice change. Especially considering one of my most read posts is “Reasons why I feel like shit”, which was, likewise, a reflection upon a momentary feeling.

  3. Yes, I know. I realise I probably didn’t quite get hold of that comment. My eye was slightly off the ball. It was a mis-hit.

    Your circumstances could still seem pretty miserable to a mind that was feeling miserable. There’s nothing inherently ‘lucky’ about the things you describe, but you’re in a good place (or were, momentarily). Hopefully you still are.

  4. It seems to me, coming from my own train of thought (which occasionally misses the station at a high rate of speed), it is perfectly acceptable to recognize things that are good, and acknowledge them.

    I don’t know that I could get into a debate about the transitory nature of luck or its virtual existance, or non-existance. That would be way beyond my coach-type train ticket.

    However, generally speaking, good people end up having good things to be grateful for (I sense there might be a little bit of a karma lesson in there somewhere?). Good people also have things they are not grateful for, or even resent at times. But in the end, life is certainly what we make of it.

    I envy the state you are in, and I’m always looking upgrade my tick from coach to first class. And I’m having a pretty good time of it.

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