This post has no point


How’s that for setting the expectations really low?

I’m doing fine, thanks for asking.  No, there hasn’t been any great drama that has kept me away from my blog.  Well, maybe a little low level depression.   The sciatica thing kinda knocked it out of me there for a while,  plus I guess I was processing my grief from losing Alaska.  But, mostly, I guess, I just had nothing to say.  Still don’t, really.

Somewhere, though, in my subconscious there are rumblings.  Something is going on in there.  It’s like I can hear the distant din of construction.  No one has shown me any blueprints or sketches, so occasionally I wake up filled with fear and dread, and other times I feel weirdly hopeful.  Yet, on the surface, it’s all the same old same old.

The job is going well. And no, I still haven’t figured out what the deal is with Patricia.  It doesn’t matter.  She makes me laugh.  The cats are good.  Tangerine once again shares the bed with Sasquatch and even has allowed me to pet her, but only while she is laying on the bed with Sasquatch.  It’s a beginning.

And I’m happy it will very soon be Spring.  How have you been?

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  1. this response has no point and pointedly so ~ my point is eye m opposed to all points including this one = sew wear duz that leaf US ?

    in the middle of a subconscious construction zone eye hope. well at least the drugs are good. Say did I ever tell ya the one about the agnostic and the atheist who went into a bar ? well ya never believe it anyway.

    sum times eye like to put my shoes on first and then my pants ~ but thatz use alley after a good swim.

  2. I’ve been, mostly, trying to pull myself up! I manage to do it then end up in the dumps again for a week then back up and back down and on and on so I get what you’re saying.

    I’m glad spring is upon us. Maybe it will make a difference.

  3. While I don’t really feel like I produce anything horribly profound, I generally do feel like I am obligated to post SOMESTHING. And that something is sometimes extremely difficult to produce. Such is life.

    Glad to hear things are going well. At least the weather has been good here in Eureka, hopefully its that way in your neck of the woods as well.

  4. heh – same as you as far as writing – only I at least have the kidlet to give me some inspiration now and then. Just the other day something happened and I though “hey, I used to be itching to blog about this stuff!” but I just shrugged it off 😉

    Thanks for letting us know you are alive and OK.

  5. no no no yer knot gettin off the hook that EZ LB ~ just cuz yer knot dead yet dont mean you can just coast herer ~ u still gotta pro duce like the rest ovus. so dish up sum sparkling prose pronto oar ewel be up the bathtub without a floaty toy

  6. short and to the point – you’ve been missed. glad to see a post, pointless or not.

    spring is sprung,
    grass is riz,
    wonder where
    da boidy’s is?

  7. you have been missed LB.

    I was gonna check in on you but it hadn’t been a month yet. I think the blog cops don’t pay attention to cries of missing blogger until it’s been at least a month.

    I was gonna say what I’ve been up to but it’s getting long so maybe I’ll leave it for a post.

    muah! ~jules

  8. Jolly glad to hear that you are well. Sciatica soothed??

    Looking forward to the post construction tour of the new rooms…

  9. eye used to be dangerously perverted ~ now eye m just pervertedly dangerous = actually come to think of it ~ that sounds like an upgrade on the menace meter.

  10. Spring has been evil, LB. I could be trapped in Dante’s Inferno.I’m at the end of my rope, but I won’t let go. Soon I’ll have the strength to climb back up.

  11. truth hath no fury like a woman scorned ~ or maybe that shud bee furry?

    when it cumz to posts with no point eye all ways wonder isn’t that the hole poynt? Imean if thair wuza poynt what wood it bee?

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