My whereabouts


This has been quite the week:

Saturday:  my sister substitute spent an unholy amount of money to come up with her husband to join me for my 50th birthday bash.  Birthday bash was an incredibly lovely and special evening with my lovely and special friends, and a touching violin performance by Carl, the world’s sweetest and youngest 81 year old you’ll ever meet. Also looking forward to my week off of work to rest and to enjoy my new found wisdom.

Sunday: I am struck with severe disabling sciatica.  Pain is so bad I almost go to the emergency room, but instead got a doctor to prescribe painkillers over the phone.

Monday:  I see my doctor who says I may suffer like this for another 2 weeks, but probably less.

Tuesday-Wednesday: despite the drugs, I am still in a lot of pain and pretty much immobile

Thursday: my elderly cat, Alaska,  signals me that it may be time to go. I schedule a vet to come to my home at 6pm to do the deed.  Spend most of the day in physical and emotional pain. At 5pm, Alaska says “psych!” Dr. Death’s visit is canceled . . for now.

Friday:  my body is beginning to function better now, though Alaska is still giving conflicting signals. Narcotics are only for beddy-bye time.

I need to lay down again.  I’ll write more when I’m more healed.

Thoughts and prayers for Alaska, however, are appreciated.


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  1. motionless under the moon beam
    up to his feathers in the stream
    although fish leap
    the white heron shivers in a dumb-founded dream
    God has not died for the white heron

  2. I’m sorry your first week of being 50 was so tough. Not good. Not fair. I hope you’re feeling better, both physically and emotionally, in no time at all.

    And a happy belated 50th!

  3. I will join in the birthday wishes. I will also say I am sorry for the state of your elderly cat, and for the anguish you must feel knowing the eventualt outcome of such states.

    Our thoughts are with you.

    Hope you feel better.

  4. I was a bit worried at your tags, fearing that the euthanasia and sciatica might be related items, in which case, my goodness, you would certainly have been in an intolerable amount of pain.

    I’m glad that Alaska has decided he’s not ready to go yet. And happy belated birthday.

  5. Alaska the great beast furry and white
    Glowing along throughout the night
    An upward path like a reverse shooting star
    Carrying it on from near to afar

  6. you poor thing. both of you, but especially you.

    Isn’t that just like february- a lovely evening then it *smacks* you down.

    (I know, technically, your physical ailments can’t be connected to the particular tilt of the access of the earth right now, but – – – there’s just too much februariness to this february not to prompt suspicion)

    Feel better. Good thoughts your direction. So many people wait eagerly to hear your updates, you know.

  7. feb brew wary is all ways trouble ~ a shit storm of crap + the rent is due way too soon. on the flip side itz a great month to get sick in cuz itz a sick month to begin with. Just check out St Valley Girls Day = chocolate and flowers for me? O U Shud Dent Have ~ yeah rite

    hope is makes ya fell batter tho cuz mostly itz trouble ~ except for Ground Hog’s Day – the one truly Amerikin Holy Daze werth sell a brating – we could lose the 2nd month as fur as eye m corn sir ned and just make January hella long

    or better yet ~ letz not call it a month ~ lets call it 4 weeks of going for it = wanna eat a gallon of ice cream everyday, yer golden. wanna stay home from work and still git paid, no problem we got a govt prgrm fur that. See? its lookin better all red eye ainit?

  8. medicate or meditate ~or~ menstruate or procrastinate butt please don’t hesitate to medicate = datz my moto

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