Bah humbug!


I don’t like Christmas.

OK, that’s not entirely true.  There are things I like:

Christmas lights
Christmas trees
A free lunch or two

The rest of it?  Really, I couldn’t be bothered.

But, by the mere fact that I am a fairly normally functioning member of this society where Christmas is kinda of a big fucking deal, I have to participate. Or at least make nice.  It is not my intention to stop people from enjoying their Christmas, but frankly, I just want to be left alone.

Unfortunately, the boyfriend is a total traditionalist when it comes to stuff like holidays.  And for the most part, I try and humor him and play along. But, sometimes I just don’t want to.  And this is one of those years.

So, for the rest of the day, I’m going to play sick and go back to bed and read and sleep.  Maybe later I’ll make another go at grocery shopping . . . maybe not. I was thinking about making a lasagna for Christmas dinner, but hey, going out for Chinese sounds like less effort.

I do hope that those of you that do celebrate have a lovely Christmas, and that all your wishes are fulfilled.   And I do mean that. I’m not that much of a scrooge.


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  1. Mmmm Christmas Lasagna! We’ll be there! Ok, maybe not. Iver and I are fairly well through a bottle of wine before our dinner guests arrive — his brother and family. Hope I don’t mouth off. That would be merry. But tomorrow — we have NOTHING going on and I’m SO happy. Ok, that’s not entirely true — Iver is VERY excited about taking the next step in making his bacon. No really — it’s his new hobby: Charcuterie. How does that tickle your vegetarian bone? He’s a funny guy — still. We have two different meats curing away in the ‘fridge. Between his condiment collection and the meat, there is very little room for actual food. But he’s cute and a good person, so I stay. Some of us celebrate by not celebrating. Enjoy!

  2. Did you get your groceries? I didn’t. Still can’t get my car out. My daughter got some groceries but she won’t be here til tomorrow. She was not able to get a tofurky for my younger daughter who is vegetarian so she’ll have to have bean burritos. Pretty festive, no?

    Have a good day, whatever you end up doing!

  3. Merry Christmas – however you want to spend it! It’s been lovely hanging out on the internets with you. FWIW, after baking cookies all day, I made a frozen dinner tonight. I have to cook tonight so I am not about to make a huge effort tonight.

  4. Well, it’s December 26.

    I’m still here. I survived. And this year I didn’t have to say Merry Christmas to anyone but the owner of the local internet cafe, who quite incredibly opened up on Christmas Day.

    How good is that?

  5. Screw Xmas b4 it screwz U ~ or ya kin wait for the easter bunny to shit some chocolate eggs 4fya = eye ther weigh jesus is comin an boy is he pissed!

  6. Here Here. I don’t like Christmas either. I’m happy to be far away from North America and the precarious holiday season.

    That said, have a great 2009!

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