My first days


This will be my third fourth go on trying to document my first days at the the new job.  Each day it feels like there is a new story to be told. Here are the high points.

Moment I knew I made the right decision: when a fabulous gay nurse came and sat down right next to me during New Employee Orientation.  And while I dislike women who see gay men as accessories, I do love being around gay men.  With the rare exception of one of my business clients, the last eight years have been quite bereft of the company of gays at work.  So, I was just tickled to have so quickly found a new gay buddy.

Moment I questioned my decision: I got my first, and hopefully, only death threat today.  A troubled patient who has been quite upset with some actions of my department left me a voicemail (he doesn’t even know me) basically threatening to either kill himself or “get” us, meaning me and my staff.   I was impressed at how seriously this threat was taken and how quickly security and senior management were on the case.  He showed up later and got verbally abusive with another staff member. Police were summoned.  I opted to hole up in my unmarked office with my badge turned inward in case he returned.  Welcome to working in an actual medical center with real live patients.

But, overall it has been a good experience.  I love my staff.  They are smart, responsible and mature.  My boss, though younger and hipper than me, is fiercely protective of her staff in almost a mamma bear kind of way. When she heard about the threat she was calling people at the top to make sure this got dealt with properly.

The hours and commute, however, are killing me.  I’m not an 8:30 in the morning kind of girl.  Never have been.  Especially after years of wandering into the office whenever I damn well pleased, knowing I could just make it up on the back end.  Granted this week has been exceptional what with all the orientation and training and meetings.  Hopefully, things will settle down and I can start getting in at a much more reasonable 9:30.

And what is the deal with all the parking lots for the BART trains being completely full by 8:00 a.m.?   I mean, seriously.  I thought I was there at the crack o’ dawn at 8:15.  But nooooooooooo.  A six-story parking structure completely full.  WTF?

I’ve cut myself some slack this week and have allowed myself the luxury of taking the easy, but expensive route.  But, that cannot be sustained.  It costs twice as much in bridge fares and parking as it would were I to take the train. But, still, I do love crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.  It never gets old.


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  1. I love the Golden Gate Bridge. If I could cross it every day, I would. I like to stop each time I cross, mostly on the Sausalito side.

    I miss it. That’s probably what I miss the most of the Bay Area, besides my daughter.

    I’m glad you got through the week with only one death threat! 😉

  2. It always seemed like this was “right” for you (even though there really are no rights or wrongs in these types of choices). I think you will have a greater impact where you are now.
    BTW…things are different back at the ranch. 🙂

  3. I’m so happy for you! To find the “right” job in this profoundly “wrong” economy is one hell of a fine stroke of harmonic convergence, and one which you richly deserve.

    Glad you survived the death threat. Yikes.

  4. I know exactly what you mean about missing having a gay male friend to pal around with. I currently have to make do with a straight male friend who I essentially treat like a gay male friend… I’m sure that’s wrong in some fundamental way.

    Hopefully the early starts will become easier once your body adjusts to the routine and the job becomes more familiar. But I sincerely hope the death threats don’t become more familiar. *echoes David’s Yikes*

  5. I remember my first death threat like it was yesterday…

    Hmm.. perhaps this isn’t the right forum for such a memory.

    At any rate, change is usually good and I hope it treats you well.

    As for getting up to work at 0800? I don’t have a lot of sympathy. My shift starts at 0545 and is 12.25 hours long. I myself would issue a few death threats if I thought it meant I could sleep in until 0700.

  6. you go girl ~ nothin like the golden gay bridge at sunrise to put sum pop inyer hop or wear ever you like to put it.

    a job 2 die 4 eh?

  7. LB, enjoyed this post very much, but you really tickled the funny bone with this:

    And what is the deal with all the parking lots for the BART trains being completely full by 8:00 a.m.?

    I’m *at work* by 8 am. On the days I need to drive, well before that the west oakland lot is full (of paying customers, I might add). I have to park in a lot nearby (and hope the guard is on duty that day).

    But you’ll adjust. It’s part of the remarkable elasticity of being human — and it will make sleeping in on the days off that much more delicious. Good post.

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