I’ve been plagiarized


This morning, rather than hauling my fat ass into the office at a reasonable time, I decided to check my blog stats.  Hmmmm.  What’s this?  A new incoming link.  Perhaps I have a secret admirer who has decided to add me to their blogroll?  That’s always a pleasant surprise, but more often than not it is one of the automatically generated WordPress links.  But, hey, a new link is a new link.  So, I go to check it out.

Interesting . . . this post has the same title as my last post, “Strangers”.  OK.  It’s probably just an autolink.  Well, let’s see what they have to say . . . hey!  Some of these words are my words.  Whole sentences worth of my words.  A whole paragraph’s worth!  Unlike one of those marketing sites who steal your posts whole, there is a real person behind this site who took my idea and elaborated on it for himself.

I decide to leave a comment about how it is not nice to plagiarize, and if he is going to jump off of my post, I sure would appreciate credit.  But my comment won’t take.  It doesn’t even say it is going to be moderated, it just disappeared.   Hmmm.  Have I been blocked?  Or was it user error?

There is a part of me that’s pissed.  How dare you steal MY words?  But, then I read his About page. It’s just a kid – an 18 year old young man who, like this middle-aged woman, is using his blog to work his thoughts, to reach out and try and communicate something to someone, anyone.  However, he needs to know that it is not OK to steal other people’s words.   You can borrow them, sure, but you gotta give some credit, ya know?


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  1. I had the same thing happen a few weeks ago but I think it was an automated blog scraper and not a real person. Still, I was raw about it. Tricky business, this.

  2. I’ve just gotten used to being plagiarized now.

    It hasn’t happend on my blog, but it happens professionally to me all the time.

    And it is annoying.

  3. My apologies. I didn’t mean to make you upset or something, I just read your “strangers” entry and I thought it’d be a nice idea for my next post, for my personal interests, I’m having some troubles and I think your post fit exactly in my thoughts. Anyway!… I already deleted the post on my blog so you don’t have to worry about it any longer.

    I’m sorry again. It was a stupid mistake!. I’m not a blog thief or something worse. Just forget it.
    Have a nice day!

  4. Hi weirdspirit –

    I appreciate you admitting your mistake, and being willing to take the post down.

    I’m glad my Strangers post moved you, and that you were able to relate to it. Feel free to quote, and attribute. It’s a very common practice. We all find inspiration in each other’s words and experiences. The trick is to find your your own voice. You will. You’re on your way.

    No hard feelings. You have a nice day too.

  5. . . . and hear itiz

    “Good artists borrow ~ great artists steal”

    sew you sea – just borrowing has know credibility ~ stealing on the udder hand means the artist has made it his own. Stealing in the arts is the highest form of respect = all great artists dewit. However taking something (like say an original Picasso) and claiming credit for it is knot the same thing – unless u kin git away with it = then wtf ya know?

    nice job LB ~ thairs a teenage boy trend developing here eh ?

  6. Yeah Weirdspirit, its okay to appreciate someone else’s words and even quote them on your own blog – you just need to make it clear that you’re quoting someone else and acknowledge that. Easy 🙂

  7. Weirdspirit – maybe I’m feeling a little overly sensitive about young men mentioning killing themselves, but I really hope you’re talking metaphorically here. Please see my message to you on your blog.

  8. you guys are killing me with this ~ itz bin a while since any body made a killin on the market ~ since then we bean killin sum time chillin fine whine & flyin blind = iz data seven hunnered billyon dallar bail out eye sea b 4 me ? out out damn spot ~ n take the cat witchya = that guy killed on stage man ~ at least he didn’t bomb


    life g o e s o n n n sum how = itz knot that eye m chicken to enditall ~ eyem sure i kud make a plan ~ juz dat eyem two damn curious to see whatz gonna happen next to ever carryitout.

    o well

  9. itz kindova guy thing sea ? sorta meta four cycle concerning the male member apre enter coors ifya no watt eye mean ~ at sum poynt it just kinda dyes onya

    sooner er ladder the ‘big gyz gowin down’ n when yer a youngin it kinda feels like dyin

    member this won ?

  10. won mo (at least) thawt on the play gerizing thing. Mostly datz the way goes. For x ample = izint there a dramumetary out now about the winshield wipper guy ?

    invention VS innovation – if ya just ‘knock-off’ like cut n paste thatz purty weak eye thin we awlz kin a gree on datwon ~ but ~ ifya takes some things like: machinized flight, retractable landing gears, a national system of air fields, sufficient numbers of qualified pilots = IN o VA shun ! = commercial air travel

    each them things was invented/created/discovered down different rhodes but it took sum bodyz to stringem all two gether. sea ?

    sew ifya create sum thin werth stealin don’t be sha grinned when sum won doez. copy rite lawz

  11. in the end ya gots to deliver the goods ~ kinda like sex = sooner or ladder ya gotta use yer own moves oar it dont werk

    merrily merrily ™

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