Another gratuitous animal post


It’s been too bloody hot lately for deep thoughts.  There are deep thoughts a-brewing, and after a bit of percolation, they will be ready to be served.  However, I don’t do well in the heat.  To give you an idea of how thoroughly miserable I become, last night in lieu of making dinner, or even going out to eat, I opted to find the closest AM/PM (which is a gas station convenience store), buy the largest sized Icee they had and a bag a chips and just call that dinner.

There are things happening, and they will be written about once the fog rolls in again.   In the mean time, let me introduce you to the latest addition to my household:  Peabody.  I’m not sure if that will be Mr. Peabody, or just plain ol’ Peabody.  Mr. Binkles is still not pleased with the new addition, but I think he’s getting used to having a neighbor (and hopefully, one day, a roommate).  He’s sweet, and very confident little bunny.  And a horny little bugger too.  He has tried to mount poor Alaska, my frail 17 year old cat, as well as my leg, and performs a little mating dance whenever the boyfriend comes over.  Shhhh, don’t tell him, but next paycheck someone is getting neutered.


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  1. Hi TMC, Lilli & Adam – I’m glad you approve of my new charge. I have to admit in terms of habits, he’s making Mr. Binkles look like a very naughty bunny. The Binks chews on everything in sight, including me and the boyfriend. This little guy is friendly and mellow, and even gave a quick binky as he ran by this morning.

    As for the name, it was suggested by a friend. I think it goes very well with Mr. Binkles. I mean, come on, doesn’t Mr. Binkles and Peabody totally sound like cartoon characters?

  2. I think after LB gets her paycheck it should be Mr NO Dangles. : )
    I’m sorry Peabody… I will perform some sort of nehked ritual under a full moon in hopes i can persuade your new mommy not cut off your marbles.

  3. on the other hand Mr No Dangles is too good a name to waste ~ btw the frog is in sew eye’d settle for sum bloody hot deep thawts

  4. Hi Amurin – Mr. Peabody was a cartoon dog who wore glasses. Peabody the bunny does not. But, I was also playing with the name Prius McPeabody. That rabbit is deadly quiet – you never hear him coming. But, I think I may just stick with Peabody, and then as nicknames use all the variations.

    David – With the exception of the humping behavior, he’s one chill rabbit. He’s not the terror that Mr. Binkles was at this stage of household indoctrination. Mr. Binkles used to attack us with his big pointy teeth. This guy doesn’t seem to have an angry bone in his body. But, yeah, he’s-a gonna get fixed.

    Jules – If you video your nekkid midnight ritual and put it up on YouTube, I may reconsider the Peabody snippage. I mean, come on, man, I’m still waiting for the butt shot.

    Monkees – If you like the nickname so much, perhaps I can start calling you that? 😉

    Shu – He is very very soft. Different type of fur than the Binks, who truly looks like a stuffed animal. Insanely soft fur. I now understand why people use rabbit fur for gloves and jackets.

  5. he’s beautiful! But yeah, get him neutered quickly – by the time I got round to getting my second bun neutered the ‘frisky’ behaviour had become habit and persisted even after he’d been ‘done’.

    But he’s adorable 🙂

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