Touching base


It’s been a week since I’ve posted anything and it feels like forever.  Things have happened, yet things are the same.  Things are looking up, yet they may just stay the same.  I have lots of ideas for posts, yet none are finished. 

I promise I’ll finish one of these drafts soon.  Hey, it’s summertime. And the living is lazy.

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  1. Actually, LB.

    I just want to to say that it’s great that you tolerate these rolling discussions on severed ties, dirty laundry et al. Even though they get slightly confrontational sometimes, this may be the only place on the net where these two factions can meet on neutral ground. eSangha is certainlyl not neutral, nor is Kadampa buddhism, nor is Survivors. Consequently, no real discussion takes places between factions at any of these sites. There is no dialogue anywhere else, merely diatribes, counter-accusations, threats and expulsions. People on all these sites simply seem to reinforce their own predispositions. But over here, there is genuinie communication and everyone makes an effort to maintain some semblance of politeness and respect.

  2. Hi Ron –

    I am more amused than anything else at the staying power those three posts have – Severed Ties, Wrathful or Ridiculous and Dirty Laundry. I read the posts as they come and make sure everyone is still playing nice. I can see there is certainly a wide range of opinions, but it really does seem that people enjoy the back and forth and for the most part, are pretty respectful. And I’m very impressed with the level of the discourse, so I’m happy to play hostess.

  3. Hi Ron

    I thought about that too. Guess different forums have their stories.

    Phayul deleted most of the NKT/Shugden threads prior to the Olympics for reasons i do not yet know.

    E-Sangha has been discussing this for at least the last 4 years so i suspect they have had enough of the nasty back and forth and wanted a clean break from that. They are deadpan against Shugden, and rightly so.

    Likewise, BuddhaChat locked up the thread a month back because they were also tired of the same old arguments coming up again and again.

    Personal blog is actually a good way out. It ain’t no public forum and people realize they have no right to be nasty here.

    LB – i will continue to play nice so i can stick around some more.

  4. I myself can’t really comment on this dialog, as I really am uninformed on the subject. But a friendly forum where personal opinion is always a welcome thing, no matter the actual venue.

    While my opinions and ideas may be different from those usually expressed here, I’m not completely ignorant of the idea of being open to other’s opinions and ideas in life. I grew up in a very intollerent religious community. I always disliked those with closed minds and tunnel vision. As I got older I made a point of not ending up that way.

    So I respect what people have to say, and appreciate the ability to voice my own opinions in a free environment.

  5. I’m glad I can provide this forum for folks to speak freely. It’s a practice for me too. I definitely sometimes find myself feeling a bit triggered by some comments I disagree with. And I have struggled whether or not to use my awesome powers of moderation to delete or ban someone. Yet, it seems whenever things start to get a little out of hand, the conversation seems to correct itself and people catch themselves and civility once again reigns supreme.

    I really enjoy the group of regular contributors I have gathered here and have come to see some of you as friends. It’s a pretty amazing place, this Bloglandia.

  6. people catch themselves and civility once again reigns supreme.

    dats b cuz you set d x pect tayshun and in tents shun. watt wee new age wankers call holding the space ~ nice job

  7. how about ‘hot and bloody deep’ ?

    kinda reminds me of difference between a con ver-say-shun and an aug-you-ment. The first is good fur sharon info mayshun ~ da ladder is just hot and bloody.

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