So, you want to see a shaved Maine Coon cat?


Ever since I wrote this story about an unfortunate grooming experience with my Sasquatch, I’ve had a number of hits from people looking for “pictures of shaved maine coons” or wondering “should I shave my Maine Coon cat?”

So, for those folks who are looking for pictures of a shaved Maine Coon cat, here ya go. Meet Sasquatch:

don't even think about laughing at him

don't even think about laughing at him

Granted, this picture was taking about a month after his shaving, but you get the point. And yes, he’s a very big boy. I mean, check out them paws. Thems are big paws. My neighbor once remarked that Sasquatch looked like a combination of a tiger and rhinoceros. He may look fierce, but he really is a huge mamma’s boy. So, please, be kind. He’s a sensitive boy.

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  1. Truce – Thank you. You have excellent taste in critters.

    Christina – The last time he was weighed he came in at about 29 lbs. The vet said he needed to lose 4 or 5 lbs to bring him down to a triim 25 lbs. He really is a big boned boy.

    Marshmellows – yes, I like my boys big and solid.

    Ron? What did I say about being nice? Oh, OK. Much better. 🙂

  2. What a pretty kitty! I never thought of shaving mine but with it over 100 today, it’s a thought. She’s shedding all over and although Maine Coons are beautiful, their loose fur is annoying.

  3. Corina – I have Sasquatch shaved because he is so much more comfortable in the summer without all that fur! Plus, he’s not big on being groomed, so it also takes care of any mats he may have developed. And yes, there is definitely a whole lot less Sasquatch fur floating around.

  4. my maine coon is shedding so much my apartment is beginning to look like its alive! about how much does it cost for you to have him shaved?

  5. Hi Samantha –

    It ain’t cheap. But then again, you only have to do it once a year. On the low end, I’ve paid $60 and on the high end $80. That includes a bath and the shave. It was also a challenge finding a place that would groom cats. Many dog grooming places won’t. Or will only do so with “references”. References? Come one. I mean, wtf?

  6. ax usually eye think it may be about time to let whatz left grow in a little ~ ya know – get a head start on the geezer look . . .

  7. Can I hug him to death? Because I totally want to. Not really to death, exactly … but he just looks like a giant teddy bear. He shouldn’t look like that if he doesn’t want to be hugged at least half to death.

  8. Monkees – actually, it’s even more grown in than in that picture. He’s even fuzzier, which I’m sure would appeal greatly to

    David – Yes, you may hug him, but let’s leave the whole death thing out of it. One of my favorite parts of the day is bedtime. Sasquatch and I have a whole ritual. I crawl into bed and he snuggles up by my arm and proceeds to lick my arm clean. Sure, the rasping takes some getting used to, but now it’s hard to fall asleep without. Once I start to fall asleep he gets up and then takes his place at the foot of my bed.

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  10. He is gorgeous.
    I am thinking of getting my boy clipped for summer but have never had this done before. Do you just get his back, sides and tummy clipped – leaving his head, tail and legs alone?

  11. Yes, that’s about it. It’s called a “lion cut”. They do shave part of the leg, leaving the lower half furry so it looks like they are wearing little boots.

    Of course, if you’re working with a good groomer, you should be able to specify what you want.

    Good luck. My Sasquatch always feels so good after he comes back from the groomer.

  12. I have a Maine Coon Cat. Today I took a pic of him sprawled across a recliner. He is huge…almost twenty pounds with big fluffy white feet. I used to take him to get shaved, but he is very shy, so in the Spring, day after day, I snip away with a pair of scissors until he is reasonable hair-free for the summer.

  13. I’ve got a Maine Coon and I’ve got pics of her right after being shaved…she looked slightly ridiculous, but she seemed much happier for being shaved.

  14. I’ve got a Lhasa Apso, mostly shaved and much naughtier than the one that just won Crufts (what a princess!) He’s much happier and cooler that way too. No hairballs round the flat either.

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