Caption contest


Here’s a fun game for the whole family. Whether you a follower of American politics, or a bystander or active participant in the Dorje Shugden debate, everyone can play. Caption this photograph:


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  1. “Take that Obama! While you’re out prancing around the world looking all presidential, I got the endorsement of the Dalai freakin’ Lama. What? Oh, this isn’t an endorsement? How about if I promise to bomb China for you? No? Darn.

  2. Is that a Nobel Prize under yer belt or are you . . . guess not, huh.

    So then how about – one hand washes the udder?

  3. I was hoping to get a photo opportunity with Nelson Mandela. But he’s not interested in politics anymore, so you’ll have to do.

  4. “Your Holiness, im still alive and kicking and my hand is not shaking.”

    I’m McCain and I endorse this caption.

  5. “Ya puts yer right hand in, ya takes yer right hand out, ya puts yer right hand in and ya shakes it all about…. Why are you giggling?”

  6. These are hilarious. I don’t have a caption, but I think McCain is looking at the Dalai Lama’s shaved head and wondering if he should advise his Holiness on how to do a combover instead.

  7. and so the bartender says ‘ya know we don’t get many monks in here’ and the monk says ‘at these prices no wonder!’

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