Even though I spent most of this long Independence Day weekend at a Buddhist retreat on emptiness, the realizations I had this weekend were much more mundane:

  • You know that you are becoming an old cat lady when you become annoyed at the M80s someone is firing off on the 4th of July and you literally think “damn kids, they’re scaring the cats!”
  • You know you live in the crime capital of California when when you recognize that the pop-pop-popping you hear in the distance is not fireworks but rather gunfire and you opt to change positions so you’re not sitting in front of the window . . . you know, just in case.
  • It is the damn crows that are leaving half eaten cherries all over my back porch.  A few days ago half eaten cherries started showing up outside my backdoor.  “Odd” I thought, “where in the hell are these cherries coming from?” I don’t have a cherry tree.  In fact I’ve never even seen a real cherry tree.  Apricot, peaches, lemons, avocados, sure.  But no cherries.  The cherries I bought the other day had already been eaten.  There are no neighbors close by who could be tossing cherries near my back door. I mean, what the hell?  The mystery was answered as yet another cherry dropped as I was standing on my porch dumbfounded about the fucking cherries.  I looked up into this big ass tree and there were about three large crows high up in the tree.  Now, as to where the crows got the cherries, that is another question, but at least I know now where these freakin’ cherries are coming from.

I’m still processing the retreat with Anam Thubten. Perhaps I’ll have more to say later. Perhaps not. However, it did inspire me to sign up for a 5 day silent retreat at Spirit Rock at the end of the summer. I’ve been waffling on the idea and coming up with all kinds of excuses. But, I think I’m just going to do it.

So, I’m off to enjoy my week off of work. I don’t have any big plans, yet. The brother will be in town towards the end of the week, and the boyfriend wants to get away for at least a night. Otherwise, I’ll just be catching up on all the shit I’m too tired to do after work and opt not to spend my precious weekend time on. Plus, I dearly hope to get in some reading and major naps. Yeah, that would be good.


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  1. Stevo – ya know, it’s interesting, I was just having a conversation the other day with a woman who had one cat who feared she was becoming a “cat lady” simply because she is on a first name basis with her cat’s pharmacist (though it could be argued that simply having a pharmacist for your cat could be grounds for cat-ladyhood. Me, I just get my cat meds from my vet.) Anyway, with three cats I consider myself right at the border of cat-ladyhood. If however, I stopped getting laid on a regular basis, three cats would constitute cat-ladyhood. So, until I am down to a very normal two cats, the boyfriend stays. 😉

  2. Yeah, I hear ya Ron. The boyfriend and I are going out of town for a couple of days, and I’m having the bunny boarded at place where part of the amenities is free bonding time with other bunnies. As this place is also a rescue society, I fear it is just a set up. So, when I pick up Mr. Binkles they may give me the line, “Oh Mr. Binkles and Tahlula got along so well and they were so cute together. Ya know, Tahlula is available for adoption …” No, one bunny is more than enough for me, thanks.

  3. If by being more rabbit-like, do you mean you wish my trip include a lot of chewing of baseboards and hopping about underfoot of creatures much bigger than I? If that is the case, I think I may opt for a cat-like excursion in that it will include a lot of naps and whining non-stop until someone feeds me.

  4. Being a cat-lady doesn’t sound so bad really. It might give you a good excuse to give into the occasional urge to dress up in a cat suit and run around town at night, fighting the crime that infests your city.

    I fear I am turning into a cat man (although I don’t think there would be any excuse in the world for me to wear a cat suit). I know my cat’s vet pretty well. And even though I always say as the cats kick off we will slowly run our numbers down I think I won’t be able to stand the void that the loss of one will leave.

    And as for birds and cherries, we have a cherry tree in the back yard. At night though, it turns into a smorgas board for racoons. There is no mystery for us why there are broken branches and half eaten cherries everywhere in the mornings.

    Perhaps, me in a cat suit might scare them off? However, I don’t think I’ll test that idea.

  5. My daughter has already proclaimed me a cat lady, which is why I think she exiles us to one section of the house so that she won’t be tainted (however, I’ve never taken my cat to work, which she has done — her kitty was on first name basis with some well-known movie stars (hee hee).

    Your proposal to have a 5-day silent retreat sounds wonderful and restful. Every day I head into work I TELL myself NOT to talk or interact with the idiots that day, and I always fail. Wish I could learn some silence techniques.


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