Tagged! I’m it.


As befitting # 8 on my list, I have been putting this off for a while now.  I got tagged, oh, a month ago? by Nice Melons, then got tagged again a couple of weeks ago by Jules.   So, since I should be working right now, instead I shall finally present my 10 random factoids about moi.

  1. Over the course of my childhood, I got hit by a car on at least three different occasions. The usual response to this fact is “oh, that explains a lot.”
  2. Years ago a psychiatrist said I should expect to be on anti-depressants for the rest of my life due to my own long personal history of major depression, plus the family history.  I’m proud to say I proved him wrong.
  3. I can do an uncanny impression of a baby crying.
  4. It was not until my 21st birthday that I step foot out of the state of California.  Even then, I only went to Lake Tahoe.  This is not a fact I’m proud of, but growing up with an agoraphobic parent, travel just doesn’t get imprinted as something fun or important to do.
  5. But, I have visited each of the 58 counties in the state of California.
  6. All my life I have felt compelled to rescue animals in distress (people, not so much).  The weirdest rescue I did was retrieving a Corgi off a roof.  Fortunately, it wasn’t a very high roof, so I gave it my best shot with a pool hook and a prayer.  Once I was able to get him to the edge of the roof with the pool hook, I nudged him off roof and he dropped a few feet into my arms and promptly piddled all over me.   A few days later his owner claimed him, and he was as stumped as I wasto how the dog got on the roof.
  7. Growing up, I aspired to be a veterinarian.  But, then realized I can’t deal with blood and guts, so then changed my aspiration to journalist.   After a TA in my freshman English class at Berkeley basically told me I didn’t know how to write, I dropped that aspiration and through some weird reasoning ended up as a Film Studies major.  
  8. While I hate slapping negative labels on myself, I am a hardcore procrastinator.  I pretty much drive everyone I know at work and in my life crazy.  Eventually, I’ll get it done.  Really.  Chill out, will ya.  It’ll get done.  Boy, that couch looks comfy.
  9. I have already confessed my lurid accordion past in my first random things meme, so I guess I should mention that I also did a stint playing the trombone.  My reasoning is now hazy, but I think part of it was to fuck with the convention that all trombone players were boys.  This was the mid-70’s, and I was a teenage women’s libber, out to invade the boy’s territory wherever I could. I also was the first girl to serve 2 consecutive terms as Student Body President (though this was not concurrent with the trombone phase – it’s hard to look presidential while draining your spit valve).
  10. My first job was when I was 12 years old, and I worked full time over the summer as the Tube Stand Girl.  My job was to rent inner tubes and ping pong equipment at the pool where my dad used to work.  I made a whopping $1 an hour.  I felt so rich at the end of each week when I got my envelope with $40 in cash.   And don’t think that being the Tube Stand Girl was all glamour and glitz.  No.  I was also responsible for picking up all the trash – cigarette butts and food wrappers – from around the park.  Since I was the junior member of the Tube Stand team (my brother was the senior), I didn’t rate the stick with the nail to pick up the garbage, I had to pick it up with my bare hands.  While in retrospect, it was a highly unsanitary thing to ask a child to do, I can’t help but wonder if this didn’t help me develop the hearty immune system that I have to this day.

I don’t think I’ll tag anyone else, since I think that I may be the last person (or at least the last person I read) who has done this meme.  Actually, I’ve changed my mind.  I think I shall tag my North Coast friends Adam and his buddy, my old high school buddy Iver.  And let’s see, how about that gentle soul Shu, I’m sure she’s got some interesting tidbits.  And . . . Lili, that lovely, talented, ever-surprising Aussie.  And speaking of Aussies, let’s see if Truce, the lagomorph lover from down under wants to play. 

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  1. Hi LB

    Point 2 – a shrink said exactly the same thing to me, virtually word for word, I’m not kidding. Never did go onto drugs because my Dad was a scientologist and have always been anti drugs of the non-recreational kind.
    Point 7 – Yes, I was to be journalist too, but dropped that aspiration for various reasons. Did complete a postgrad degee in journ though. Interestingly, I sub-majored in film studies too.
    Point 8 – I bet I’m as big a procrastinator as you, maybe bigger. I’ll give you a whole list of reasons later.

    PS: However, never been hit by a car. And still don’t have a thing for animals (sorry).

  2. Me? tagged? Hmm! Now I have to think back on “me”, so may take me a minute or so. I’m a champ P person (procrastinator) TOO. Hmmm. Hmmmm. Hmmmm.


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  4. I was told #2, also. Of course, I’d been completely misdiagnosed, but even if I hadn’t been … a little research goes a long way, as far as what antidepressants actually do and don’t do. Good for you for beating the pharmacological racket.

    That is a terrible first job, by the way. Yecch.

  5. Heh heh heh… you played the trombone! Cool! I loved hanging out with the trombone players. We’d get together for a sectional or rehearsal and wind up goofing off per the excuse that “we couldn’t have rehearsal – we didn’t have enough beer.” Woot!

  6. Why is it so comforting to hear that others are procrastinators, too? Is their comfort in company and does it somehow validate … umm, let me think about this one … just mull it a while, make sure I get it right and don’t have to do it again …

    I’ll come back later. Just to be sure.

  7. It seems procrastination is a common theme here. So having said that, when I finally get around to doing this, I’ll do my best to find something other than procastination to talk about. 🙂

  8. Those are some pretty cool LB factoids.

    I knew a girl when I was in the band who was a trombone player… cute, cute!

    And I’m horrible about procrastination, too. Had to deliver the sermon at my church this weekend and didn’t finish writing it until the morning of about two hours before hand.

    I was a journalist for eight years in the military but am horrible at writing and dropped that half for just the picture taking part. I still freelance for the local paper here.

    And if that weren’t enough in quasi commonalities, I haven’t been hit by a car but I have had three motorcycle accidents in the 20 years i’ve been riding.

  9. 2. Congrats.

    7. The trombone is better than the tuba. I respect anyone who fights the norm.

    10. Much better than mine. I cleaned a gas station on Saturday mornings. That, was nasty.

  10. – it’s hard to look presidential while draining your spit valve

    you’ve never made more cents ~ eye think this kood apply two allovus

  11. Your first one reminded me of people who get hit by lightning more than once.

    The accordian is, to me, one of the greatest instruments. I am in awe that you can play it.

  12. I just wanted to say I’ve enjoyed reading your blog! I ‘ve never read one before! I had googled Rinpoche Anam Thubten and found it! I am a mom of 3 kiddies & live in NY ( Long Island )I have previously lived in a town here in NY , where the New Kadampa has a large following. I don’t know why, ( because I was very interested in Buddhism when I lived in that town ) but I never attended any of the NK Dharma talks. The last time he was here someone asked Rinpoche Thubten about the NK He spoke of his concerns ( that the Dalai Lama feels it is cult like )
    Anyway- really enjoy your blog : )

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