Note to self:


Next time, do not watch a zombie movie the night before you attend any meditation retreat that includes walking meditation, lest you break out in highly inappropriate giggles at the sight of 30 of your co-retreatees moving very, very slowly and deliberately across the retreat center grounds. Also, remember that if the retreat is silent you may not make jokes about eating flesh, or puns about the living dead. Probably not a good idea even if the retreat isn’t silent.

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  1. eye all ways thawt that giggling during the sobriety test was a sign of deep inner peas ~ or a least a really good way to git red eye for the next assnumbing session.

  2. hey LB howz about changin the name-oyer-blog to ‘giggling along the path?’ werx 4 me

  3. Adam – The movie was a fun tongue-in-cheek romp called Fido. And while it was a comedy, it still had its fair share of ambling zombies seeking flesh, as zombies are want to do.

    Marshmellows – Actually, that’s not a bad title “Giggling Along the Path”. Two problems a) a large majority of my hits come from people actually searching on the name of my blog (which I find disturbing and ego gratifying at the same time) and
    b) I would feel obliged to keep it light and silly. Whereas if one is stumbling, you can have any range of reactions from groaning like a crazed zombie out for flesh, to giggling like someone who accidentally ate a pan of pot brownies.

  4. salty giggles for all ~ btw = how can you tell if you accidentally ate a pan of pot brownies? tat may xplain a lot of . . . what was I saying?

  5. boooo daaaaaa booooo daaaaa boooooo daaaaaa booooo daaaHahahaa Ha Ha Ha Ha ha . . . . oy

  6. I don’t have a specific memory of the movie, but I know as a very young child I watched a horror movie and soon after came to the conclusion that I really didn’t need to put that stuff in my head.

    I’ve never been a fan of the genre.

    As a cultural motif, however, it has great utility …

  7. tpgoddess, Lili & Jules – and what made it even worse was being in a situation where giggling was hardly the expected behavior. You know how that is, right? I remember when I was a teenage and I went to one of my first funeral, my friend and I completely and utterly lost it with a case of suppressed giggles when, during the Catholic mass, we kept hearing “fruit of thy womb” as “fruit of the loom.” Eventually, we had to excuse ourselves. Fortunately, our quick exit and tears in our eyes were interpreted by the girl’s family as our being overwhelmed with emotion. We ran a block away from the funeral home and then finally doubled over laughing.

    Marshmellows – what? Hey, let’s make some rice crispy treats. What?

    Monkees – yes, the only thing that was missing from our zombie-like gait were the outstretched arms.

    Shu – yes, please note this down for future use. You’ll never know when it may come in handy. 🙂

    Ombuds – There are subgenres within the horror genre I rather like, zombie movies being one of them. And in general, I like my horror films cheaply made. So with those qualifications, Night of the Living Dead is freakin’ genius to me. But, I know what you’re sayin’. I’m not a big fan of war movies, even though I know there are many fine and deep and meaningful ones out there. Just not a fan of the genre.

  8. My wife and I reached a parting of the ways regarding war movies when we saw “They Were Soldiers” the brilliant movie on the use of helicopters as a modern equivalent to cavalry in the early days of the Vietnam War. It was waaay too graphic for her.

    She can watch the kind of war movies I disdain. Y’know, war as heroic romp. I knew a WW2 vet once who disdained them too: “where John Wayne neve gets his clothes dirty.”

  9. I just watched Black Sheep the other night. While I wouldn’t say I loved it, it was definitely a fun movie. I especially loved the shots of the hoards of marauding sheep. Very entertaining. Thanks for the recommendations, Stevo.

  10. hordes of marauding sheep ? ~ is they the samuns that was bean raised up by that New Z-land farmer what specelized in arty fishal n sem men ashun ?

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