A musical interlude


For those of you who could give a deuce about all the Kadampa drama, both past and present, here is a musical interlude to hold you until I cough up my next mental hairball (could be about racism, or perhaps about my rabbit, Mr. Binkles, throwing a tantrum).

This weekend I watched the movie “I’m Your Man”, a concert and documentary about Leonard Cohen. While there was only one performance by the man himself, the movie was filled with really wonderful and quirky performances by performers I wasn’t previously too familiar with. I recognize I’ve been out of the musical loop for a while, but my new obsession is Rufus Wainwright and his sister Martha. And combine those two with Leonard Cohen? Loved it!

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  1. Hey, Rufus surely ‘beat’ the kid who sang that song on American Idol! Made me pause and think about the artist who appears as himself and the posers who ape the well-known karaokily 🙂


  2. Ron – Yup, I loves me some Leonard. Did you know he is starting a world’s tour this week? He may have some dates in your part of the world. The man is in his mid-70’s now. It could be our last chance. The US dates haven’t been announced.

    Shu – while I was completely less than impressed with that kid’s version, it did move me to rent the Leonard Cohen movie and introduce me to Rufas’ version.

    Adam & Marshmellow – I know, isn’t it beautiful?

    Jules – Oh, OK, Jules. I just have to come up with 10 random things that may be considered to be interesting . . . and yes, I think I will write about the little orange bunny. He’s getting quite the fan base at work – people bring in their wilted, and not so wilted greens for me to bring home to him.

  3. I too love this music… but one of my fave quotes from The Young Ones is Neil stating that “no one ever listens to me… I feel like a Leonard Cohen record.” Tee hee hee!

  4. Yup

    I knew it was coming up soon. Apparently, Leonard got ripped off by his manager while he was living in a Zen monastery in California. So at the ripe of old age of 74(?), he’s touring again because he needs the money. I won’t be missing it if he comes here. Not a chance. I’ve been to very few concerts in my life, but I had the incredibly fortune of seeing Laurie Anderson for the first time in my life in Melbourne late last year, and then a few days later in Sydney again. Nothing will ever really compare to that, but I’m going to bet Leonard Cohen comes very very close. Me, Laurie and Leonard have been together since at least the early 80s and amazingly we’ve all turned out Bhuddhist. How’s that for karma?

  5. Nice Melons, here’s another brilliant quote from the Young Ones. A vampire is on the loose. When Neil hears this, he responds: “Oh no, if he bites me, I’ll be dead, but still alive. Like Leonard Cohen!”

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