In search of inspiration


Maybe it is the longer days. Perhaps I have finally recovered from years of being busy most nights after work. Perhaps it is because I am bored (again) at work. But whatever the reason, when I come home from work at night, rather than appreciating the opportunity to relax, to vegetate on the couch and watch TV, I am finding myself bored. Bored at the office and bored at home just ain’t right. So, I am in search of my next great passion.

I have a closet full of the remnants of my past great passions. Perhaps passions is too strong a word, perhaps a more accurate word would be diversion. Mere diversions. Let’s see in the last few years I have tried:

soap making
learning to play the flute
this whole blogging thing
jewelry making

So, in search of inspiration, I lugged the boyfriend with me the Maker Faire at the San Mateo County Fairgrounds. It looked to be the best of geekery, Burning Man culture, and crafts. Certainly, I’ll be able to find something there.

I suppose I could put my collection of old pens to good use and create an art car:

Or find creative uses for my old computer components:

And knitting is always more interesting when you combine it with drumming:

And who doesn’t love giant flaming floral arrangements?

As fun as many of the exhibits were, I think I’ll have to stick with something a little smaller and manageable. So, for now, it is the jewelry kit that is getting dusted off. We’ll see if I can’t reignite that creative spark that seems to have gone out lately.

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  1. That car is pretty cool. I’m wondering how the drummer can knit and drum at the same time. πŸ˜‰

    I’ve tried most of the things on your list. I’d add to that:

    learning to play the tin whistle
    candle making
    tarot card reading

    There are probably more, but that’s all I can think of at the moment. “Diversions” is a good word for them.

  2. flaming floral earing arrangements = bic lighters + paperclips = home and office wear ~ dont four get the whiteout lip gloss

  3. If I had that many pens I think I would find something more to do with them (mostly because I don’t have a car worth attatching them too). If, however, I did have a car and I attatched them as shown, I think I would need to seek out a therapist.

  4. Adam – yes, and I did not even show the long shot of the entire exterior of the car covered in pens. Even though one may question the sanity of the creators of art cars such as the pen car, they sure are a delightful escape from the everyday. Once a year, down here in Berkeley (of course, right?), there a large gathering of art cars – cars covered with everything from cameras to CDs to bras to toy soldiers. In a strange way I admire their obsession.

    Marshmellows – Bic lighters might be a bit heavy for the ears. However, they may make a lovely pendant – they come in a wide array of colors. Then use twigs and match sticks as charms and little balled up bits of paper as beads, and voila! Instant survivalist jewelry.

  5. As a veteran of the first Burning Man(s) and a 7-year resident of the SF Bay Area (mostly in Alameda like OB), it’s good to see that the creative spirit is still alive and well up in Berzerkeley. πŸ˜€ I too have some more hobby suggestions for your list:

    (although I suspect learning these could lead to a career with the circus)

  6. Robin – with the exception of the tin whistle (even though that is a close approximation of my flute playing), I’ve tried all of the above too.

    NM – Yes, the creative spirit is alive and well here in the Bay Area. I sometimes forgot that and how easy it is to tap into it when I’m feeling dry. And I’m very impressed with your offbeat list of diversions.

    Jules – Thanks. πŸ™‚ Yeah, I took up knitting a few years back, but have never really gotten past scarves in terms of complexity. Oh wait. I made an iPod holder. But, that’s about it. I love yarn and I have lots of it, just neither the skill nor patience to do something substantial with it. But, I do have a mighty nice collection of scarves.

  7. I wilt and begin fading away when I have no creative outlet going. I usually bounce between writing, painting, photography, or some fad-of-the-moment craft (I do love me some polymer clay). But over the last few years, since Chick and I have been caring for Snowy, I feel like time for my ‘creativity’ is time stolen from what I ought to be doing for them or giving Chick some respite… and then I feel like the world is just something to pass through and I’m leaving no ripples. Chick, who is stuck at home, has just found a creative outlet that is lighting her up — designing headers for her blogging friends. It’s interesting where we can find just that bit of a shining light that lifts us up!


  8. As someone who works in art for a day job, which I love, I think sometimes its easy to get caught up in feeling that we need to do a particular activity in order to be ‘creative’. Whereas I believe people can think creatively and show themselves to be creative in any job, in any industry.

    There is always scope for innovation – even in little things – which is the true spirit of creativity.

    But being creative is a real pressure of the times we live in – we all want to do creative stuff, want our kids to be creative, we admire creative people. All that empowering enthusiasm and admiration for other people’s ‘creativity’ can be fairly undiscriminating though, which makes it harder for the genuinely talented to get noticed and make a living.

    I mean, come on, a car covered in art pens? Really?

    Want to be creative to keep away the dreaded boredom? Maybe take a different route to work or back. Cook a totally new dish for dinner. Wear your hair a novel way.

    Experiment with life, as well as trying a new diversion πŸ™‚

    P.S. I hope this wasn’t too negative, its a pet subject of mine: I know so many people who beat themselves up over not being ‘creative’ enough or not having chance to be creative and it makes me sad.

  9. Shu – I understand completely. This creative urge, for lack of a better word, seems to arise in times of too many obligations or, as in my case, too few. Glad to hear Chick is finding something that is satisfying this urge.

    Truce – Nah, you’re not being too negative. And besides, if you were, I can handle it. πŸ™‚

    You’re right though – creativity is a way of thinking, not necessarily an action like engaging in arts or crafts or a hobby.

  10. thinking IS creativity ~ eye just thawt of that – or maybe i heard it somewearz = aw just forget it!

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