For the birds


A friend of mine suggested that my next post after the Dorje Shugden/NKT one should be something about the dangerous intersection of religion and politics. Good topic. Mighty good topic. And it’s even one that I’ve been thinking about lately. However, my head hurts from being lectured atΒ in my own blog. I just want to want to talk about my newest obsession: Clara and Carlos.

Clara and Carlos are the Peregrine Falcon pair who have layed a clutch of eggs on top of the San Jose, CA City Hall. The three eyesses (aka baby falcons) are now at that adorable stage of looking like fluffy little drunks. They weeble, they wobble and then down they go. Feeding time is the best. But, then again, I never fail to be amused at their post-feeding comas where they all collapse into a pile of fluff.

While George and Gracie, the PG&E (San Francisco) falcons will always be my first love, since they have decided to retire to Marin and stay out of the spotlight, Clara and Carlos will now occupy a window on my browser during daylight hours. Please enjoy the falcon cam.

And here is a little taste of some prime falcon viewing:

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  1. That’s wonderful, the perfect place for a falcon’s nest – I love how they chicks get the little patch of sun πŸ™‚

  2. Jules, Truce & Amuirin – it’s good to see y’all again. Even with the predatory ripping of flesh from a dead carcus, I think the falcons are a much more pleasant diversion than the NKT/Dalai discussion. Not sure why I opened that can of worms, but I did and now I have a big ol’ can of worms on my blog. Perhaps we could feed those worms to our fluffy falcons. πŸ™‚

  3. Aw, those falcons get up to something like 180 mph in their stoops (LB: swoops?)— when they knock a pigeon ass over teakettle they hit so hard the suffering is over before, well, the pigeon knows what hit it.

    Most of our meat has a tougher time before hitting the dinner plate, yeah?

  4. Yeah, it is a monster can of worms this. I give up. These debates aren’t getting me any closer to enlightenment. Actually, they’re taking me the other way, at high speed. Sorry about lecturing you on your own blog. That was a bit rude. I hope your head feels a bit better.

  5. Ron – No problem, mate. πŸ™‚

    I think you’re using a really good criteria as to whether or not it is worth engaging in these debates. Perhaps it is the DS debate, not DS himself that is the real mara here. Perhaps we are all perched on the edge of enlightenment, and rather than being visited by the maras of lust and anger, our generation will get visited by a little voice that says “hey, what do you think about the Dorje Shugden situation?” And then off we go – in love with our words and sense of righteousness. Here in the States we have a commercial for V8 juice, where the punch line is always a slap on the forehead and the line, “I could have had a V8!”. Perhaps, if we find ourselves lost in the debate, we should slap ourselves on the forehead and say “I could have had enlightenment!”

    You’re always welcomed here, Ron.

  6. Thanks LB.

    I’ve left my other forums because I really have become attached to the drama of all this heated conversation. I can’t even imagine what I did before I started posting. I must have had so much time on my hands. It’s time to chill out a bit, especially on issues NKT.

  7. Wonderful birds! You are a wonderful hostess of many diverse interests and discussions. Quite a salon! I always enjoy reading even when I’m completely out of my depth. πŸ™‚ I love to come here and learn.


  8. eye co-lapsed in a pile of fluff once ~ mostly all eye remember is that it wuz pretty hard to breathe = really fun getting there tho

    seriously – is that a banana?

  9. Sorry. Stoop is a term for the very steep dive falcons employ to strike their prey before, well, before they know what hit ’em.
    Merriam-Webster online has this:

    Stoop: … 4 a: archaic : to move down from a height : alight b: to fly or dive down swiftly usually to attack prey

    Not to be confused with “stupa” which I saw many of, when I visited the Buddhist monument Borobodur — a very beautiful place, with many Buddha statues, and many stupas. πŸ™‚

  10. Ombuds – Wow. You learn something new everyday. πŸ™‚ I always associated falcons with swooping, and pidgeons with stoops – as in just hanging out on the stoop doin’ a whole lotta nothin’. And while in theory, a pidgeon could circumnambulate a stupa, I doubt they would be so inclined.

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