So wrong, but so funny


Thanks to Nice Melons for pointing me to this site.


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  2. Неплохо конечно, неплохо

    ya know itz bin a while but this really makes sense ~ in the future eyed like to sea a language where vowels are are optional = thn f y nd tw sy smthng y cld jst g lk ths

  3. awe rite then if wear gonna double up then letz serve up sum hot n spicy g-rated female porn rite here:

    imagine sunset on the beach ~ she is galloping on a white stallion, bare back in every sense of the word in slow motion, of course, with the flowing mane of her and her horse skillfully covering both nipples while a naked guy (off camera of course) does the voice over: ‘Have a nice ride honey ~ when ya get home I’ll have dinner ready and kids in bed if ya know what I mean”.

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