Foodies and frolicking


This morning I awoke way too early to the sounds of what I do believe may have been cats frolicking. What with a 17 year old frail cat and a very lazy 29 lb 9 year old Sasquatch, Chez Lazy Buddhist has been a frolic-free zone for many years. What about that rowdy rabbit, you may ask. Rabbits do not frolic. They scamper. Mr. Binkles scampers about the house like a 3 year old who ate many Pixie Stix and washed them down with 2 or 3 of mommy’s Red Bulls. He tries to engage the cats in his games, but they will have none of it and just look at that little creature with an expression that says “what in the hell was mom smoking when she decided this was a good idea?” Hopefully, with the addition of the 2 year old Tangerine, there will be frolicking. And from the sounds of it, she’s got Sasquatch up and moving, which he desperately needs.


The other night I had dinner with Bess, a colleague who is a self-confessed foodie. I need to do this more often. The meal became an adventure, a source of excitement, and not merely a way to satisfy your hunger and supply yourself with the needed caloric intake to fuel your daily activities. The boyfriend and I are definitely not foodies. Certainly, we enjoy food, but going out to dinner becomes more of a chore than an adventure.

LOCATION: My living room
TIME: 7:30ish any given Saturday night

LazyBuddhist (LB): You getting hungry?
The Boyfriend (BF): I’ll be hungry in an hour. What are you in the mood for?
LB: I dunno
BF: How about pizza?
LB: (rolls her eyes) Let’s actually leave the house, shall we?
BF: Little China?
LB: We did Little China last week
BF: No, we did pizza last week. We had Little China the week before.
LB: Can we expand our repetoire?
BF: The Thai place?
LB: I had Thai last night
BF: Zachary’s?
LB: 7:30 on a Saturday night? Are you crazy?
BF: Marin Joe’s?
LB: 7:30 on a Saturday night? What about Juan’s?
BF: Overpriced. How about Sahib?
LB: Huh, remember? The owners were murdered?
BF: Oh right. That’s such a shame. I really liked that place.
LB: (grabs phone.) Your usual? Pepperoni and black olives?

So, between the boyfriends love of routine and not spending too much money, and my dislike of crowds, our culinary adventures are pretty limited. So, it was refreshing to go out to dinner with Bess.

Bess was very excited to try Sol Food, this Puerto Rican restaurant she had heard good things about. The place was definitely hopping, a line almost out the door and every table taken. “Oh well”, I told her “there’s a good Thai place around the corner.” “Nonsense. It’s fine. What are you trippin’ about?” “Uh, nothing?” I said while feeling a wave of crowded-restaurant-anxiety start to flare up. When we got to the front of the line, we learn that it is family style seating. Oh. What. Fun. Bess sent me off to find some interesting people to sit with and she would order for me. And while I would hardly call the young women whose table we shared interesting, they were certainly non-threatening.

But, when the food came, all my qualms were calmed. It was so tasty, so fresh, and unlike anything I expected. She also ordered these really tasty juice water things, as well as two desserts for us to share. When I’m out with the boyfriend, I never order drinks or dessert, lest I watch him faint when he sees the bill. And those desserts? Oh lordy lordy lordy. One of them was this coconut custard thing with mango sauce. I swear, you could cover almost anything in that mango sauce and it would be good.

While I’m feeling inspired, perhaps I can talk the boyfriend into trying someplace new tonight. And if not, well, there’s always pizza.


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  1. I definitely relate to not being able to get myself up and out to go dine anymore. It’s hard to justify the $expense, but also by the time I get home from work, I just do not want to move again. Yet, once in a while, something will get me out and it IS so much fun. It is good for the soul to stir from the ruts from time to time, eh? Glad you had “Sol Food”! 🙂 Good on you!

  2. Just wait til the cats “frolick” IN and ON your food … yeah, all over my veggie pizza while I went to wash my hands! I think I may have cat stew next time.

  3. How about cooking something simple but different from your usual food at home? Its cheap, and its fun. Plus, you can make BF do the washing up 🙂 (You could try getting Alaska, Tangerine or Mr Binkles to help, but I wouldn’t recommend it)

  4. I was talking to Little Fawn a couple of months ago about how there are some people in our church who are foodies. How they love every single aspect of food, from going to the store to buy the food, comparing it, food gadgets, washing it, prepping, mixing it all together. I said to her, “I wonder if they think of it as magic?”

    I on the other hand view it as a necessary evil. Something I’ve got to do to get through the day. I think I should change my mindset to somewhere in the middle.

    By the way… (in my best british accent) More please. Can i have some more? More videos of Mr Binkles scampering please.

  5. Shu – on weekday nights when I’m on my own, it is indeed rare that I roust myself once I’m home from work, so I completely understand. I get into work late so I leave late. If I’m going anywhere after work, it’s directly after work so when I walk in the door, I’ve got either din-din in the fridge or in a bag I’m carrying or it’s already in my tummy.

    Corina – Oh my. I’ve been there. Never trust a cat near your food. Even though you may think, “oh kitty won’t like broccoli and tofu”, don’t turn your back on the kitty lest you come back to find her munching on a piece of broccoli (true story).

    Truce – If there is any cooking to be done, I have to think about that earlier in the day and go grocery shopping. By the time we’re at the point of the conversation above, spontaneous cooking is usually out of the question. But, you’re right, watching the boyfriend cook at home can be fun and less expensive. I just have to get inspired earlier in the day.

    Amurin – I had to chuckle to when the boyfriend and I had almost that same conversation verbatim shortly after I wrote this. And yes, Sasquatch truly is of mythical proportions. According to my vet, he needs to lose 5 lbs, but still a 24# kitty is still pretty massive.

    Jules! – I hears ya. I’m not much of a cook. It’s just not something I think is particularly fun. The boyfriend keeps thinking that one of these days I will pick up the cooking bug, but I keep telling him it’s probably not going to happen.

    I’ll see what I can do to accommodate you with some Mr. Binkles scampering video. He will be pleased to know that he has a fan club (albeit a slightly Dickensian one).

    Update: the boyfriend and I did go someplace new last Saturday. Inspired by my foodie friend, and having deemed Juan’s (our default Mexican food joint) overpriced, it was time to find a new default Mexican place. So, with the help of Yelp, we decided to try a new place. And it was goooood. There are a few more places we need to try, but it was definitely a good start.

  6. OK, this is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read on a blog:

    BF: Overpriced. How about Sahib?
    LB: Huh, remember? The owners were murdered?
    BF: Oh right. That’s such a shame. I really liked that place.

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