Monday meanderings


Inspired by OmbudsBen’s quest for signs of spring at his local abandoned air base, I decided to do the same at my local abandoned military outpost, Point Molate. Alas, this fascinating relic has been heavily fenced off with security details stopping people who merely stop by the side of the road to take in the fabulous view.

I was in a bit of a funky mood. Still worried about Alaska and depressed about my finances, I felt aimless, and went searching for inspiration. However, the world felt closed to me since I felt so broke. The weather, which had been so crisp and clear, had turned hazy in anticipation of the return of the rains. So, I just drove around North Berkeley, figuring I might find some signs of spring amidst the old homes and their carefully untamed gardens. And yes, there were some trees a-blooming with their pink popcorn blossoms, but not enough to strike any hope in my gloomy soul. Yup, it definitely was still winter so I headed back west toward the industrial area where the trees were barren and cast complex shadows on the bland buildings.

Winter trees

Finally, I got tired of my melancholy meanderings and headed over the happiest place on earth: Point Isabel dog park. Nothing can break the funk like a trip to the dog park, even if you don’t have a dog. Point Isabel would be a beautiful place to take a walk even if it weren’t teeming with happy frolicking dogs and their friendly owners. It’s right on the San Francisco Bay with views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.

I love watching dogs interact off leash there. They seem so happy to be free to socialize with all the other dogs and people, and their people seem happy to go along for the ride. Dogs bring out the best in their people.

Here are some friends I made on my walk:


Curly came up to me all friendly and bold, but when I got out the camera, he got shy and ran to daddy and seemed a bit surprised about the sudden appearance of this ear sniffing mutt.


I love Basset Hounds, and Truman was no exception. I mean, who couldn’t love that face? His owner was a lovely woman who sweetly tolerated my reminiscing about Nicolas, a Basset Hound that I grew up with.


This guy just gave me run-by hello. No introduction, just a quick glance on his way back to bring his ball to dad. A lot of the dogs are like that. They all seem to be on their way somewhere, but if they happen upon you while they are on their way, they always stop and say a quick hello as if would be impolite not to do so.

Eventually I went home, my mood a little less funky than when I started this journey. What would we do without our animal friends?

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  1. What a fun way to cheer up! I love the shots you got of the doggies. Bassets are one of my favorites also. My sister and I did a “what kind of dog are you” quiz one time and both turned out to be bassets! Hey, that’s ok by me!

  2. Robin – Thank you. Yes, I can’t imagine my life without animals. Even though I don’t have a dog, I love that there is a place where I can go and get a dog fix.

    Janine – You’re a basset, eh Janine? Very interesting. Ask your partner in crime about a certain notorious Basset who was also quite enamored with him.

  3. I just left a comment about being in a funky mood over at Amuirin’s place but nothing like some good dog pics to get you de-funkified.

    I haven’t had a dog in almost two years. Instead I have cats. Ugh… i can’t stand cats yet I’ve got two. Have had them for about a year. But to balance things out, I’m getting a dog in a couple of months. YAY! I can’t wait. Maybe I’ll have a name my puppy contest on the blog.

  4. I’m so with you about dogs interacting together, LB! They are such social animals, all too often cooped up alone, that I think they are overjoyed to be taken to what must be, for them, a wonderful party.

    Thanks for the post.

  5. Jules — I am becoming a bit concerned about the validity of our hand twinhood with the comment about hating cats. However, since you have two of them, I am assuming you merely have mixed feelings about your feline friends.

    Where are you getting your new dog? I really would love to have a dog, but being a single person who works full time and who already has 2 1/2 cats and a rabbit, throwing a dog into the mix just isn’t in the cards.

    Awwww, your puppy was adorable. 🙂

    OmbudsBen – I think humans would do well by watching dogs play in an off leash environment. They’re so open, so friendly, non-judgemental and just happy to be alive.

  6. You share your life and soul with a person for 22 years and still there is more to learn. The conversation went like this, “I told you about Nicki . . .” Not so much. Well, I certainly can’t blame her — he does have very irresistible ears. 😉

  7. That picture of Curly is a great shot, and melancholy or no, the way you wrote about your meanderings took the reader along. Somehow these words added a lot to the picture:

    Yup, it definitely was still winter so I headed back west toward the industrial area where the trees were barren and cast complex shadows on the bland buildings.

    I wouldn’t have even looked at the shadows on the wall, but they are a pretty intricate tangle.

  8. Janine – hmmmm. Me thinks Iver is still not giving you the whole story. It wasn’t Iver’s ears that Nicki loved. I believe he was more enamored of either his arm or leg.

    Amurin – I have a lot of respect for your way with words, so I’m always flattered when you like mine. Thank you. 🙂

  9. I know! I’m getting a little concerned, too. ok, to veer back towards the great minds area, the big one was on the bed with me the other night, which normally doesn’t do… only the little one does. So I feel her laying near my knee and through the darkness go to give her a little pat on the head. She counters with a few strokes of her scratchy, dry cat tongue on my hand. It ain’t dog kisses but pretty nice. I guess she can stay. 🙂

    Did you ever see this pic of my arm. It says, “dog people that love kitties are cat people.” a friend of mine wrote it on my arm when I told her the story of how I got my cats.

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