Color coordinated co-existence


Mr. Binkles eating Tangerine’s food as she looks on with an air of resignation.

Tangerine and Mr. Binkles
(and yes, I realize bunnies should not eat cat food. I removed the bowl after I got the shot.)

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  1. Wonder if Tangerine feels any kinship for the similarly-colored Mr. Binkles? I think it could be nice and calming to have a lovely bunny hanging nearby and wiggling his nose at me if I weren’t feeling that great.

    Hope your kitties feel much better SOON!

  2. Amurin – it’s amazing how that obnoxious little lagomorph is tolerated by the feline folk. I think they treat him like an annoying little brother. Rather than beating the crap out him, they probably just roll their eyes and shake their heads.

    David – you’re absolutely correct. Tangerine is still eating the cheap crap that I feed the ferals. Perhaps if she knows she’ll start getting the expensive stuff, she’ll be less resistant to stay (though Mr. Binkles will try to eat that too).

    shussmallworld – I think she may appreciate the fact that Mr. Binkles is not afraid or threatened by her presence. The other cats, both outside and in, haven’t been very friendly to her, so she probably welcomes this funny little creature who fearlessly goes nose to nose with her. And thank you for the well wishes.

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