Tough Caturday


It’s 3:30 in the morning, and I’m hiding in my office trying to calm down and waiting for the Valium to kick in. I’m hoping when I emerge Alaska will be curled up on the couch sleeping soundly. As it is right now, he pacing around the house somewhat manically because he is in pain and doesn’t know how to make himself feel better. I think he may also be feeding off my anxiety. It’s heart wrenching.

Alaska was fine tonight until I got ready to go to bed after midnight. That was when I noticed his multiple non-productive visits to the litter box. He seemed a bit frantic. Finally, he came up on the bed and excreted a bit of urine near my pillow. While that behavior is alarming and more than a bit annoying, I was relieved to know he wasn’t completely blocked. However, when he tried to pee on his own bed, I noticed he was now peeing blood. I called the emergency vet, who didn’t seem that disturbed, but said he would understand if we wanted to come in. Being that it is a long weekend, and I wouldn’t be able to see my regular vet until Tuesday, I woke up the boyfriend and we brought him him in.

Long story short: he probably has a bladder infection or crystals brought on by dehydration, which is probably caused by the stress of having Tangerine in the house. Oh, did I know he had a heart murmur, and that I should probably get him checked out for cancer since she felt something suspicious in his intestines. She gave him a shot for pain and prescribed overpriced antibiotics. We opted to do the fluids ourselves at home and save ourselves $20. All in all the trip and visit took a little over an hour, and cost less than $200, so I’m grateful it wasn’t worse . . . for now.

I had really hoped today was going to be the last day that little Tangerine was going to have to be living in my office. Wrong. Took her to the vet earlier today and said there were still signs of infection, so he reopened her healing drainage wounds and prescribed yet another week of treatment. Poor Tangerine. Poor Alaska. Poor boyfriend who was awoken from a sound sleep for the trip to the vet. Poor LazyBuddhist.


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  1. One of the housecats here at the Berkeley house had the same problem about two weeks ago. It’s not fun. But at least you caught it early, so all will be well! Don’t forget to talk the vet about the possibility of changing the cat food. We had to do that.

  2. Thank you all for your well wishes. Everyone, both four-legged and two-legged seem to be doing better today. Alaska seems back to his usual self, and Tangerine is relaxed and seems resigned to her office home (except for the crying in the middle of the night). Of course, there are still two big concerns looming in my mind – Alaska’s general health and what to do about Tangerine once she is well enough to be free again.

    In the back of my mind, I’ve always had concerns that Alaska may have cancer because of all the weight loss in the last couple of years with no discernible reason. I’m a little angry that it took an emergency vet to raise this issue, but I haven’t pressed it either because it’s news I don’t want to hear. And it couldn’t come at a worse time financially . . . sigh.

    I also fear that someone has been killing my feral cats. Paranoid? Maybe. I mean, isn’t it the nature of feral cats to come and go? Yes, but feral cats go where there is food and safety, and my home off the street provides that in spades. Of the 6 ferals that I have considered “mine” over the last couple of years, only two remain. They were not old, nor unhealthy. So, now that leaves just Gonzo and Tangerine. Gonzo is too wild to even consider bringing in. But, Tangerine? Well, girl, your wild days may be over.

  3. yeah, poor LB! I was glad to read in comments things seem to be better now, cus it sounded like your cat troubles were ballooning.

    I remember watching a neighbor boy take his bb gun and in cold blood aim it at a very small kitten and shoot it, killing it. It gave me chills. I really, really didn’t want to go talk to the parents because they were kind of rough, intimidating people, but I kinda had to. The father was surprisingly angry when he heard about the action, and the kid was grounded from the gun. He seemed really mad, and since then I’ve always wondered if the kid got hurt because I told on him. Abusing animals is something you often see in people who abuse people, and that behavior is learned, so I’ve never been able to figure out if I did the right thing or not.

  4. Welcome bookbabie. Yes, bladder infections/crystals are very common. My girl cat used to get the infections a lot, and I was grateful I never had that problem with Alaska because it is much more dangerous in boy cats since they can get blocked and end up dying. Years ago I had a great cat named Hitchcock. He had the chronic bladder thing. Ultmately, because his system had gotten so weakened by the bladder and kidney problems, he died when they were putting him out to do yet another catheter. To this day, I am a complete mess whenever they have to put one of my cats, my two housecats or feral, under anesthesia.

    Amurin – you know, we never know whether the outcome of our actions is going to match the intent. Your motivation was good, and to not to act would probably haunt you even more.

    But, on good cat news, Pretty O’Feral came a-mewing at my backdoor this morning! I haven’t seen her in weeks and had assumed I would never see her again. She didn’t look particularly skinny, but she was famished and nervous as all get out. So, I stood by her and let her eat her fill just in case one of the other ferals tried to bully her away. I was so happy and relieved to see her.

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