4:30 am feral cat blues


Tangerine, the wounded feral cat who is currently recuperating in my office is upset.  I’m guessing after almost two full days of being here, she has finally realized she is being kept captive and wishes to wreak her revenge on her captor, namely me.  So, starting at 4:00 am she started crying with her heart-breaking little girl cat meow.  “Tangerine” I call from the bedroom.  Silence.  Then she starts up with the melancholy yowling, as if she were mourning her freedom to be romping freely in the cold darkness of her outdoor territory.  “Tangerine” I once again call, but with perhaps a bit more annoyance.  Silence.  Then the frantic calling started, as if she were a scared injured child.  Now I am worried.  Perhaps she is caught somewhere. Maybe she has ripped open her wound. I get up to check on her.

There aren’t many places for her to hide here in the office.  Usually I find her in the lower cubby hole of the kitty condo.  I’m glad she has taken up residence there as it makes it very easy to apply the warm compresses and clean her wounds, as well as give her her medicine.  She really has been a good little trouper.  However, this morning, she’s not in her condo.  She’s not behind the computer, nor hiding behind the curtain.  I find her in a corner of the closet, looking slightly scared and annoyed at my appearance.  She’s fine. So, I go back to bed, hoping that my personal appearance would either frighten or sooth her into silence.

No such luck.  Same escalation from plaintive mewing to frantic calling.  Oh crikey.  Maybe she really is stuck this time.  Nope.  She’s curled up in her kitty condo looking at me as if to say “what is all the fuss?”

I pull the condo with cat enclosed near to the desk and pet her as I write this complaint.  She seems to enjoy the petting and does seem to feel more at ease now.  She’s even given my hand a head butt when there was a pause in petting as if to say “more.”  Maybe she was just lonely.

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  1. Awww. One of my cats is like that (without being injured). She wants someone around almost all the time. When she finds herself alone in a room she starts meowing and yowling in such a plaintive way. You’d think her best friend had died.

    I hope Tangerine feels better soon. And that she allows you to sleep.

  2. I do feel for you. While the animal problems at our house are not quite as severe, Chimo (the new kitten) has Giardia. We found this out after having him for a week or so, and he took his first trip to the Vet. This required a bath (which went infinately better than I really expected) and tey more medication. So we don’t have the wounds to clean, but we do have mounting vet bills and yet more to come.

    Ah the joys of pet ownership.

  3. Their pining voices can be quite heartwrenching, and we feel the ignorant ones because we can’t understand what they are pining for OR how to communicate “safety/ love/ serenity/ patience” to them. Hope Tangerine feels better soon and in the meantime takes your wonderful love to heart.

    There’s also a chance that Feliway (stress reducer for kitties) might help in the interim. I have sometimes found it does.

    Pets to the kitty!

  4. Robin – awwwww. It’s heartbreaking isn’t it? Thanks for the well wishes for Miss Tangerine. It looks like the infection is getting better.

    Adam – sorry to hear about Chimo. Hopefully, he’ll feel better soon and perhaps you’ll get a string of trouble free years with him.

    Shussmallworld – thank you for the reminder about the Feliway. I may still have some around.

    Miss Tangerine and I have reached a bit of breakthrough tonight. After we got done with her treatment, and I was petting her congratulating her on being such a good girl, she started purring. It’s been a long journey with this girl. First I rescued her as a feral kitten and eventually found a no-kill shelter that would take her. After three months, they determined she was unadoptable due to her extreme shyness. They said if she tested positive for ringworm (which had been going around the shelter) they would put her down. So, I fetched her and thus began the four month experiment of keeping her in the house. Then she went feral again. And now she’s back in the house and enjoying my touch. Who knows what the next phase of our relationship is going to be like.

  5. There’s been a lot of kitty blogs lately, in my reading list, and our cats have been plumb crazy, racing up and down the hallways.

    I wonder if they know somehow that it’s the year of the rat?

  6. You know, bunnies do a similar thing to purring when they’re content – they half close their eyes and make a sort of quiet churring noise by grinding their teeth. Also, if they leap about the place it means they’re happy and joyful, and if they circle round your feet they really adore you 🙂

    I miss my buns.

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