The best cure for depression


Puppy Bowl!

For the last four years during Super Bowl the Animal Planet channel has hosted the Puppy Bowl, which consists of three hours of puppies frolicking in a faux stadium setting. That’s it – frolicking puppies, with a half time show of frolicking kittens. I mean, good god, does it get any cuter than frolicking puppies?

I record the Puppy Bowl and hold onto it all year. Whenever I’m feeling kinda funky, I just watch a few minutes. Sure, I scare my non-frolicsome cats and the nervous rabbit when I squee with delight, especially with the water bowl cam POV. Puppy tongues! Puppy paws! Big puppies, little puppies, purebred puppies, mixed breed puppies. It’s pup-a-po-looza!

If they could bottle the joie de vivre these little guys have, Eli Lily would go out of business.


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  1. This was the first year I saw the Puppy Bowl — a friend called and told me to quickly switch to Animal Planet. What a riot! I loved it, especially the waterbowl cam. Your idea to tape it is genius.

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