New year, new look


How quickly things change. This time last month I was working frantic 12-14 hour days with barely enough time for bathroom or lunch breaks. Now, I have time to futz around with the look of my blog. I have changed it. Change is good. I like it. It feels s a bit lighter.

The header picture was taken at the Muir Woods. I don’t know what I was trying to do, but I like the effect. I believe that I’m looking up towards the sun through the redwoods and either moved or dropped the camera.


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  1. great look to your place. I’ve been wanting to change mine, too. I’ve even thought about going with my own domain and completely tricking out my place but that might be a little more than I’m up to.

  2. Thanks all for the compliments. Sometimes the most interesting pictures we take are completely accidental.

    Jules – I hear ya on being somewhat daunted of breaking out of the safe, but limited, haven of WordPress hosting. I bought the domain name of with idea of moving this over there, but frankly, who knows if it’s worth it.

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