Slow news day


The storm is coming!  The storm is coming!  It may be the storm of the century!   This storm has bumped the results of the Iowa caucuses from the lead story on the news.  Hell, it has even bumped the killer tiger story off the front page (and lord knows, that story has been milked for all its worth) This storm has even rated an extra half an hour for the evening news.   I know we had a dry year last year, but honestly, the way the media is going on about this storm you would think this was going to be the west coast’s version of Hurricane Katrina.*

I love inclement weather.  Growing up in California, I’ve long grown bored with our habitual good weather.   So, I’m looking forward to curling up in my comfy chair in the sunroom with a cup of hot cocoa and watching the rain.  Fortunately I’m working at home tomorrow so I’ll miss the craziness on the road.  And I’m also looking forward to my trip to the dentist.   I love my dentist because his basic philosophy is “a high patient is a happy patient, and happy patients don’t bite the dentist.”  So, I’ll take advantage of the pre-visit valium and a tankload of nitrous while wrapped in a blankie listening to my iPod.  Oh yes, and my mouth will be pricked and probed and drilled, but somehow all the other amenities make it not so bad.

* Of course, I won’t be so glib if the recently cleared hillside above my house breaks through the thin, cracked layer of cement that they call a retaining wall. 


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