Binkies and chaat


There’s a giddy exhaustion in the air as we are within hours of installing our application into production.  No doubt it is riddled with problems, but there are no show stoppers, so for the sake of everyone’s year end list of accomplishments, the show shall go on.

When I’m feeling under deadline I need to be left alone with my music and my tasks.  However, the rest of the team is bustling around shouting excitedly moving in groups of twos and threes.  There have been a few times where it has felt like little Mubai with a gaggle of Indian programmers crowded in my office are all vying for my attention.  My manager, normally a very taciturn man, brought some chaat (Indian snacks) and tea for everyone as if he is hosting a party.

I’ve been up working for close to 14 hours now, and it’s time to go home – only to return in another 12 hours for the big production install.  I really hoped I could work from home as it is a Saturday, but my manager wants me there.  I think there will be more chaat for the afternoon and sugary treats to get us going in the morning.  I’m really hoping all goes well, because I would like to be home for dinner.

On a completely different front, my rabbit Mr. Binkles (or Binkles McStinkles, or BinkleBeast, or Binks), did a binky.  A binky is a sign of a very happy rabbit.  And while up to now he hasn’t seem to be a depressed rabbit, I have never seen him do a binky.  Considering how tired and frustrated I was this morning (another sleepless night and an uncooperative server), it was a real delight to see him just hop for joy.

For those who are unfamiliar with the binky, here is an example:


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  1. Mr. Binkles indeed serves as an anti-depressant. The absurdity of a small woodland creature darting about the house never fails to help me pull my head out of ass and have a good laugh. He’s getting better behaved these days, which is a relief.

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