In lieu of an anxiety attack


I woke up this morning earlier than usual on the verge of a minor anxiety attack.  So rather than trying to work through it in bed, I got up and got on the computer.  I think work is starting to get to me.  (Take note, however, I’m using my early morning time not to work on work, but to get in a blog entry – just because I’m up early doesn’t mean I’m going to be effective.)   

Things I thought about writing about this week, but didn’t have the time nor the focus:

  • Finally sprang for a wireless router the other night.  Figured if I was going to spend all this time working, might as well be able to have the flexibility to sit somewhere other than my office.   So, I braved the holiday shopping crowds and headed over to a mall near my office that has a Best Buy.  When I get to the correct aisle there is a young salesman helping a man.   I know precisely what I want and I start scanning the shelves for it.  The salesman finishes up with the first gentleman and then quickly moves on to another man who had just entered the aisle.  Hello?  Am I chopped liver?  Or is it because I am a woman, and not a particularly cute or young one, at that. Sure, I could have tried to summon the salesman and ask for help if I really needed it, which I didn’t.  What I resented was being completely ignored.  Being a tech savvy woman, this is not the first time I’ve felt ignored or condescended to by certain men.  I feel a feminist rant coming on, but my tea kettle is whistling at me, so I think I’ll make a cup of coffee instead and move on to the next topic.
  • Hmmm.  Coffee good.  Can’t wait until I get my slanket for Christmas.  Even when it’s not particularly cold outside, I do love covering myself in a nice bankie.
  • Saturday night I went to a talk,  organized by the boyfriend, about the evidence of how the Twin Towers and WTC 7  did not fall due to fire, but were rather controlled demolitions.  The presentation was by a well spoken and quite rational architect, Richard Gage, who took us step by step through all the evidence of a controlled demolition.  And that’s all he did.  No theories as to who brought them down or why.  He simply gave us the evidence, and urged people to call for a new investigation about how the towers fell.There were probably at least 200 people there with an average age of about 60.  In other words,  lots of old hippies.  And yes,  there were a few of that particular breed of old hippie – the angry old hippie.  Not sure why it was mostly old hippies because the belief that we were sold a bill of goods about 9/11 crosses demographic lines. Maybe, it’s only the old hippies that still believe that lifting their voices in outrage and hitting the streets in protest can actually change things.  The rest of us have simply gotten too comfortable with our cynicism that we’d rather sit at home wrapped in our slankets and let Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert snark on the government for us.  Or is that just me?
  • I miss Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. When will this damn writer’s strike be over?

OK,  time to get to work.


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  1. Aren’t all tech salesmen obnoxious? I find they either try the crack-on, or they don’t know what they are talking about, or, like in your case, they ignore me completely…ahhhh.

    I want a slanket too!

  2. So why isn’t Gage demanding information about the TONS of STEEL and TONS of CONCRETE one every level of the towers? Is it possible to design and build a 110 story skyscraper without determining and documenting that?

    So why don’t we have a gravitational collapse analysis showing it is impossible for the top to crush the bottom in less than 18 seconds? The mass at the top must move the mass below and destroy the supporting material. Why is there so much silence from our engineering schools? If this could happen it should be simple to explain with all of the computing poser we have 39 years after the moon landing.

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