Crazy busy


Things at work continue to be crazy busy.  We have hit the last of our extensions, so now we either get this application into production, or we all become at risk for . . . for . . . I dunno.  I know the Project Manager was told her job was at risk.  Not sure what will happen to a peon like me, but now it’s a matter of pride that we get that sucker in  So, it’s 12 hour days and weekends until at least the week before Xmas. 

Since I have to get back to work in brief here are the highlights of my week:

  • Tangerine O’Feral paid me the greatest of cat compliments: a half eaten rodent.  I opened up my kitchen door to find Tangerine dashing away and placed squarely on my welcome mat a headless rat with a mighty incision running straight down his chest.  While her present was horrific, it speaks volumes as to how she views me.  Even though she fled my inside my home six months ago, she has stayed close by outside.  But, I guess she still sees me as “mom”.  Ahhhhh.
  • I was tickled last night when I removed my laptop from my office to get a change of scenery while I worked offline to find that I was able to tap into someone’s wireless signal.  Woo hoo!  While I love working at home, my office chair is hard on the butt.  Much nicer to work in the comfy chair in the sunroom.   Free stuff good.
  • Despite the stress at work and the impending holidays, I’m in a surprisingly good space – mentally, that is.  My house is a complete mess because the last thing I want to do after a long day at work is clean.  Even last Saturday when I had some downtime I decided to give myself a sick day.  So, for all of Saturday I never got fully dressed and spent most of the day lounging about on the couch watching home decorating shows (ironic considering the state of disarray my own home was in).  “Could you please get me some orange juice and a bowl of SpaghettiOs?  Please?  I’m sick,” I pled with the boyfriend when he came over that evening.  He didn’t buy it for a moment.  Oh well.  I tried.

Back to work! 

But first this public service announcement for my feral cat friends:

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  1. There is a movie about Iris Murdoch that shows her home toward the end of her life. (James Broadbent plays her despairing hub.) Utter squalor. Piles of books everywhere. Why do I find it so liberating to see someone else’s messes?

    On the other hand, the Sundaypaper’s Chronicle magazzine, with its pristine homes with nothing out on counters, no clutter, and gleaming floors — how would you ever feel at home? Of course, given a couple days of showing up after working 8to5, and I could have it quickly broken in.

  2. Om —

    I think that sense of relief and comfort when we see someone else’s mess is pretty universal – “geez, at least I’m not THAT bad.” I believe this also contributes to the success of those Clean House type shows and specials on TLC about hoarders.

  3. Last weekend I picked up my daughter and when we walked in I said, “Little Fawn, this place is a disaster zone. We need to clean up.” She says, “daddy, you say that everytime… ‘this place is a disaster zone.’ ”

    I attribute it to me being right brained. Is it true?… i don’t know but i’ve got to blame it on something.

    About cats… One night at live show at this little pub i go to I was telling a fellow singer/songwriter friend how I hated cats, i don’t understand cats, I’ve always been a dog person. I proceeded to tell her how I had two refugees (rescued kittens) occupying space in my house and five months later I still had them. We started trading autographs (mocking her boyfriend who was on stage and giving out autographs to some young folk groupies after his first set) and she wrote this on my arm. Can you seet it? I took the picture the next morning.

    dog people that love kitties are cat people.

    i still have ’em. it’s been nine months now. 😐

  4. Hi Jules –

    If you attached a picture, I can’t see it, but I hear the message loud and clear. Welcome to the world of the Cat People. In addition to the purrs and snuggles, your life now includes a constant coating of cat fur as well as a box of poo . . .in your house.*

    Really, the world of the Cat People is not a scary place. Keep the number within a reasonable limit (the max number permittable is dependent upon gender and marital status), lest you become Crazy Cat Person.

    *and yes, those of you who may be are familiar with the Cute with Chris videos know that was a direct steal. For those of you who are not, follow the link under Other Stuff. You’ll be glad you did.

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