My Pretty is back


I’m so relieved! My Pretty showed up again for the morning feeding. Pretty O’Feral has been missing for about 3-4 days, and I feared the worst. She would have been the second O’Feral who disappeared within the past three months. It would have broken my heart.

But there she was this morning. And I could tell she was really hungry. Recently, she has become very, very skittish. Today, she just sat patiently at her feeding spot, barely moving even when my hand was within inches of her. And she wolfed her food down. I brought her down some turkey and she wolfed that down too. Perhaps she has been locked in someone’s garage or under a house. Who knows. I am just so happy to see her.

The O’Ferals are an interesting exercise in non-attachment, except for the fact I’m totally attached. I consider “my” ferals to be Pretty, Gonzo & Tangerine. However, there are others who come by and take advantage of the free food supply, even though they get fed by another woman. And then there is Baby Daddy who is a tom cat that we haven’t been able to catch to get neutered, and who ended up knocking up one of my ferals last season (before I had a chance to catch her and get her spayed. I ended up having to pay for a costly kitty abortion in addition to her spay). I feel bad for Baby Daddy but at the same time I don’t want him around because he bullies my girls. Yet, he is just another homeless cat with no caretaker. Where is my compassion?

From my window I watch comings and goings and feuds and alliances of these little guys. I have no control. I want to create a safe haven for “my” girls, yet they are wild and so are the others who stray onto my property. And I know cats are very territorial, and while I consider my property to be theirs, there are others (ferals and raccoons) who challenge them for it. And I can’t do anything except to love them from a distance and hope for the best.


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