My first meme


Gosh, someone likes me, someone really likes me. I got tagged by Stevo. Wish I knew seven people to tag who haven’t been tagged, so I’ll just list ’em and move on:

Seven random things about me

  1. As a wee youngster, my parents were talked into buying accordion lessons by a door-to-door accordion lesson salesman. Both my brother and I spent a brief stint at the Milton Mann School of Accordion. I was always jealous that my parents sprang for the deluxe portrait package of my brother and his accordion. Hell, I think there was even an oil portrait made of one of the pictures. Perhaps I should be grateful that there is no evidence of my Lady of Spain years.
  2. Many decades before I became the Lazy Buddhist, I was the Slutty Christian. But, I put my church going days behind me when I became too embarrassed to go anymore after a church field trip where I made out with a boy who was already going steady with another girl. I was in seventh grade and he and his girlfriend were in ninth. I was afraid she was going to kick my ass. So I kicked Jesus to the curb and never looked back.
  3. In addition to my prematurely gray hair, I inherited from my mother the love of the phrase “oh shit.” As a kid my mother’s use of the term was so pronounced that our myna bird, Joe, picked up the phrase thus increasing his vocabulary by about 50%. “My name is Joe.” “I want a bath” and “Oh shit!” were the only things he could say. Oh, and scream as if he were a small child being murdered. This made us immensely popular with the neighbors,
  4. Children frighten me.
  5. The boyfriend’s computer lack of computer literacy drives me nuts (she says as she walks him through how to attach a file to an email for the 1,324,987th time)
  6. Maureen McCormick‘s (aka Marsha Brady) dad was a sixth grade teacher at my elementary school. I almost peed myself with excitement when he brought her to an assembly for show and tell.
  7. I ain’t fancy. I still think a bowl SpaghettiOs makes a fine, fine meal.

4 responses »

  1. You were brave to admit the accordion lessons. That’s scary.

    Jesus kicked over a make-out sesson? One reason is as good as another.

    Marsha Brady, in person? You have had a lucky life.

    SpaghettiOs and associated products (we had Zoodles while I was growing up, I still remember the commercial “Zoodles are animal noodles!”) are a wonderful meal. I wish I could get some in China.

  2. Maybe we should send a care package to Stevo with some SpaghettiO’s.

    I’ve never known anyone who took accordion lessons. Since you were brave enough to admit to the lessons, I’ll admit I went through a brief period when I was about 9 years old in which I wanted to take accordion lessons. There was probably some cute guy involved.

  3. You read my mind, Robin re: Stevo. Count me in for a couple of cans!

    Here’s the funny things about the accordion lessons: much later in life I met someone who has become my close friend whose parents likewise fell prey to the charming door-to-door accordion lesson salesman. I guess the Milton Mann School of Accordion was a Southern Californian chain. Unlike me who has an extremely short attention span when it comes to musical instruments (accordion, flute, clarinet, guitar, trombone and back to flute again) my friend still plays. Hey, accordions are quite hip and ironic these days. I almost regret that I have completely forgotten how to play.

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