Happy Thanksgiving


Every year on Thanksgiving morning here in Point Richmond there is the annual Turkey Shoot. So, what is that we are shooting? Well, it is not turkeys, nor (which I feel obliged to add because we are in the 9th most violent city in the US) each other. No, what gets shot is Wild Turkey whiskey.

Some people dress up, some bring their antique cars, many bring their dogs and our City Councilman brings his goats. Everyone meets in front of the old Plunge (the Richmond Natorium) and then at some vaguely appointed hour (or when the goats get too antsy), the crowd parades the two blocks through “downtown” Point Richmond to a divey bar. People then queue up to purchase a shot of Wild Turkey whiskey, or some other libation. Much milling about ensues until some fellow comes out and reads a really bad poem about our fair community. Glasses are raised. People gobble. Whiskey is consumed and milling about resumes. And the goats look about nervously wondering when they can go back to their nice quiet hillside.


The goats were definitely the center of attention

whiskey and bus exhaust

Nothing says Thanksgiving morning like a shot of whiskey and some bus exhaust

I’m not a person big on traditions (though I do like the Turkey Shoot). I think holidays are pretty much for children, people with children, or people who nostaligic for their happpy childhood. Since I don’t qualify for any of those categories, I’m very happy just having a nice quiet day. I’ve moved past the “I hate the holidays” phase and have come to peace with the fact they don’t mean much to me. The boyfriend, however, is much more traditional (despite being Mr. Counter-Culture) and he loves a good turkey on Thanksgiving, the family visit on Christmas, and the old timey 4th of July parade. So, on Thanksgiving, I let him cook a turkey, and even though I’m vegetarian I’ll have a piece and make the requisite yummy noises. It makes him happy.

So here’s to making others happy! (clink)

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  1. Lilli – *glug glug glug . . . erp!”

    Corina – Just the goats on their own might not be that exciting, but the combination of the goats and many, many excitable dogs who thought the goats were just a weird breed of dog was fun. I guess, for me, the best part was the sense of community and the sheer silliness of it.

  2. Whiskey makes everything more palatable. I got a good laugh from a total misread of this sentence: Whiskey is consumed and milling about resumes. I pronounced the final word, in my mind’s ear, like the CV you send along with a job application.

    My consequent bewilderment can, perhaps, be imagined.

  3. ombudsben pointed me your way on this post. I did a T-day post on shooting turkeys, but I like shooting Wild Turkey better. We had shots of some sort of whiskey rye from a former bootlegging operation in Iowa that finally became legal. We shot from Batch 1. Very smooth.

    I think you’re right about holidays and kids or people longing for happy childhoods. I don’t mind T-day as much as I do Christmas, although I did slip into a powerful funk yesterday.

  4. Welcome ybonesy (and thank you for the shout out OmsbudsBen).

    ’tis a pity I don’t drink anymore (I reached my lifetime quota by the time I hit 30) b/c I could certainly appreciate the warm glow that comes from a shot of whiskey (I was more of an Old Bushmill’s kind of gal though).

    David – yes, milling about resumes would be confusing. However, I think the goats would called upon to make short work of of those resumes. I mean dammit, the Turkey Shoot is an excuse to get your buzz on early in the morning, not a networking event!

  5. Mellow NOT –

    “sounds like sangha to me”

    Would that be the goats, or a bunch of people getting their buzz on in the morning? Or perhaps goats getting their buzz on in the morning?

  6. How did I miss this? My old stomping ground had turkey shoots. They involved shooting a paper target with a rifle. The closest to the bulls eyes won a turkey.

    I like your turkey shoot much better, bus exhaust aside.

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