Maybe not such a bad day after all


The project I’m on at work is on critical path – we install next week.  Are we anywhere close to being done with testing?  Ah hell no!  Anyway, it’s nuts, stressful and infuriating.  Today has been particularly bad.

So, I finally am able to get away from my desk for a few minutes to grab lunch downstairs at our cafeteria as they are getting ready to close.  I need something comforting, but they appeared to be out of what I wanted which was the spinach calzone.  But, Scott the executive chef said he’d make me one from scratch if I was willing to wait.  No prob.

While I was waiting I headed over to the cappuccino machine to refuel for this afternoon and evening.  Then I just wandered around with a dead-eyed stare looking vaguely zombie-like.  It wasn’t until my food was ready that I showed any signs of life.

“I put some pesto in there for you because I know you like the pesto”, Scott said as he handed me my dish.  Ahhh, that’s so sweet that he remembered.   But, the topper was that he topped my calzone with a little Italian flag made with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and pesto.  He grinned, “sometimes you just need to play with your food, ya know?”  

Yeah, I know. 

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